OC Application: Adanari Danise

{{Character Box
|player= AlexTM#0043
|name= Aradani Danise
|race= Tiefling
|alignment= Chaotic Evil
|gender= Female
|height= 5'3"
|weight= 98 lbs
|haircolor= White
|eyecolor= Pale Green
|age= 23
|dob= July 19th
|birthplace= Kingdom of Adren
|universe= EoS
|occ= Warlock for Hire
|figure= Aradani has the conventional hourglass figure, though she's on the thinner side with a small frame in general. Her eyes are completely green, her pupils simply a lighter shade than the rest of her eye. Pink skin that darkens toward her hands, feet, and the tip of her tail. She has 2 horns, growing out of her forehead in a spiraled curve. Her tail is about 2, maybe 3 feet long. She wears a lot of jewelry, mostly silver. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, she enjoys collecting them and they just so happen to look great. The image provided only depicts her appearance, her clothing would obviously be much more medieval.
|setting= EoS

Aradani is a secretive individual by necessity. She keeps her private life to herself, but she isn’t an introvert by any means. She’ll deflect personal questions, usually with a joke or a question of her own. She’s approachable, if one can get past her infernal appearance. She prefers acquaintances to friends, keeping most people at a safe distance so as not to risk endangering herself or others. She’s very bright, one of the smarter Warlocks out there.

== Special Abilities ==
Eldritch Blast - Cantrip
Friends - Cantrip
Green-Flame Blade - Cantrip
Infestation - Cantrip
Mage Hand - Cantrip
Minor Illusion - Cantrip
Poison Gas - Cantrip
Prestidigitation - Cantrip
Commune with City - 5th Level Spell
Contact Other Plane - 5th Level Spell
Negative Energy Flood - 5th Level Spell
Infernal Calling - 5th Level Spell
Elemental Bane - 4th Level Spell
Vampiric Touch - 3rd Level Spell
Cloud of Daggers - 2nd Level Spell
Crown of Madness - 2nd Level Spell
Misty Step - 2nd Level Spell
Invisibility - 2nd Level Spell
Shadow Blade - 2nd Level Spell
Arms of Hadar - 1st Level Spell
Charm Person - 1st Level Spell
Hellish Rebuke - 1st Level Spell
Unseen Servant - 1st Level Spell
Witch Bolt - 1st Level Spell

*During fights Adanari can only cast 4 spells in a short period of time before she requires a rest, however she may cast an infinite number of cantrips. She may continue casting spells, at immense danger to herself.

== Special Skills ==
Fire resistance, dark-sight, ability to read infernal languages, and an affinity for infernal magic and some necromancy.

== Special Equipment ==
A pact blade, the mark of her attachment to her benefactor and the source of her abilities. It’s an ornately designed dagger, with gold engravings of

== Background ==
She grew up with an inherent talent for magic, and was sent to study under various mages throughout her childhood into her teenage years. Around the age of 16, she found herself the apprentice of a court mage for one of the various lords of Adren. It was here that she began to learn about the darker arts of magic, and it was at the age of 17 that she gained a supernatural benefactor in the form of a demon by the name of Mendacius.

From here on out, she remained a close assistant and friend of the court mage, working with the man as they served their lord. Things were pretty alright, until suspicion of the court mage forced him to flee and leave Adanari behind. She couldn’t afford to follow, so she stayed behind until she was 20. It was then that suspicion of the people settled on her. Since she had some necromantic abilities, it was assumed the dead rising in the kingdom of Adren had something to do with her. A bounty was placed on her head, and so she left.

She’s been on the run ever since, taking refuge in the town of Whiterage- about as out of the way as one could get.

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