Noah Dawson: Wiping a slate clean to start anew with a tottaly new OC ^^

{{Character Box
|player=  🎱Riley🎱[E1GHT-B4LL]
|name=  Noah
|fullname= Noah Kay Dawson
|altname= Bojack
|race= Human
|alignment= N/A
|gender= Male
|height= 6'1"
|weight= 132 LBS
|haircolor= Chocolate Brown 
|eyecolor= Hazel
|age= 23
|dob= August 12th, 1999
|creationdate= Tue, apr 19 (2022)
|birthplace= Los Angleas, California 
|creationplace= MoltenAther Topic page
|universe= Earth 3455 
|occ= Collage Student
|org= Bakersfield collage
|figure= EctoMorph
|setting= Blazing Umbra

You fill in the personality here (approximately 100-200 words): Noah is a laid-back (Always Calm and collected) computer nerd; friendly as he isn’t the one to panic embraceing chaos and tends to have a little fun (Sometimes he even panics if the situation dosen’t calm itself). He can have supportive conversations and even seen as being a kind and generous person, he does have a few trust issues with strangers but he hides that behind his rather friendly and laid-back back personality; he would defend someone even if it’s a cost of his own life, hell he would give someone the shirt of his back as he was taught to be kind (By his mother) to everyone no matter how much of a prick they are to you. Noah can be fun at times usually telling random facts that can either be useful or 100% useless; he is a mind-web wikipedia of information for a intelligent person.

== Special Abilities ==
If you can call a 174 IQ a special ability, noah is an highly intelligent individual; having a vast knowledge of technology, information, history, music, folklore and ETC. He’s like a personal wikipedia of kmowledge.

== Special Skills ==
Noah has a Masters degree and PHD in both Computer Engineering and IT Coding, working well with anything that has a Motherboard, CPU amd some terrabyte hard drive even if it’s something he’s never seen before; his skills can allow him to fix any tech or fully understand it without much assistance.

== Special Equipment ==
List any special equipment that your character has, especially if it requires some explanation.

  • Tan Military Backpack
  • Dell Inspiron 14 Buissness (W/windows 11)
  • Google Pixel 6 (W/Wild Blaze Red Phone case)
  • Pixel Watch (Red w/leather strap)
  • Raycon Earbuds (Red)
  • Zippo Lighter
  • 1x pack of marlboro
  • Xanax (For Agrophobia)

== Background ==
Fill in where your character comes from that brought them here (approximately 100-200 words).

Noah was born in california back in 1999, to a christian couple; being raised in a christian house wasn’t all that bad since he was baptized at an early age of 2, growing up he was praised for his dream of wanting to do good things. No exceptions were set as his parents believed that god would allow him to follow his dream whether it was in I.T or working as any kind of engineer. He turned out to be a christian nerd (As well as a smart-kid). His parents weren’t very strict of everything as he lived his life normally like any other kid; though he was bullied in middle to highschool due to being christian & super-smart; everything was taken care of by his parents and soon enough by the time he entered highschool he was already smarter and continued to pass school with amazing grades; He was part of the baseball team and had so much to do in his life after he graduated highschool he stayed at home for about a few years trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Though a near fatal accident left him without a right leg a bit below the knee which prompted him getting a prosthetic. A year went by and with the help of his parents he was able to get into college that was all the way in bakersfield, california though his parents were really proud with that next step in his life to follow his dream job of being a engineer and so moving out and getting a apartment at age 23 and attending college he was one step closer to being able to fully start his dream as a engineer.

Though, his life was about to change; not cuase of werewolves or vampires (they actully exist in noah’s universe but thier exsistence is hidden), but of course on his way to bakersfield he had ran into a extreme light; which lead to his abduction. Being probed and all that the aliens left earth taking hiks with them, they didn’t get very far as they unknowingly went through a splice and ended up in a entirely diffrent universe.

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Approved. Welcome back :slight_smile: