New Lands (Open Ended)

‘This is by far the shittiest day of my life.’ Verniy thought an apparent scowl clearly written on her face. Already livid at her current situation right now.

Her team was on a job to a small wrecked post-war town in the states of Minnesota as it was a recently found out to be an artifact hotspot brimming with all kinds from the most common to the rarest of them all.

They would fetch a high price back at the market since artifacts became a necessity in common life ranging from cooking, healing and more. Plus it’ll be doing some good for other communities in need of Artifacts.

It as smooth sailing ahead as they collected quite a sum of artifacts mixed in together with rare ones at that and were already on the way back to Concord.

But their miner happiness was immediately thrown out of the window as she spots a bandit comes out of nowhere and throws an IED right in front of her MRAP which exploded forcing her to hit the brakes.

On one hand, she was pissed but on the other hand, she was glad that the Cougar didn’t suffer any serious damage other than the paint being scrapped off.

Currently hiding behind the left side of her MRAP hood, her AK-103 cradled in her arms. She slightly exposes her head from her cover but immediately backs down as several stray rounds pings off the armored hood.

"Cyka!" She swore in Russian. Annoyed with the local bandits taking advantage of the high ground granted in one of the abandoned houses.

The sound of rifles firing at Verniy’s position was drowned out by the loud roar of an M2 Browning firing.

The turret being manned by a girl her age, a brunette Japanese girl wearing the same set of armor and clothing like her.

The bandits at the high ground quickly got away as the hail of 50 cal came banging at their cover. Ripping through the wooden cover of house second level with total ease.

‘They know what their really doing.’ Verniy thought, given how organized their attack was.


She turns to her right to see a bandit flank her, a sawed-off shotgun in hand.

Before she and the offending bandit could do anything, the same bandit was suddenly taken three bullets to the chest crying out in pain before hitting the tarmac ground dead.

"Watch yourself Verniy!"

She turns to the source, another girl her age but petite much like her and in height with. She had a tomboyish look, wearing the same clothing and armor but in her hands was a VSS Vintorez. Soon the petite German was crouching at Verniy’s side

"Thanks, Zwei." Verniy thanked.

“How many bandits we’re dealing with?”

“Not sure,” A rounds pings off the hood. “I’m guessing 18 Bandits, along with a couple of mercs with them.” She answered.

Zwei hissed at the news. Things just got a lot more complicated. Hearing the sounds of other bandits coming closer, she instantly pops from cover, her rifle aiming a pair of bandits hiding behind a van wrecked located opposite of their vehicle.

Pulling the trigger, her rifle kicks. Nailing a bandit’s balaclava head, instantly killing him.

At the same time, in one of the houses, a merc takes up a sniping position at one of the many windows, aiming down his SR-25 sniper at the Cougar MRAP. The reticle of his scope settles on the head of Zwei.

About a hairline from pulling the trigger, a large hole suddenly appears on his forehead, a 7.62 punching through the merc gasmask and out from the back of his skull.

"Sniper down!"

"Good shot Barfleur!" Teruzuki shouted over the roar of her MG.

At the back of the MRAP, where the backdoor is located was a young British girl, under the same age as the others and wore the same set of armor and clothing and armed with an M110.

Taking cover from AK fire, the British girl ejects her now empty mag after her last shot at the enemy sniper and swapping it with a fresh one. “They’re everywhere!”

Despite being well equipped, the four stalkers found themselves stuck in a furious firefight between them four and an unknown amount of bandits and Mercs.

That was until an at too familiar chilling roar was heard. And it was close too.

Soon a sense of dread settles upon all of the combatants, each of them knowing that sound all too well.

The tarmac ground soon rumbles as loud thundering footsteps could be heard. Turning around the corner was a mutant. A lump of deformed flesh looking like a walking tear-drop flesh with several limbs attached and growing, its front pair of trunk-like arms bulging with pure muscle and mass with blue veins clearly visible beneath its pink skin.

The most prominent feature of the mutant was it’s hideously deformed face, rows of sharp teeth exposed, disproportionate eyes and flat deformed snout.

It was a Pseudogiant. One of the most feared mutants.

The air was tense, both parties were frozen stiff, unsure of what to do.

On the roof of one the many residential houses, a bandit armed with an RPG-7 fires a rocket at the massive mutant.

The rocket careens through the air closing the distance between it and the mutant and hits the tarmac in front of it engulfing the creature in a blaze of fire and creating a cloud of smoke obscuring their sights on the creature.

But a furious roar of pain and rage penetrated the air, signaling the others that the massive mutant was indeed still alive and it was pissed off.

It comes out of the black smoke, its large muscular arms carrying and moving it. The mutant despite it clumsy appearance, the fearsome mutant achieved the speed of a charging bull as it barreled through numerous houses with total ease and into the one where the rocket originated.

Shouts and screams of fear echoed out from the house followed by uncontrolled gunfire.

She was scared, though she didn’t see on her stoic face, she could tell her friends…no…lovers were having the exact same feeling as her. To see one of the rarest and fearsome mutants was a terrifying sight behold.

"We need to get out of here now!" Zwei said, her voice shaking in fear.

Before Verniy could agree, her wolf ears detected a soft but hungry growl. A growl she was all too familiar with. She immediately tackles Zwei to the ground as leaping form of a deformed human misses them by mere inches and over the MRAP hood.

Seeing the leaping form, Teruzuki swivels the M2 turret and narrows her eyes in recognition of broken GP-5 gasmask permanently strapped to the creature’s face and the exposed white bone which was its spine.

It was a Snork.

Without hesitation, she opens fire giving the human mutant little time to invade s it quickly turned into a pile of indistinguishable pile of flesh and bone.

The distant growls of other snorks could be heard from afar.

Teruzuki spots another figure running and turns to point the MG barrel which turns out to be a retreating bandit. Before she could do anything to it, the bandit was suddenly out of nowhere blindsided and tackled to the ground by an invisible force.

The said force soon reveals itself, a terrifying humanoid creature Teruzuki recognized immediately. It was a Bloodsucker and it had is disgusting tentacle mouth around the Bandits neck sucking him dry as he weakly struggles under the mutants steel grip.

Teruzuki quickly pulls the trigger of her M2 Browning, the barrel firing out plumes of fire as a hail of high caliber bullets soar through the air.

But the Bloodsucker was faster, already on the run, evading the gunfire thrown at it before disappearing into thin air.

The Japanese brunette hissed in annoyance and fear. Gunfire erupted from her rear, on instinct she swivels her M2 to the source of the threat.

Attacking her teammates was a pack of bloodsuckers mix in together with Pseudo dogs and Snorks, turns out the bloodsucker she tried shooting at brought its entire pack into the fray.

Hell! There was even a Chimera here too!

She didn’t hesitate to open fire at the surrounding opposition. She kept a hold on the trigger feeling each round discharge from the 50 cal.

She lost track of how many rounds she fired upon the horde of mutants, bandits and mercs alike. It didn’t matter at all.




Hearing the M2 was now empty, Teruzuki hadn’t had time to reload the Machine Gun as she spots a Snork leaped towards her turret. Instinctively, she pulls out her sidearm holstered on her vest, that being the Desert Eagle XIX.

The barrel flashes followed by the strong recoil of the sidearm as a .357 Magnum was discharged from the chamber and into the skull of the Snork instantly killing it forcing its corpse to impact against the windshield of the Cougar HE.

Teruzuki then pops back into the interior of the vehicle, shifting her body into the back of the truck and grabs hold of her AEK-999.

Before she could even exit from the back, the slow to a sudden rapid beeping of her rad detector alerted her of high amounts of radiation being detected.

Her eyes widen at the readings displayed on the detector and straight away, she felt a wave of nausea hit her, it felt like her head was getting hit by multiple jackhammers at the same time.

Unknowingly dropping the detector and LMG onto the interior floor, her body plops onto the cold metal with a thud as the nausea came back at full force again effectively rendering her immobile.

Her eyes gaze out to the windows of the Cougar, staring out to the sky.

The sky was coloured in a strange hue of darkish-blue as clouds were twisting and turn like a vortex, lightning crackling above the skies every second.

At first she thought it was an Emission storm of sorts. That thrown out of the window given the massive black swirling hole forming above.

Another wave of nausea hits her head the third time but this time it was ten times worse than the previous two.

It was too much for her, causing her eyes to roll up to the back of her head.

'Zwei….Verniy……Barfleur….’ Were her last thoughts as everything went black.

Somewhere, deep inside the many forested areas of the Astarte continent in Schatten-3.

It was coming to night in the autumn season of the region, it was peaceful until now.

In one of the forest areas, arcs of electricity sparks out of nowhere scorching the dirt ground and fallen leaves slightly followed up by a swirling black hole spontaneously opening up and spitting out a armored vehicle and three individuals before the portal soon collapse upon itself.

“Uuuuugh….” Barfleur groaned out, regaining conscious back again in a short couple of minutes.

Shakily she stands back up, only to suddenly collapse on her knees as a splitting headache hammering away in her head.

She tries to ignore the pain and focus on the most important thing of all. Her wives.

“Verniy…Zwei.” She weakly called out to the two forms lying on the ground near her.

Nearest being her team lead.

Reaching out to the unconscious form of her wife, she place both hands on the German chest and starts shaking her.

This manage to slightly stir the petite German awake followed by a violent cough from the girl while Barfleur slowly helps her sit up.

“Barfleur? Are we.”

“Dead? No.” Barfleur finishing and answering the question. “Whatever happened, that was no ordinary Emission.”

“Yeahcoughgo check on Verniy, I’ll go check up on Teruzuki.”

Barfleur nodded in agreement, quickly rushing over to the unconscious wolf girl.

Coughing a bit, she quickly recovers from her dizziness and was up on her feet making her way to the Cougar MRAP which was thankfully unscathed. Opening the back carriage door of the vehicle, she finds the person she was looking lying face flat on the metal interior floor.

Worried, she was immediately at the Japanese girl side, picking her up where her unconscious face was facing hers.

“Teruzuki. Wake up.” Zwei called out softly, slapping the girls left cheek lightly stirring the Japanese awake with her eyes slowly opening.

“Z-Zwei?” She mumbled out. Still feeling dazed.

“Yes.” A small smile gracing Zwei’s face. Resting the palm of her left hand on Teruzuki cheek “I’m here. Barfleur and Verniy are also alive and well.”

Teruzuki heaved a sigh of relief, happy at the good news. Without warning, she grabs hold of the collar of Zwei’s ballistic vest and pulls her into a deep heated kiss much to the petite German surprise.

Within seconds the two broke the kiss, slightly panting for precious oxygen. Zwei was first to break the silence, a red blush apparent on her facial features.

“W-What was t-that for Teruzuki!?!” She stuttered out in complete embarrassment.

“W-Well after what happened I thought it was needed!” Teruzuki quickly answered, as equally embarrassed as Zwei.

“W-W-Well you a-are my wife……”

“Are we interrupting something?” The voice of Barfleur cutting in.

Zwei and Teruzuki heads turn the source frozen solid as they see the back carriage door open with Verniy and Barfleur at the door.

“Ummmmmm no.” Was petite German answer.

-Night Time, 22:34 PM-

“Давайте всегда наслаждаться жизнью, как этим бокалом вина!!!” Sitting around a small campfire with the help of a Fireball Artifact. The four shouted in unison, each of them holding a glass bottle of Cossack Vodka and clashing theirs with each other before downing the strong distilled liquid down their throats.

Within seconds, the four finish gulping a small portion of their drinks and lets out a satisfied gasp, thoroughly enjoying the strong burning sensation the alcohol left behind in their mouth and throats.

It was a unspoken tradition if a Stalker were to survive a deadly three way confrontation between bandits or mutants, one must celebrate their survival of such a deadly confrontation with their friends and family with an abundant amount of food, drinks mainly vodka and music.

Reason behind this unspoken tradition was to remind the group or individual that they manage to survive and have the chance to return back home to enjoy the simple pleasures or life and to see their loved ones and trusted friends once again.

And that what the four young stalkers were doing.

The atmosphere was relax as a loud rowdy laughter echoed through the dark forest as the group traded jokes from light hearted ones to dark jokes or a occasional sexual joke too. Friendly challenges like a drunk sloppy kiss for Verniy and Barfleur which was accepted to a slightly dangerous one by shooting a flying glass bottle in the air.

While at the sametime, the four enjoyed a simple meal being a generous serving of sausage and rice.

And Verniy? The wolf stalker already had her Guitar out, expertly playing a melodic tune and softly singing with Teruzuki as her co. Sooner or later, Barfleur and Zwei joined in.

The four together in sync sang in russian throughout the night.

Unknown to them, they were not the only ones from their universe sent here. After all, the Zone is forever changing and will always be there where you least expect it.

Such is the life of a S.T.A.L.K.E.R

-Next day, 44km from the campsite-

“I think we’re lost Zwei.” Barfleur commented from the back.

“You think?” She responded, looking through a geographical map.

“Yes. Look around you Zwei, tell me that this place looks unfamiliar. Plus I don’t even see a single anomaly around and plus the land looks way too colorful.”

“She does have a point Zwei.” Verniy added her 10 cents in.

“I guess.” Zwei muttered, folding the map in her hands. “Stop the MRAP. We’ll need the high ground to find out where we are.”


Indra has been down on planet with his men training with their Mobile suits and mobile workers when they got the notification that another splice had opened up and he was asked to check it out. He sighed as he rallied up his men and they jumped into two armed mobile workers and two truck mobile workers.

“AWS Gundam Barbatos lupus. Indra yamakage heading out” he say with a small smile. It was tradition for the pilots of Tekkadan to say Their MS’s name and their name before heading out.

“STH-16 Shiden. Akira Takizawa. Following close behind” Akira, Indras second in command spoke as the other MS pilots started to speak as well. After all the intros were said the group took off in search of the new arrivals

Indra gets a notice on his instruments (HUD, console, whatever) that there is an inbound friendly contact, ID says it is the Ghost Reaver, a Phantom Class, since he has access to the database he would see it is captained by an Amber Cross and she’s got a XIA, Eliana Ilos. As the ship approaches, Kushina says to him, “Eliana of the Ghost Reaver is letting me know they’ve picked up the splice as well, she informed me that they are good to follow your lead for now.”

Indra looks over the data being poured into his console as he continues piloting his mobile worker ‘understood kushina…tell them to stay behind the last mobile worker and provide as much support as she can…oh and tell her to stay out of the way when the mobile suits fall’ he says with a smirk and a possibly evil laugh ‘also inform the shinko to prep mobile suits for launch’


That was the only one word she truly knew of its meaning. Failure as in never meeting the expectation of her superiors, failure of being so easily beaten and destroyed on her very first mission at that.

And what they do to her destroyed bodies after the battle?

They dumped them in some unnamed and unremembered scrapyard to be recycled and end up as tin cans or something more useful than her wrecked metal chassis.

What was meant to be the first and successful combat ready Mobile Suit but ended up as a joke amongst her enemies. She could remember the insults thrown at her by the Zeon workers, troopers and pilots when they first saw her.

"You call those toys Mobile Suits!?"

"Look at that? Can’t believe the Feds made that. Fucking pathetic."

"Looks more like a turtle than a Mobile Suit."

"Jeez, can’t really believe the Feds sends these guys to fight."

Each of those insults felt like a stab to her heart and to what’s left of her self-confidence which is now almost non-existent. Six months past, slowly one by one, she sees bits and pieces of her other chassis and parts towed away by trucks or by a magnetic crane and into the smelter nearby until her only remaining chassis that is the deceased commander’s.

She wanted it all to end. The loneliness. The underlying sorrow within her. Her wretched existence. She just wanted to simply lie down on the ground and wish the pain and sorrow to go away.

Throughout her depressing thoughts, she barely notices arcs of lightning crackling across the rust-covered metal floor scorching it black and an inky black vortex of sorts, twice the size of a Mobile Suit spontaneously appearing out from nowhere with the intent to devour everything single bits and pieces of scrap metal into it.

She barely had time to process what’s going on as she soon felt her own rusted metal body groaned under its own weight. Sparks soon came flying out as she was sucked in by the local gravity of the splice swallowing the entire dead mech whole.

And she saw all black.

Her head hurt. It really, hurt a lot.

It felt like her head was again kicked by that strange blue Zeon Mobile Suit from before. All around her was darkness, she couldn’t see a thing but the soft bluish glow of her systems HUD meaning she was now conscious.

It was then she realized, she felt something on top pining her to the ground. Something heavy.

Instinctively, she willed her non-responsive arms to remove the source of discomfort, and to her surprise, her arms move and did just that.

She could hear the weak groaning of the rusted metal plate above her moving and shifting, loud crashes behind it some more. With a final heave, the metal plate was thrown off her by her own strength clearing her own vision no longer blocked by darkness.

Her vision was greeted with a sky dominated by dark clouds hanging in the air, casually floating by.

Slowly, she shifts her upper torso forward into a sitting position, her hands resting on the dirt ground.

She then takes the time to look around and investigate her surroundings. Noting the small and large piles of scrap metal that followed in transit with her. Plus there were trees. Lots and lots of trees surrounding the small makeshift scrapyard the portal dropped.

From the looks of it, she looks like she was in a forest or woods of some sort. On which planet? She didn’t know. Her GPS and other navigational systems were working or responding.

She then realized another thing, why does everything look bigger around her? Wasn’t she a 17 Meter tall war bipedal robot?

Curious, she looks down and came to the biggest shock of her life. Her metal body wasn’t completely metal as per say, but more of a suit of sorts.

The armor parts of her body now look more like pieces. Pieces of an armor set of sorts, and beneath or exposed through small gaps was a smooth black surface of an undersuit that looks eerily similar to the Mobile Suit Pilot’s G-suit.

The second surprised was her hands. No longer were they the three-digit clawed hands she once had but were replaced with a human hand with five-digits covered by the undersuit she wore with metal plating covering her knuckles and fingers.

Did she turn human? Did the portal that sucked her in do this to her while in mid-transit?

Numerous questions of how this was possible surface her mind while at the same time processing her current dilemma.

She didn’t have time to dwindle on her thoughts as she immediately jumps on to her feet at the sudden loud crack of a lightning cloud from above. Annoyed, she later then hear the soft crack of distant thunders.

Soon, she felt something tapped onto her armored head. Then came another and another. It later came to an endless shower of water droplets constantly impacting her body.

Strangely enough, she didn’t feel anything than the small minuscule vibrations of the water droplets hitting her.

Looking back on the now wet dirt, she finds a rather familiar bullpup rifle lying on the dirt floor.

It was her HWF GMG M79 Bullpup gun.

Picking up the weapon and feeling its familiar grip, she studies the weapon for any damage of sorts but found none. Looking back up at the pouring clouds and towards the forested area in front of her.

She moves, her legs stepping into the now muddy ground but didn’t give too much attention to it as she kept on walking straight with no destination in mind. No purpose either.

All she had hoped was to find something of interest and hopefully, hopefully, find something that could once again give her a meaning in life.

And so she kept walking, unresponsive to the world around her, the rain or the distant sounds and echoes of the local fauna.

Indras console once again lit up as the second splice was instantly picked up “God damnit another one…”
he muttered to himself as he sent a message to Akira asking him to deal with this second splice
“Understood Mr.Indra”
Akira responded happily as he pulled his mobile worker away from the convoy and off to the side.
Akira was more than capable of dealing with whatever this second splice spit out for them considering he was a mobile suit pilot, he quickly contacted the shinko as it came into sight above them asking for his newly repaired Gundam Flauros.
The shinko responsed instantly to their second in commands request quickly coming down and switching Akiras mobile worker for that of the Magenta colored Gundam armed with shoulder mounted rail guns.
Akira then jumped aboard and connected his augment
“Gundam Flauros, Akira Takizawa moving out!”
He announced before powering up and heading off to intercept their new comer

From where she was Amber pulled her ship up to just below the suborbital altitude where there was barely any air around and used her position to lay down an active scan of the area, sending the data to Indra and Akira via the COM link to their HUD’s, she was looking for details about what had actually spliced in. Indra and Akira would not find information in the HUD of a precise topographical map and range / distance for both of the splice areas as well as life signs information. For now, Amber contented herself with his, but she engaged her ships active camouflage, it never hurt to be more careful than one needed to be.

Meanwhile, she kept Nimbus informed as well, who now was prepping an interceptor flight on the ready 5 alert, in case they were needed.

“You sure about this Verniy?” Barfleur asked. Concern for the well being of the petite wolf abhuman.

“Dah” Was her reply, her helmet was removed, revealing her wolf ears and was already in the process of unstrapping the velcro of her Barmica vest.

The plan was to find a sort of high ground so that the team of four could figure out what continent they were in despite not knowing they were transported to a whole other universe. So the closes thing to a high ground they could find were the trees themselves and so Verniy willingly volunteered herself to climb up one of the trees.

Finishing with the last velcro, she takes the vest of her shoulders passing it over the Barfleur.

Despite the heavy shower taking place right now, it did little to deter the wolf girl to climb up the tree. Even with the lack of visibility, Verniy would at least be able to spot any familiar landmarks given the tree’s height.

“I’m going.”

Soon her journey to the top of the tree begins.

The rain didn’t affect her much. Not a slight bit despite it getting heavier where visibility was almost a few meters of seeing what’s in front you.

She didn’t care, she been walking in the same pace for the past fifteen minutes and yet nothing much happened. Nothing at interest to attract the Mobile Suit turned human.

Until now.


She immediately jumped at the sound, snapping into a stance with her arm mounted shield raised and her bullpup gun aimed at the source of the sound which was a large bush of sorts.

Her body tensed, awaiting for the potential hostile to reveal itself or attack her.

A minute of waiting so became to a full five minutes wait with nothing remotely happening.

Not taking any chances, she switches to her scanning equipment from infrared to motion and radar. Yet nothing came up on her HUD.

‘Probably nothing…’ She thought, loosening her stance and makes a turn to the opposite direction continuing where she left off.

But not all what it seems. If she were to look before more closely, should would have picked up a faint shimmer in the air followed by yellow lambent eyes glaring at her now distant form.

It growled savagely, eyeing at its new form of prey with hungry eyes. Ever since that strange event, its pack was thrown into a strange and new land. A land not touched or corrupted by the zone yet.

But besides the strange land they were in, its pack needed sustenance to survive. They needed blood and meat to feast on!

And it founded one, though similar to the human denizens of the zone, the human fitted into the criteria of food.

With soft growl, it quietly disappears into the forest shrubbery, silently stalking the human female it found.

Indra and his line of mobile workers continued to haul ass to the last recorded location of the first splice, he was hoping it wouldnt be hostile or large but at the same time he did. He’d been itching for a fight ever since helping that one lady kill those “demons”
“Kushina…do me a favor and ask that ghost whatever to scan the area of us. These mobile works aren’t picking up much”

Meanwhile Akira kept his search up, his Flauros bobbing and weaving through the forest. He kept a constant eye on his scanners searching for Ahab waves, life signatures, or anything that seemed out of place in this forest

“Mr.Indra, Nothing here so far”

Amber gets on the COM then, “Alright, we’ve got 4 life signs, humanoid, some heavy transport, and… Some new life signs that read as animal, I’m going to head down an try to get a closer look.” She leaves the channel open, and with her adaptive camouflage on, she descends from her high altitude. Another voice from Nimbus comes on the line, it wasn’t a military person as their voice showed they weren’t entirely sure about being involved in this, “Be…” there was a pause, “Be advised, you need to attempt to contain the animals so we can quarantine them, otherwise they could damage the ecosystem on Sotereia.” Then Amber comes back on the line, “Should we attempt radio contact?”

“4 life signs, heavy transport, and wild life sounds easy enough” indra says as he puts that info up on his screen “understood-“
he stopped when he heard the new voice come over the comms “who the f-nevermind Whatever understood”
he said in a rather annoyed tone as he’d never had to capture things alive before. He shook his head as Amber came back over the comms
“Yes Amber lets try that…”

"Never really thought I would end up like this." She thought to herself.

The war she knew and participated in many of its battles was now over, both sides that were engaged in the war suffered immense losses, billions of life both civilians and military lost to the flames of the One Year War.

The nation of Zeon facing an Economical crisis due to the mass and major experimental production of Mobile Suits.

And thirdly, the untimely death of her Ace pilot due to a sickness he could not recover from.

And with no one capable enough to pilot her, what did they do? They throw her into a storage space of sorts in some Military space station in the middle of nowhere!

She wasn’t really alone by all means as she was accompanied with another twenty Mobile Suits of the same line as her. The only major difference was that none of them are custom models like her but the standard type. Though two of the standard variant were damage badly given a clean hole that melted through the left side of their chest which was clearly done by a Beam rifle.

Along with them was a plethora of Mobile Suit weapons stored together with them. All of it ranging from MS Machine Guns, Bazookas or Missile Launchers, Heat melee weapons, Rocket tubes, Sturm Fausts, Shields and a 75mm Gatling Gun with an ammo belt attached to a large ammo backpack!

Safe to say that she was going to be here for a long time.

She grumbled. She hated it. Hated that she can’t do anything much but stare off into space doing absolutely nothing which she despises greatly.

Oh, how she wished something interesting would happen right now.

‘Probably not.’ She mused.

But little did she know, the universe had already answered her little wish.

In the middle of the hangar they were all stored in, she spots a rather peculiar event taking place. A small harmless black orb seemingly appeared out of nowhere floating.

It got her rather curious at its sudden appearance but that curiosity was thrown out of the window as the thing starts to grow in size at a exceptional pace with arcs of lightning dancing across the room and around the orb.

Second, she could feel a major change to the local gravity here, feeling her body being forcefully pulled into the so-called mini black hole which seemingly grown up where it can easily swallow an entire mobile suit itself with total ease.

She couldn’t do anything as she felt her body being pulled towards her followed by the other twenty Zaku Is being dragged into the same portal with the other Mobile Suits.

And so darkness greeted her vision

“Uuuugh….” She groan out, experiencing a nasty headache. “Stupid bloody black hole….”

Her vision was a blurry, trying to make out several green figures surrounding her vision along hearing their muffled noises.

Thankfully, her vision starts to clear as she can now make out what seems to be a human female in a suit of armour which she recognise the design being that of a Zaku I. Plus she had a rather cute face.

Where did that come from?

And it was raining too.

Next to her was another one and identical to the one in front of her. She notes their mouths were moving making it obvious that they were speaking to her but their voices was muffled.

Fortunately, her hearing returns.

“Are you alright? Can you hear me?”

She nods, answering the grunt’s question. “I am fine. Just a nasty headache.”

The two identical girls sighed in relief.

“Now who are you? Where am I?” She asked.

One of them answered. “MS-05B Zaku I. As for where we are…unknown. None of our navigational systems seems to work.”

Wait. She identified herself as a Mobile Suit yet she doesn’t look like one despite the armor identical design of the Zaku I minus the helmet. Though it did had the Zeon flag imprinted on the right side of her chest plate.

“I think it’s best you look at yourself ma’am.”

She did just that. Finding a puddle of water next to her showing her reflection.

It was safe to say she was surprised to find herself not as a Mobile Suit but a human in a suit of armour much like her original metal self but beneath the segments and pieces of armor was a black undersuit.

But the only difference was her helmet, it wasn’t shaped like the Zaku’s head but was more of a Stahlhelm helmet with a mask of sorts identical to a Zaku’s face.

Her hand reaches for the supposed mask. Grabbing hold of the mouth piece, she gives a small squeeze triggering a hiss of pressurised air being released, sounds of metal shifting and the locks mechanism undoing themselves now letting the mouthpiece loose while the visor with its mono-eye camera retracts back upwards into the helmet revealing her face to see.

Dark hazelnut hair with sharp locks pointing downwards with a braided ponytail and dog-like earflap hair. Blood red eyes with a tinge of onyx. An angular chin with small cheekbones.

“Wow….” She mumbled to herself.

She takes in a deep breath. Feeling the cold and chilly wet air while coming into terms with her humanised self.

“Ummmm Ma’am?”

Oh yeah, the other Zaku Is. They got sucked in with her too.

Immediately, her military self takes over.

“Who’s in charge?” She asked standing back up now facing the two.

“You are ma’am.” One of them stated, though a tad bit nervous. “Your the only highest ranking here not that your a custom.”

Oh great. She’s in charge. One of the things she hates with a passion followed by killing civilians and boredroom was leadership. She hated leading others not that she was incapable but it was too much work and takes out all the fun in battle and being unable to participate in the frontline as well.

'Fuck. Me.’ She thought venomously. She sighs at her predicament. “What of our situation?”

“We manage to round up all the others but two of us is offline due to Beam damage.”

“Can they be brought back?” She asked.

“Not sure.”

“Shit. What else?”

“We got one missing her leg, though we managed to find it but we lacked the tools and materials to attach it back on.”

So they got an injured and two offline with no tools or resources to fix them. That’s gonna be troublesome in the future. Logic dictates that they leave them behind to their own fate so that they won’t drag them down but doing so would be an insult to her deceased pilot memory.

He never left a man behind. Never! And she would do the same and follow his example.

“Alright,” Looking at the terrain around her. Noting the pile of metals and parts lying around the forest floor. “get everyone to scavenge whatever ammo, weapons and parts they could find. We’re not leaving anyone behind some of you have to carry those offline and injured.”

She points at her 9 'o’ clock. “In fifteen minutes time, we’re going moving out to the North West. Hopeful we’ll bump into the locals who can help us out and find out where we are.”

“Yes ma’am!” The two grunts shouted in unison, giving her a salute before leaving to tell the others.

Meanwhile, she stood there looking up at the direction she just now stated. A sigh, she attaches the mask mouthpiece back letting the helmet do the rest of the job.

She got a job to do.

-30 minutes later-

So far nothing happened in their small little trek through the forest. Formed in a single line where the injured being in the middle as a couple volunteered to help carry them.

While the rest choose to guard them as each Zaku was armed with a plethora of weapons. Ranging from. ZMPs, MMPs, Zaku bazookas or other variants of the MS Bazookas and more. Some opt for full on Melee too as seen on their armor given the obvious Heat Hawk axe, a knuckle shield or the Gouf Heat Sword and Shield combo.

In the front was the leader, vastly different given the obvious heavy modifications to her armor, the horn on her helmet and the black and red paint job signifying her as the leader of the group.

The leader suddenly raised her hand fist in the air signaling the others behind her to stop immediately which they did.

Something was up.

“Get the injured up the hill at our right.” She turns and points at the Zaku I girl armed with the 75mm minigun. “Follow and protect them with your life.”’

“Yes ma’am.”

She looks at the others. “The rest of you on me.”

With that said, the group separates into two groups. Majority following the leader while the last six stayed behind, the trio of the smaller group taking up defensive positions on the small cliff.

Indras sensors blared at the third splice opening “OH MY GOD DAMN BARBATOS A THIRD”

He yells into his comms causing Akira to sigh, he then maneuvered his Gundam Flauros to the third splice, it was closer to him in a sense and at the speed he was going Flauros would make it there in a few minutes

“Don’t worry Mr.Indra I’ll take care of these two continue on towards the first splice I’ll just call for shiden back up!”

Akira said happily as he sent a message to the shinko and the men ready up to assist Akira

“Thanks Akira…Kushina remind me not to yell…”

Amber signals back to Nimbus that they may need ground forces and to have an STS squad ready to move out. This was getting complicated. Still she was camouflaged and opened a COM channel, general broadcast across the most use bands, should be able to be received by just about anything (on average)… “This is Commander Cross of the Solas Tempus vessel Ghoast Reaver… You have arrived in Solas Tempus territory, we mean you no harm but please come to a complete stop and await further instructions. Again, we mean you no harm.”

‘We’re definitely not in America…’ Verniy thought. Despite the heavy rain hampering her eyesight, she could easily tell that they were no longer in america as a matter of fact. Plus the lack of the Zone’s influence and corruption further supports that they might be somewhere else entirely.

Seeing enough plus the fact of being drenched in rainwater was enough to prompt her to climb back down from the
top of the tree. Slowly and carefully tracing back to the same branches she used to climb up to the top.

It didn’t take long for her to reach back down the bottom, her boots impacting the wet and muddy soil beneath her. Just as she hit the ground, her wife; Barfleur was immediately by her side. Covering the abhuman’s drenched body with a dark olive green camo poncho.

“Zwei needs you back inside the Cougar. Radio picked something up.”

The wolf girl simply nods her head with a quiet grunt acknowledging what Barfleur told her just now as they make their way back to back entrance of the black MRAP.

Entering the vehicle soaking wet minus Barfleur who had a poncho on her. Teruzuki was quick enough to grab one of the many sacks in the metal space containing the artifacts they recently collected.

Specifically a fireball artifact.

The Japanese brunette later passes it to Verniy who mutters a thanks to her before taking hold of the thermal conducting object.

In all due honesty, the Fireball artifact was a blessing made by the Zone dangerous anomalies in her opinion. Reasons mostly being not needing to start up a fire for other things, drying clothing, keeping yourself warm in a cold stormy night and more.

Hugging the round artifact to her body, she makes her way over to Zwei who was at the front passenger seat Manning the radio as a garbled static voice could be heard emitted from the radio speakers.

“Damn radio…” Zwei muttered under her breath, still trying to adjust the radio frequency.


The petite German than notices the Russo-Jap behind her. A look of relief could be seen on her face.

“Ah Verniy. Your here. Great.” Still struggling with the radio stubbornness to work. “I need some he-.”

Verniy knew what Zwei already meant when she arrived to the front. So.she gives Zwei her solution to her problem.

She lightly kicked the radio of the MRAP with her boot followed soft thud of the metal frame being hit.

Instantly the now garbled and static voice became clear for the group to hear.

"-ander Cross of the Solas Tempus vessel Ghoast Reaver… You have arrived in Solas Tempus territory, we mean you no harm but please come to a complete stop and await further instructions. Again, we mean you no harm."

Now that got a confused reaction from the four. Each of them wondering the same exact thing.

What is Solas Tempus?

What’s a vessel?

Is this some sort of Government Military Organisation? They remembered something about their mentor Cause telling them during the early days of the zone that the government considered S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs activities as illegal and are to be shot on sight. But those governments were now gone thanks to Zone.

They were skeptical about the one saying no harm will come to them was being truthful or not.

But there was another problem.

They were running low on supplies. Specifically ammunition ever since their recent threeway battle between Mutants of various types and Bandits with Mercs working together trying to kill them.

Do they had two options.

One. They don’t answer it but later over the weeks empty out their supplies leaving little to nothing for them to defend themselves with and get killed by some other new monster here.

Two. They answer the call. Tell them their current location via flare gun, and get shot due to their S.T.A.L.K.E.R status or don’t get shot and get a resupply of food, water, vodka and ammunition.

Plus the fact they still have bags loaded with all kinds of artifacts could get them a hefty sum of the local currency here given their rarity and special properties.

So the four reach to a final decision. They respond to the call, tell them their location but don’t say anything about S.T.A.L.K.E.R status.

Reaching over the radio mic, Zwei picks it up and levels it to her head.

“Hello? This is Zwei. We hear you and are standing by for your arrival. Location unknown but marking it with a red flare.”

On cue, Teruzuki pops open the MRAP turret coupla holding a flare gun in hand and fires it to the air through the turret opening.

The sound of the flare gun could be heard loudly through the heavy downpour with a fiery reddish glow filled by a trail of smoke of the same colour.

Indra growled as they continued to push forward on the hunt for this first arrival. He listened to amber speak and sighed slightly praying that their message would get through to this new entry so he wouldn’t have to rip Down a forest with Rex.
“You think it got through to them am-“ he’s cut off by Zwei speaking making him growl and smirk “never mind question answered…normally red flares mean retreat to me but whatever…”
his gunner reported the flare and the convoy turned

She had a bad feeling. She didn’t know why, yet this strange feeling in her gut told her otherwise. Something was following her, something dangerous.

Due to this, she kept a close eye around her surroundings, hoping her camera sensors pick up anything moving within the forested area.

But nothing came.

Within the dark corners of her mind, she could feel an underlying fear slowly creeping into her body. The tense silence around her did little to help her case as a slight disturbance was enough to send her into a wild trigger-happy panic.

Her eyes switch back and forth, already finding herself in a small clearing of the forest while the sensation of her fear was escalating.

And immediately stops in mid-step as one of her camera motion sensors picked up something up ahead which seems to be a small but slightly steep hill.


Her body tensed, instinctively shifting her body into her signature battle stance where her legs were slightly bent forward where her 240mm shoulder cannon on her left was pointing at the direction she was facing, her bullpup gun at the ready along with her shield slightly raised.


She swivels to where the noise originated from, her cannon ready to fire a moments notice.


Again, she repeats the same action as before, the tension in her body making her sweat nervously.

Paranoid, she points her cannon left and right frantic, eyes darting one direction to another. Trying to find the culprit following her. Her eyes now filled with fear while her armored body visibly shakes.


Turning to the source, she on impulse fired.

A loud thundering bang of a 240mm Artillery Cannon could be heard going off miles away as the cannon round sails right past the shrubbery and a couple of Pine trees before exploding a good distance away from her.

The explosion was visible as a plume of fire and smoke erupted 80 meters away from her original position.

She stood there, her cannon barrel smoking while she continues to shake from hypertension.

Though slowly, her body soon starts to relax. The shaking in her body gradually fading away thinking she manage to either scare off her stalker or killed it with the shell or explosion.

But she was immediately proven wrong. Something roared. It sounded savage and primal. Her body freezes up, hearing the chilling bloodthirsty savage roar in close proximity.

Out of nowhere, that thing. That monster pops right up into existence in front of her by a meter scaring the daylights out of her with its hideous and grotesque appearance.

She had gotten a brief look at its humanoid face. Instead of a normal human mouth like hers was replaced by tentacles filled with rows of razor-sharp hooks meant for hooking onto and ripping through flesh.

She manages to avoid a full claw too her face as it just barely touch her armored breast-plate throwing out sparks while scratching the paint on her armor.

Landing flat on her arse, she quickly and hurriedly raised her bullpup gun at it.

The creature immediately reacts to her response as if it knew what she was about to do next. It crouched low and dashes off to its right as she fires her weapon in full auto while panicking.

It was fast, seeing how it was capable to keep ahead of her trail of bullets so easily.

Next thing it did was distorting its body a bit and fizzing out of existence completely!

She immediately got back up, frantically pointing in every direction trying to predict where it may come back to attack.

Unfortunately for her, she forgot to look behind as she felt a strong force tackle her to the ground resulting in the loss of her gun as she rolled across the grass and dirt ground before lying on top of her back and restrained by an invisible force.

The creature again reappears before her, up close and personal. Its tentacles now spread wide and open followed by a savage growl emanating from its throat.

She tried to struggle with her Mobile Suit mechanical strength but couldn’t! She was frozen stiff through fear.

She didn’t want to die. Not again. Not after what happened in her first battle. Was this really it? Another failure in her second battle? It tore her emotions into a frenzy replacing them with despair and self-agony.

The only thing she could do was scream and crying out for help at the top of her lungs while the beast pining her to the ground move to claim its reward.

Until it suddenly exploded into a fountain of gore, splattering blood everywhere in a small radius. And coating her entire body with its own bits and pieces of bone, flesh, blood and other bodily fluids.

She did nothing to react to the monster’s sudden death as she kept blankly staring at the dark raining sky, traumatized by the encounter.

What the hell was she even doing? Why did she help that Federation Mobile Suit girl just now?

Those were the question in her head as she kept staring at the smoking tip of her ZMP-120D barrel.

It was minutes ago where her group separated into two with her leading the majority of them to investigate the what her advance sensors picked up only to find themselves on top of a small hill with a steep incline hidden by the thick bushes while further ahead as a small clearing followed by a single feminine armored individual like them though with a different design.

A design she was well familiar with.

It was clear she was Earth Federation but what kind of Mobile Suit was something she had no clue about given the design is similar to a Guncannon which she encountered in the war though less complex.

She signaled her fellow Zakus not to fire but observe the Federation girl which later became to a so-called one-sided with her and some strange but other-worldly creature that disgusted and surprised her at the same time.

She saw how it outran the Federation girl bullets, how it suddenly goes invisible just like that and easily ambushing her and pining the unfortunate but inexperienced girl to the ground.

She didn’t know why, but she felt the sudden urge to help the poor girl as she heard her scream and cried out loudly which lead her to this situation now.

“Captain, why did you helped that Fed?” One of the Zakus asked, confused with her leader’s action. “Wouldn’t it be better to let that thing kill her?”

She had a point. Why did she help her? Was it out of sympathy? Or was it what her piot would’ve done?

She chose the latter, knowing he would have done something like this.

And now she needed an excuse.

“We’re all in the same boat trooper.” She spoke, turning to face the one questioning her recent actions. “Whether you like it or not, we need all the help we can get even if we have to work together.”


“I don’t want to hear it trooper! You are to listen to my orders and I outrank you.” She cut her off, glaring at the Zaku behind her visor. “Now check your mouth. Load up. And get set,” Giving the Zaku’s MMP a harsh push to prove her point. “to shoot anything that tries to kill us all.”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Good.” Looking at the other Zaku Is looking at her, she continues. “Safties off. Remain hidden and keep a lookout for anything, not looking like us. I doubt that thing was alone here. I’m going down there to check on her.”

Before the others could protest, she was already gone and sliding down against the incline of the cliff face before leaping towards the ground and rolling before coming to a stop a few meters away from the immobile Federation MS Girl.

She kept her ZMP-120D low but at the ready while she slowly scans her surroundings for anything hostile.

Reaching to the frozen stiff blood ad gore coated MS girl with a slow pace, she carefully kneels down to her side and lightly taps the helmet’s visor.

“Hello? You alive?”

Akira had received the messages from Indra and amber and was happy to hear the first splice was rather friendly and wanted to contact them. It made Akira smile until he heard the cannon go off making him halt flauros and turn toward the sound. He didn’t know what to make of it…a cannon out here who fired it

“Mr.Indra…cannon fire heading to investigate”

He said softly into his comms as he took a breath and pushed flauros to the cannon shot

The Ghost Reaver sheds its camouflage and heads for the one who fired the artillery shot, giving Indra and his people an exact location of where the blast came from, she heads for it as well, but seeing this strange grouping of people she heads for the small group that just about got hit. She heads in, and signals Indra, “Looks like some of this technology is similar to yours, recommend you meet this first group here.” she tags the location for him, “And I’ll head for the other location.” She tags that too so she can head for the STALKER group.

‘Damn this rain.’ Zwei thought annoyingly.

Currently outside the MRAP under a recently erected tent cover to help keep them dry from the heavy downpour outside. She wasn’t really alone however, that being Barfleur sitting opposite of her direction preparing lunch for the four of them while softly humming a soft tune. The British girl using a survival pack stove pot suspended in the air through a small but simple wooden high bar. Below it was four fireball artifacts stacked like a pyramid slowly heating the pot and its contents above it.

Ever since they made contact of this Solas Tempus organization where there was a chance it could possibly be a hostile one. So while they wait, the four decided the hunker down and set up a temporary camp for them to rest under the heavy downpour. Instead of listening to the soft rain, Verniy decided that it was safe to hook up her Sony Walkman to the MRAP stereo system playing some pre-war music.

Next thing they know, a distant but loud explosion alerted the group forcing them to be slightly alert as of now. Currently Teruzuki as usual was manning the .50 cal acting as sentry for the group despite the rain disrupting her line of sight. Verniy on the other hand was busy with weapons maintenance on her AK-9, cleaning the internals of her assault rifle with her Walkman playing music through the MRAP stereo although in a softer volume loud enough for them to hear.

“You really think we’re not in the Zone anymore?” Barfleur out of nowhere, still stirring the pot contents.

“Hmm? That remains to be seen Barfleur.” Zwei answered, tucking her arms in. “You should know by now that the zone is-.”

“Ever changing. Random. A mind of its own. Wherever you go, it follows you.” Barfleur finished. “Cayde told us that.”

Zwei nodded. Remembering her mentor’s tales of the Zone. It was an old tale passed down to every STALKER in the hostile lands of the Zone. A tale that the Zone has a mind of its own. A entity of sorts. In the past, old governments like the Russian Federation and the United States of America tried to enter the exclusion zone where it first originated. They wanted to understand it first, it’s properties, its power. They wanted to take control of the zone for their own interest. So they send in Special Operation Units via stealth aircraft to secure samples. Only for them to be rejected by the Zone as if it knew their intentions and defended itself by sending waves of Mutants varying of all types, local anomalies ripping apart anyone unfortunate enough to step on them and lastly Emission storms effectively turning anyone caught in the middle of them into mindless husk of their former selves earning the nickname zombies.

“I have a feeling that the zone will spreads its influence here.” Zwei stated wearily before looking at the rain outside. “It’s just a matter of time. So appreciate what’s around us for the meantime.”


And the silence between the two returns once again. Zwei staring at the suspended pot while her wife Barfleur takes out a bottle of what seems to be chili sauce from her cooking satchel and adding a generous amount into the pot before stirring the potatoes, diced onions and sausages inside along with several pinches of salt and pepper. Waiting for the food to be ready soon, the petite German notice Verniy exiting the armored vehicle with her AK-9 holstered.

“Привет.” Verniy greeted. Pulling a ammo box crate over to her so that she can seat.

“Привет.” the two greeted back, still focused on the pot.

“Verniy,” Barfleur spoke up, getting the wolf’s attention. “Is Teruzuki still at the turret?”

“Dah.” The abhuman’s responded with a small nod. “She said she’ll come down once the food is ready.”

“Ah,” A look of understanding. “I see. Well the food it’s going to be done soon, just need a few more minutes.” Barfleur told the others. She could even hear Zwei let out a rather quiet but cute yay in the background which made her smile. Before she could even say anything, Teruzuki shouted out a warning towards them.

“CONTACTS!” Teruzuki bellow out the others, from a distance she could barely see several figures positioning themselves at a small hill nearby to her north. Despite the rain, she could easily tell the shapes of the figure match exactly to a common bandit and merc. She could hear them also shouting back but to their fellow bandits and mercantile which soon followed by flashes of gunfire.

Teruzuki immediately ducks her head down a bit, raising her turret’s shield up a bit as several rifle rounds pinged off the metal armor platings of the turret’s overhead cover sections and front. Seeing the armor protected her head from being blasted into bits and pieces, she responds back with her own that being a hail of .50 BMG tracers. The barrel flares brightly as short burst of several rounds were propelled out of the barrel all visible to the naked eye to see as they sail towards their targets.

Screams of pain and death were heard as the rounds hit their bodies either killing them immediately or blowing one of their limbs off crippling them. Those smart enough, went prone on the muddy floor using the stubby rocks and old logs as cover from the HMG fire. Some pop out from the safety of their bullet cover firing back with their own rifles.

“Shit!” Zwei swore loudly, taking cover behind the MRAP left side as 5.56mm rounds pinged the armor leaving small dents and scratching the black paint. Having finish reloading her HK 416N with a fresh clip, she shifts her position to the front before popping from her cover firing at the hillside hoping to hit one of the bandits. She already forgo her scope since the heavy rain was impeding her aim making it slightly useless in the situation. Normally she would have used the SMAW kept inside the Cougar for this situation in order to spread them out a bit so that they can easily picked off the bandits one by one but sadly that wasn’t the case as the enemy had effectively pinned them where running out of cover was a death sentence to them.

Taking cover again just to avoid a couple of rounds from taking her head off, she takes note of Barfleur and Verniy sharing the same spot as they periodically taking turns as they swap positions to get a shot at the bandits up the hill.

“Their to well covered!” Barfleur shouted over the rain and gunfire.

‘She’s right.’ Zwei thought, given how many times she fired back at the opposition, none of them manage to hit a single target due to the rocky terrain they were hiding behind. Only Teruzuki was doing the most damage by far since she’s manning the M2 Browning but it wasn’t really going to last long thanks their previous fight yesterday. She was shaken out of her thoughts as she felt someone tapped her shoulder. She turns to find Verniy crouching behind her with a M67 grenade in hand. Before she could even respond, Verniy was the first to speak.

“Cover me.” Was all she said before the abhuman’s dashed out of cover forcing Zwei to quickly respond to her request.

“Teruzuki! Suppress them!” She shouted out the Japanese brunette before she stands back up firing wildly at the rocky hill. Fortunately for her, Teruzuki managed to hear what she said just now and did just that, depressing on the trigger periodically sending short but deadly burst at the rocks the bandits and mercs were hiding behind forcing them to take cover else they get hit.

Verniy was now fully exposed to the enemy line of sight, making a short but quick dash not to far away from her vehicle, she pulls the pin of her grenade letting the fuse burn and the lever to fly out. With her arm pulled back, she lobs the small explosive to the hillside, a small smile seeing that the grenade was flight path was towards the opposition’s cover. Before she could even wait and see for the explosion, she felt the force of several sledge hammers hitting the center of her chest until she felt something went into her skin. Immediately pain blossomed on the left side of her chest while the force of several bullets made her stagger backwards hitting a tree before sliding down with her back against it twitching while she all of a sudden felt breathless for some reason.

“VERNIY!!” Zwei yelled out in outright fear and worry. Fear of losing the one she so loved and worry of seeing her took several rounds to the chest until one punch through the Ratnik advance ceramic plate within the vest. She could see Verniy’s body twitch and spasm clearly in pain.

Teruzuki who also witness one of the people she deeply cared and love gunned down like that. She screamed in rage firing the .50 cal in full auto, forgoing short burst to conserve ammo. The M2 Browning roared alongside with scream as its barrel flash and dispensing rounds after rounds within a second filling the area the bandits and Mercs positioned at with tracers which could be seen going side to side hitting everything from surprised mercs and bandits, rocks, logs and trees blowing past their thin trunks resulting the tree to collapse upon the bandits or Mercs forcing them.out of cover and into Teruzuki’s kill box.

Seeing the Bandits and Mercs disorganized and those forced out of their cover get slaughtered by the HMG. Barfleur abandoned her UMP 45, taking the chance to rescue Verniy. Hurriedly, she sprint towards the fallen form of Verniy against the tree, boots hitting puddles of water and mud.

“Verniy!” She shouted out to the downed abhuman, now by her side. The medic of the team could clearly see a sizable bloody hole located on the left side of her upper chest. The abhuman chest was barely rising, her skin slowly becoming pale and her eyes were now glassy and unfocused. Prompted at the current state of her wife, she swiftly grabs hold off the back of Verniy’s load bearing vest and drags her body against the muddy ground to the safety of the group’s Cougar MRAP. Managing to make it through halfway, several rounds almost hit her and Verniy but missed and hit the wet dirt sending small clumps of mud on them.

She yelped in surprise and used her body as a shield to protect Verniy from the bullets that may injure or at worse kill her. Few manage to find their mark but mainly Barfleur. She gritted her teeth forcing down the will to scream out in pain while the ballistic ceramic plating from within stop those rounds from going through.

“Verniy! Barfleur!” Zwei spots another group of bandits and mercs enter the fray responsible for what happened to Barfleur, knowing that their friends call them over to help kill them. She was about to forgo the safety of her bulletproof cover until Teruzuki was ahead of her as the trail.of tracer rounds turns towards the new and exposed group. Though that didn’t stop her.

Zwei steps right out of cover in a crouch stance firing her assault rifle in short controlled burst as Barfleur takes the chance to drag Verniy back to the safety behind the Cougar MRAP.

“Just almost there!” Barfleur panted out. Dragging Verniy past Zwei and back behind the MRAP side. Setting her down, Barfleur started patting Verniy’s cheeks trying to gain an reaction out of the fatally injured abhuman. “Stay with me Verniy! Your going okay alright!”

Swiftly, the British started to unbuckle the straps and velcros of Verniy’s load bearing and ballistic vest fully exposing the injury. With a flick on the side of her helmet, the flashlight attached on the right side of it shines on the wound as she pulls out a first aid. Unzipping the pack, she retrieves what seems to be a small shard of a meat chunk artifact. She was about to position the artifact where it could effectively stop the bleeding up and heal her till Zwei who was now before her and Verniy calls out their name.

“How bad?” Zwei asked. Worry and fear laced in her tone.

Despite her passive face even when under stress-breaking situation, Barfleur could tell that she was on the verge of breaking down seeing someone they both love like this. So she answers.

“Bad. She’s got a punctured left lung, she’s having difficulty breathing and the bullet is most likely stuck somewhere inside her” Barfleur stated, worry evident in her tone and face. “She lost a substantial amount of blood too.”

Before Zwei could even respond, she heard the M2 suddenly stop firing followed up by Teruzuki voice.

“Out of ammo!”

The situation just got worse.

Zwei cursed, seeing that they were nearly out of options here. With a heavy sigh, she quickly grabs hold of her MBITR and dials the frequency knob to an open channel for all nearby to hear.

“THIS IS ZWEI! WE ARE PINNED DOWN AND IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE! SUFFERED A CASUALTY AND OUR TURRET IS OUT OF AMMO! WE ARE SLOWLY GETTING OVERRUNNED BY BANDITS AND MERCS!” She shouted out at the radio hoping that the ‘vessel’ that contacted them would hear her transmission. She suddenly drops her radio as she heard someone shouting in Russian behind her. On instinct, she unholsters her USP Compact pistol from her leg strap on her right and turns back to see a bandit come around the corner with an AK-74U in hand.

Without hesitation, she fires the pistol in quick succession, downing the flanking bandit with several .45 ACPs.