New Name, New Logos, Same Great Taste

When I originally started this server / site, it was one setting, that of Blazing Umbra. The station named after the setting, all that jazz. However, now that we have 3 settings and are allowing people to post things unrelated in #unlikely-kingdoms, it might have been confusing to see everything named Blazing Umbra.

So after some brainstorming, we came up with the name Molten Aether, which mixes the fire theme of many of our area names (Burning Sweetly, Smoldering Sweetly, etc.). For now, the web server continues to run on, so all of the URL’s work the same.

If the donations leave enough to buy it after server costs, I will be purchasing the domain name, I hope that I can do this, and then all forum traffic will be redirected to that domain.

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