New school of the force

So for a bit I’ve been working on a school of the force to exist outside the light side dark side binary. Something influenced by Earth philosophy. What I have so far is this.

“Rather than a search for power over others it’s a power over the self. The purpose being to transcend ones limitations. When applying it outwardly it tends towards kindness as having others indebted to you is more powerful than merely crudely hurting them. It would take dark side ambitions and channel them into something that has light side outcomes.”

I’d like help from people better versed in star wars lore to comment on the school and whether it would work given how the force is.

I like this idea of escaping the binary. This also could go light / dark but seems a little more on the selfish / self centered side – amassing power for oneself. Would you encode into the lore for this the idea that creating power through fear would be less effective / ineffective?

I’m not better verse in Star Wars but I love the idea.

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