New Story / Tying in Old Stories

Alright, so we’ve just had a battle. I was going to do something else with it and the Infinity Wave, but it was getting late that night, so I opted not to. Instead, I did this thing where Admiral Sal D’Amico goes back in time as part of Theta Protocol to stop the wave.

So… @TheChubbyGamer and I talked via Voice and brainstormed some options here. What I’m thinking I’m going to do is have a message from Sal, from the past, show up and be all garbled but basically say his mission failed, the Infinity Wave has been delayed but not stopped. Once again, to refresh memories of everyone, for the purposes of storytelling a lot of times we use the idea of Concurrent Time, where the events of the past thematically happen somehow concurrently with the current timeline in the future. So, we’re going under the idea that Sal and his crew (the real crew of the Olam and the real Olam) are still in the past working to try to delay the Infinity Wave as much as they can.

So, this gives a few issues.

  1. There is a fake Sal D’Amico
  2. There is a real Sal D’Amico who needs help and is stuck in the past
  3. There is a real crisis brewing where a possibly unstoppable temporal wave is on the way to the future to obliterate everything
  4. What does this have to do with the disappearance / abduction of Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas? (It is related, duh!)

So going on from there. I’d like to get some interest in this. We had the idea that something went wrong in the Onyx plan to alter the past. They don’t make infinity waves because that would obliterate them as well. So what went wrong? Are there people willing defect and help Solas Tempus because of this issue? Are they stuck in the past?

Who might like to play this?

I’m sure I will be roped in anyway through Emily being Drem’s executive officer and Drem would want to find Lance. The question must be made, is the anomaly that Vlad got shunted into part of this?

Not directly but I think he’ll be able to use that experience to help the situation. Which means I need to get tenon replying to that role play.

Well the Drakon would be the next obvious choice to send after Sal in the past. It’s a newer ship, so it is the most recently outfit. Also might figure out some supernatural / paranormal / magical item to employ… Don’t know.

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