New Self-Assigned Role

So, we have 2 self-assigned roles for people who want to get notified when various things are going on. The first is one added a bit back, and that is Looking for Role Play, the roll with notify a person when someone posts a new Request to the forum or when it is used in the channel. Anyone can ping this role to ping this role, but please keep it to the #requests channel.

Next, the new role is Creative Team, this will ping someone when a forum post is made to #phoenix-nebula on the forum or on the Discord server when the role is pinged. This role can also be pinged by anyone, but please keep it to the #phoenix-nebula channel on Discord.

To join either of these roles, use the //rank command.

//rank Creative Team
//rank Looking for Role Play

To see all self-assigned roles you can use //ranks, and that will list all roles users can assign to themselves.

The //rank command is a toggle, so doing it once will add you to the role, doing it again will remove you from that role.