No Time For Caution (Open Ended)

EF-34 Shuttle “Crusader”

Elizabeth carefully typed the coordinates of her destination; She was carrying a single, 2m wide, 7m long cylindrical device. She was hired to deliver her cargo to Leonov Nuclear Station some 2 Light Years away. She was told that her cargo was sensitive, and that she should fly carefully.

The Android could hardly care, the fact that the Government needed mercenaries to do jobs like this spoke about how desperate they were; She noted as to how they placed a scanner jammer on the cargo, indicating that the cargo was extremely valuable to them.

“A Secret Weapon maybe?” The Android thought to herself, running through the pre-flight checklist while standing on the platform; Her ship was noticeably small, so small that the cargo took up the entire cabin space with ease, only her armory being the only part accessible.

Hopping on board her shuttle, she received instructions to move away from the station by 100 miles before warping, sighing in irritation, she confirmed; Pushing the throttle to it’s limit, her shuttle accelerated from 0km/s to 10km/s in under 5 seconds, courtesy of the 2,000kN of thrust provided by her engines.

After 10 more seconds, she was given the clear to warp; As she checked off steps from the pre-Warp Checklist, she spoke.

“Generator: On.”

“Safety: Off.”

“Uhhh…Space Magic Maker Thing: On.”

The station control laughed at the last comment, Elizabeth laughing with them through the comms system; Regaining her composure, she spoke: “SPT-3 Awaiting Warp Authorization.”

“SPT-3, This is Victoria Leonovka Station, You are cleared for warp.”

“Warp Clearance confirmed, warping.”

Inside the shuttle, Elizabeth could see the stars getting distorted in the distance, the humming sound of the Wormhole generator could faintly be heard inside the ship; As the stars were distorted, a tiny black area emerged from the center of the sphere, the dark point gradually expanded and was filled with multiple dots of varying colours, Stars from the other end of the Wormhole.

As the spacecraft sped through the wormhole, the wormhole closed.

Every time she warped, the beauty of the inside of the wormhole always left her in awe, she was passing through millions and billions of miles of space every second, granted her destination was the reaching end of her shuttles warp capabilities, so she was going to spend several minutes inside the wormhole.

Hopping off her seat from the cockpit, Elizabeth checked on the cargo, scanning it with a scanner on one of the seats. Her geiger counter visibly spiked as soon as she got close.
It was undoubtedly radioactive, extremely, the amount of radiation it was giving off was enough to kill a human before they even hit the floor; Running her hand over the metal, she could feel that it was hot, really hot.

Her attention was broken when the shuttle shook violently, which was very odd, considering that she had never experienced shaking while traveling through the wormhole.

Placing herself inside the cockpit seat, her wormhole navigation radar gave off an odd reading, red pockets of disturbances through space were present; They were common, having encountered them quite a few times, but they usually weren’t as numerous as today.

She could count 10…no 90, disturbances crossing her path, and more were appearing; The Android braced herself in the cockpit seat as the shuttle passed through the first disturbance.

Each disturbance showed a different universe, sometimes pockets of a blue sky would appear, sometimes, just darkness, or in the rare occasion, the surface of a star; These disturbances were usually caused by excessive usage of the same routes by different means of warp, or time travel (which was known, but rare, in her universe).

Why there were so many disturbances, she wasn’t sure, she couldn’t maneuver her spacecraft, and so she was forced to buckle up and wait for the disturbances to pass.

Looking forward, her processing stopped for a second, and she glanced towards the navigation radar, then forward, then to the navigation radar, then forward.

In front was a disturbance so large that she could physically see the disturbance; Bracing herself, the safety systems engaged, the shuttle systems shutting down, ejecting the cargo in the process and leaving a large opening on the ceiling as she entered the disturbance.

Vlad was taking care of some final paperwork and other errands in Janus station not really expecting anything particularly out of the ordinary to occur. As he was walking in the station suddenly Janus Gate activates without authorization and a spacecraft exits the gate. Vlad sighs and runs to the hangar bay to get to his fighter while activating an alarm and sending notification to the commanding officer of the base informing them that a possible splice had just occurred through the gate.

Vlad gets to the hanger bay and hops on his BMC Mauler powering it up and flying off to intercept the craft that had gone through. He maneuvers his fighter to be to the side of the craft, following it and attempts to communicate with the craft hailing it. “Unknown craft this is the Winter’s Fury of Solas Tempus, please do not make any aggressive moves and follow my fighter to the space station an explanation will be given to you.”

All hell was breaking loose on Janus Station as this wasn’t supposed to happen. The gates control system was malfunctioning all over the place, they couldn’t tell how the gate was activated as the multiple matter antimatter reactors that powered it cut off closing the wormhole after the shuttle emerged and began the recharge sequence.

The alert fighters were converging on the location, but their weapons were charged just not armed. They contacted Vlad via text and let him know they would follow his lead. Meanwhile the Zealot Star was also changing course to intercept, keeping an active scan on the location.

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[Checking Diagnostics…]





[Confirmed (Y)]

[System Start…]

Elizabeth opened her eyes, refocusing; The open Cabin/Cargo Bay doors already gave away some ideas, of what kind of person the occupant was. Removing her seat belt, Elizabeth looked out the window, the limited view she had was enough to determine that she was not in a familiar location.

Booting the shuttle, warning signs blared through out the cockpit, primarily from the reactor/warp drive overheating; Shutting them down and using the reserve batteries, she checked if the system could identify any star system.


Her confusion was only enhanced by the odd looking space station…and the multiple number of smaller craft appearing from said station. There was already one staying in formation on the port side of her shuttle, whatever message it sent most likely didn’t enter the ships’ database.

Gravity was off, so she had a much easier time floating around inside the shuttle and wearing her suit, the Type 18 was quite a handy in all honesty, which helped her get out of a situation more than once; The Cargo Bay/Cabin ceiling doors were wide open, so she didn’t need to open the actual doors.

Using the suits’ thrusters, she exited the spacecraft, a cord connected her to her shuttle, ensuring she didn’t fly off.

Looking around, her eyes turned their attention to the spacecraft on her left; Her database coming up with a blank.

Waving, she went back inside to check on the reactor. If anything were to happen to it now…

Vlad responds to the fighters by advising them to keep their distance in the likely case the pilot is spooked by the fighters intercepting them. Vlad’s fighter looks considerably different from the other fighters to the android. Additionally the pilot Vlad is a lizardman though the android may not be able to make that out.

Vlad scans the ship after seeing that the cargo bay doors were wide open. He sees that the reactor core and several other systems are damaged and overheating. He also spots that a person with a space suit on waves to him before returning to the ship. Seeing as how the ship has not responded yet someone on the vessel saw him and waved to him in addition to the overheated reactor he makes a judgement call. He hails the Zealot Star as it approaches to intercept the ship. “This is Ensign Vladimir Zima requesting the use of transporter to beam out the crew of the unknown ship. So far they have not shown hostile intent and scans show their reactor and FTL drive are overheating and in critical condition.”

The Zealot Star responded that the craft was putting out dangerous amounts of radiation, despite the movement no life signs were showing so they were unsure what to lock into. The patrol flight of fighters take up a standard defensive formation at a fair distance from the gate and maintain there. Scanning further the starship makes note to Vlad, “The occupant appears to be some kind of machine, sensors are still unable to get a detailed image due to the radiation and unfamiliar core signature.”

“There we go.” Elizabeth commented as she opened the doors connecting the Air Lock and the Reactor Room. She was greeted by the bright orange-red glow of the reactor/warp drive coming through the small porthole on the other end of a corridor, it was undoubtedly hot, the temperature warning was blaring at full volume inside the helmet; Ignoring the warning, Elizabeth navigated the narrow corridor, eventually reaching the heavy duty door on the other end.

Turning the dog and opening the door, Elizabeth let herself inside the Reactor Room, it was unbelievably hot, too hot, the metal on the walls (which were built to withstand a million Degrees Celsius) were literally glowing red hot in the areas nearest to the reactor. The reactor itself was glowing a bright red-orange now, her Geiger counter was going off the charts, and any close and her suit might burn.

Calculating the risk (which was 95% with a error percentage of +/- 10%), Elizabeth took her chances and acted, removing whatever wire or flexible pump that needed to be removed, as she did so, the radiation inside gradually rose; The Android was already struggling to keep her systems online, her internal cooling systems were in overdrive, somehow managing to slow the rise in her internal temperature to 0.76 degrees Celsius per minute.

Pulling out the last of the pumps, she turned to the Reactor Core Access Hatch, it was pretty simple, the only thing she had to do was put her hand in, grab the handle, and twist it in the off position; Granted, she had to leave the access door open to vent the heat, but it was a risk worth taking, a better alternative than losing her ship.

Grabbing the manual door open, she pulled down on the handle, the access door opening, inside, the radiation went up by at least Fifty Times when compared to the outside; The Reactor Core wasn’t the reactor core really, it was the Warp Core, reaching inside with her left arm, she grabbed the handle, she could feel the heat and radiation inside the gloves, along with the very unsettling feeling of her external shell melting; Using whatever force she could muster, she turned the handle, the hissing sound of the Warp Drive shutting down and the Reactor’s Safety Valves opening, she pulled out her hand and pressed a button, tiny holes opened up in the ceiling in an attempt to expel the radiation.

Making her way outside, she closed the door for the reactor room, and placed herself on one of the cockpit seats; The outermost layers of the suits’ left forearm were noticeably damaged, and her actions are, with a careful look, not stable.

Opening the Comms system, she sent out an open message, it was simple, but said enough:

“Someone Tow Me In.”

Vlad kept by the shuttle’s side for all this wondering if the Android would be successful. Once he received the comm message Vlad maneuvered his craft in front of the shuttle and used the modified rear gun of his ship to fire a magnetic tow line. He makes sure the connection is secure before proceeding to tow the ship. Since the reactor was spewing radiation he contacts Janus station to get a confirmation of where to tow the ship since it most likely was a radiation hazard.

Instead of Janus signaling back, the Zealot Star signals, the sound of Sal’s calm voice on the COM was clear, "That thing is putting out too much radiation to drop it into orbit around Soteria, I’m contacting Umbral Shipyards, they should have a containment area ready for doing reactor tests.

And he does so. Soon after, Vlad’s instruments light up showing clearance to deposit the shuttle into one of the testing areas that is cordoned off for radiation testing. It has a number of smaller ships working decontamination work and they are sitting on standby to help manage the radiation dumping of the shuttle, “Vlad,” Sal comes back on the COM, “What’s the radiation in your ship? There is no need to get fried over this.”

Inside, things were a little different.

Elizabeth was fighting with all of her RAM to stay awake, her Processing Unit was already at 31% functionality, and was a mere 4% away from overheating, anymore and she’d have to enter safe mode and cool down her currently overheating Processing Unit.

And nothing good came out of her when she was in safe mode, considering her ‘Safe Mode’ is her practically paralyzed, her eyes wide open, and still able to feel, but was nonetheless unable to do anything; What didn’t help was how her cooling systems were the ones overheating.

She ran a diagnostics check again, hoping that at this moment she was slowly regaining her Processing Unit’s functionality.

[Processing Unit…29% Functionality]

“Fuck.” Was the only word she said.

Alarms sounded inside her head as systems shut down one after another, to an outsider, it would look like she was having a seizure; Her shaking was out of her hands, and the only thing she could do was sit and wait for herself to enter safe mode automatically, a better alternative than resist and kill herself in the process.

As soon as her shaking stopped, she laid there on the seat motionless.

She still had her own thoughts, which was a good thing…ish; Depending on how severe the damage was, she’d have to wait 2 to 8 hours before she could fully move, granted, she’d have regained some ability to physically walk sometime around the first hour (or the first 10 minutes, depends on how severe), usually her hands.

And so, she waited for her own body to fix itself as the people of this new Universe figured out a way to save her and her ship.

“Not to worry sir I have full rear shields to block the radiation. I’ll move the ship over in a jiffy.” Vlad moves his ship towards the umbral shipyards. He maneuvers both ships carefully into the testing area, keeping an eye on the radiation level in his ship. Once he has the shuttle in position he deactivates the maglock on his tow line and retracts it into his ship moving off to have his ship decontaminated as well. He radios the shipyards when he leaves the shuttle there “all yours lads”

The shipyards lets the ship coast on its momentum into position, then using directed and skillfully placed bursts from tractor beams they push it to a stop. Then several shuttles modified to neutralized radiation begin doing so, rapidly cooling the vessel from both a radiation perspective and temperature, they detected that the single artificial occupant was also quite hot - in terms of both temperature and radiation exposure but it would be at least an hour before the radiation leveled were cooled enough that someone could go aboard the small ship.

Over the next hour or so, the vessel was being watched by several ASR Drones keep watch on the ship, the pilot from inside could see them buzzing around in a regular pattern during the hour or so it took for the ship to cool off. As soon as the temperature and radiation were low enough, one of the engineers in an EVA suit would either beam into the cabin (if there is room) or (if there is not room in the cabin) beam onto the outside of the ship and attempt to gain access.

The downsides of being upgraded with pain receptors was that she can feel pain; This usually wasn’t a problem, since she could just cut off the signals entering her Processing Unit, a habit of hers that she’s learned to master over the years.

The greatest downside however, was how it was defaulted that her pain receptors were connected to her Processing Unit. In which case, then she’ll feel the pain she should’ve felt earlier if she ever entered and exited safe mode or from total shut down.

And that was currently the case.

Her comms were offline, the automatic seat belt had secured itself over her, and her suit had failed to protect her from the intense heat several hours before; She had severely underestimated the temperature in the Reactor Room hours earlier, and the fact that she cut off the signal to her pain receptors had meant that whatever pain she was supposed to feel hours earlier, was now out in full force.

Inside her helmet, combining with the loud alarms running through her head, the pulsating red color running through her eyes, and the equally pulsating red of the suit, she screamed in silence. The Oxygen tanks in her suit were unnecessary for her earlier, and in consequence, she turned them off.

She deeply regretted it now. She wanted to scream, the feeling of her burned ‘skin’ was unbearable, the agonizing attempt of trying to scream couldn’t be explained by mere words (probably); Her hands clawed at her neck, desperately trying to remove her helmet.

Her attention recofused on a man, coming from behind her, who carefully removed her from her seat, she clawed at the man, her suit luckily not able to damage his suit; She didn’t care how the man got there, what she wanted was for the pain to stop.

The engineer was beamed back aboard the station with Elizabeth, he was quickly separated from the android as she still showed signs of being irradiated, she was already in the safe zone; Specialized ASR Drones were sent to take care of the Android along with a human crew wearing safety suits.


Screams filled the hallways of the station as soon as they removed Elizabeth’s helmet, she was badly burned, her ‘skin’ was practically burned to a crisp, the dark material peeling off of her, revealing a shiny, metallic material underneath, the crew put restraints on her to stop her from thrashing around; At the same time, they were unsure of what to do.

Inside Elizabeth’s head however, the safety sequence was already beginning, slowly, a built-in virus carefully shutdown Elizabeth piece by piece, the Android eventually laying still after several minutes or so.

Contrary to what it seemed like, the Green Team were some of the most skilled engineers in known space, there were very few things that they didn’t know how to do. Once the Android was back in the engineering workshop, they had her secured to the table and began further scans of the body - seeing of course that the skin was nearly entirely destroyed there was considerably talk on what to do about it. They had, of course, figured out that the android had pain receptors from the screaming - they had to figure out how to disconnect those pain receptors so they could conduct repairs on the damaged body.

It was decided to scan for the pain receptors inputs into the CPU and attempt to block them manually, carefully working to block the pain inputs to the CPU while she was shut down. If they were able to do that, they would thane proceed to remove the damaged skin material from the body and attempt to replicate something comparable, studying how the pain receptors in the damaged skin were connected to the body’s systems. They would even contact Nine (@icywinterdawn) for help in this, since she was an Android with skills in cybernetics, she would be a good consult.

And thus the android simply known as Nine came to assist the gaggle of engineers that gathered in the workshop. Very befitting to the occasion, the suave embodiment of a gentledroid did not miss out the opportunity to don her finest hazmat suit and bring a bouquet of special equipment - an exquisite composition of diagnostic tools and cyber-doctor instruments.

After listening to what the engineers had to say (if they any input at all), the first thing she did was to briefly assess the condition of the other robotic being and…

Yeah, … 'tis but a scratch. Some generous application of nanopaste can easily fix that. Totally.

To an extend this was a routine scenario for Nine - a reckless android somehow managed damage themselves badly and it has been always up to Nine to fix the damage. What differs this time was the fact she had no information of Elizabeth’s design, which she had to work out together with the engineers. Of course, developing a replacement for the ruined skin was no issue, nor were the concept of pain receptors and other sensory receptors foreign to Nine’s repertoire of cybernetic technology.

The main hurdle posed the unknown workings of the android’s system. To help the Green Team find a way to block the input, remodel and connect the new skin, she had a diagnostics tool to trace and debug the propagation of the pain signals to the CPU as well look out for short circuits and other damage in the circuitry and whatnot that might trigger false inputs. This type of troubleshooting had to happen on low-level, which required physical access to the appropriate sub-components and -systems that had yet to be discerned.

This was probably the moment when Nine figured that an aspirin for androids would make this job much less bothersome. Then again, she never needed such a thing before. That doesn’t mean she hadn’t such a thing, it’s just that it doesn’t work that conveniently.

With all things settled she would help implement the plan that was decided on earlier by the Green Team.

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2 Days Later…

[Running Diagnostics…]



[…Diagnostics Complete]

[Processing Unit: 98% Functionality]

[Rewriting Central Processing Unit: 1%]

[Rewriting Central Processing Unit: 40%]

[Rewriting Central Processing Unit: 90%]

[Rewriting Central Processing Unit: 100%]

[Rewrite Complete]

[Checking Systems…]


[Fire Control Unit: 100% Functionality]


Elizabeth opened her eyes…the rather less then comfortable bed didn’t really bother her, she was and Android, the wires on the back of her neck felt odd, pulses, signals, were being sent to directly to her head; It had been a long 8 years since she last felt the sensation of a post-refit, and she savored those memories.

Glancing around, the towel covering her naked body fell off, revealing the almost pale white skin underneath.

Her new skin.

Well…in honesty, her new “skin” just gave her her exterior appearance and shape, so, as a side effect, her shape and sizes also changed; Her breasts were noticeably larger, by several centimeters or so (well…not like she had any before anyways), her hips were (if anything) wider, even her thighs.

Her height was now more noticeable, the increase in her 3 sizes meant that she was now curvier, which also meant that her normal clothes no longer fit her properly; her hair was now…irritatingly long.

All-in-All, she felt like one of the so-called ‘Stress Androids’, granted she didn’t have the parts to make her one, but the fact that she could replicate and install said parts on her relatively quickly didn’t really help. Her curiosity peaked when she remembered something.

[Rewriting Central Processing Unit]

It had been a long held belief that Android personalities change in minor ways when they receive a new skin that was different from their previous ones, though it was claimed to be true, it had yet to be seen actually happening (considering that skin changes were few and far in between).

Running a quick check, she couldn’t help but facepalm at the results she was getting.

Apparently, her buggy Processing Unit had -fortunately- shut off some of the more…adult ‘desires’ that was fit on her all those years ago, the team that had repaired her also repaired her Processing Unit (not entirely, there were still some bugs), the bonus was that she had so called ‘Pleasure Receptors’ in the more private parts of her body, along with the other sensory receptors.

“Damned perverts.” Ran through her electronic mind as her head was temporarily filled with what you could only classify as porn, shutting it down, she safely disconnected the wires on the back of her neck. She had to find a way to bury those ‘indecent’ thoughts somehow, sometime in the near future.

Swinging her legs over the side of the cold, hard, metal; Artificial skin met the cold tiled floor, she slightly shivered at the feeling, ignoring the fact that she was naked, she stood up, and carefully walked towards the door.

Grabbing, turning, and pulling on the handle, the metal door opened, and she took her first steps outside, cautiously walking down the hallway.

The instance Elizabeth opened the door, she finds that the exit was blocked by someone else who was in the process of visiting the workshop and checking on the occupant. Before Elizabeth could even set a step out of the room and leave for the hallway, instead of a welcome or greeting, a package with a full set of spare clothes was thrown her way.

The person beyond the doorway was Nine. Since no she longer wears the hazmat suit she had when she worked on the restoration of Elizabeth, she looked much like a human female in her early twenties with flowing silvery white hair, fair skin. The petite android, whose subtle figure featured a modest height of 160 cm, wore a long blue coat with black elements that somewhat vaguely reminded of a lab coat, but her most striking feature was probably the black blindfold that concealed her eyes. The visible remainder of her face was marked by an emotionless expression.

In anticipation of the actuality that Elizabeth’s reflexes were sufficiently functional to catch the package, Nine figured that her job was finally done here. Not being the type of person to chitchat, Nine subsequently turned away from Elizabeth and wanders off quietly. After all she didn’t felt like babysitting new arrivals, there were plenty of other enthusiastic people around here that would gladly do that in her place.

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The engineering team was used to this from Nine, they had long since become used to the fact that the Android who had been on the station for so long did not really concern herself with much conversation, however, they also knew that she outpaced their own skill with such things. They largely left her alone, though the head of the team did thank her sincerely for her efforts, the team of engineers were just outside the door when Nine turned and left. Not really sure what to do with this new android.

Having been torn right down to the base frame with her old form, the crew really didn’t now what her form was before she got so damaged as they were little or nothing left by the time they actually got to reconstructing her. They did their best and several choices came to be made about what kind of body to give to the android, the team actually brainstormed and surprisingly enough it wasn’t for some kind of perverted design to give her a body like was there, they knew she identified as female so they tried to give her something that fit her frame and was attractive, as a kindness. They had no idea that her body would cause lewd thoughts to enter her mind at all.

The team was relatively hopeful in their wondering on how the android would react.


That’s the sound that clothes make when they hit someone, then fall to the floor. The someone, as of right now, was Elizabeth, and she was too dumbfounded to react properly, she was trying to process all of…this, this…new(?) world she was in, how they managed to attach a new skin.




Instinctively, Elizabeth’s attention switched from Nine to the engineer team in front of her, they didn’t look like a threat, they weren’t giving off any signs that they were a threat, but the way they stared at her was like they were afraid of something going wrong.

Eh, whatever it was, it wasn’t her business; Not bothering to excuse herself, she picked up the clothes wrapped in plastic, and took a few steps back, ripping it open, she pulled out each item of clothing one-by-one.

Blue jogging pants, a plain blue T-shirt that looked like it was 2 sizes too large, sneakers that fit comfortably on her feet, and a hoodie; Why the hell she was given clothes that looked like they were for the purpose of fulfilling someone’s fetishes she didn’t know.

Turning around, Elizabeth bent down and put her feet through the holes on the panties, she slid it up, the soft fabric rubbing on her thighs, while she didn’t honestly need them, it was common courtesy for Androids to wear them too (in her Universe at least); The T-Shirt was a perfect fit for her, she proceeded to walk towards the ‘bed’ she slept on for the past 2 days, and put on the jogging pants, silently complaining at the tight waist area, she managed to put them on without too much trouble.

Turning to the engineering team, she asked the team a simple question; “Where am I?”

The Engineering team stepped aside, with a nod, as a woman in uniform approached, she was a lovely woman - pale skin, dark hair, red lips, about 5’6 or so. Her face wasn’t stern, but it was serious. According to her rank insignia she was a Captain and her name just read as Siv. She smiled and nodded politely as the woman now dressed, “My apologies for the theatrics, the Engineers were not sure what kind of program was present that would wake up.” she extends a hand to the female android, “And I am told that they found a design template in your CPU, perhaps an early design? At any rate, I am not sure they got it right considering they had to use more materials to construct your skin than it appeared were present. Your skin was entirely too damaged to recover, so without a guide, it was the only thing we had to fall back on. As far as where you are, you are on a station called Nimbus, my name is Siv,” it was pronounced Sif by how she said it, “I am also an Android, so I thought that perhaps this might be easier for you.” She waited a few moments, “I’m sure you have a number of questions, but to start with, we repaired what we could, though diagnostics show there are still some possible programming bugs in your CPU, all the physical damage has been repaired though. Your shuttle has been decontaminated and repairs on it are also nearly complete, since we found in the database on board the design specifications, your drive system in particular needed significant repairs.”