New Guidelines for Character Approval

I have added to the rules of having characters approved. The changes are fairly small, but in the interest of being as playable as possible for everyone (and in fitting into Discord’s own community guidelines), all player characters are to be 16 years old or more unless they have specific approval of a Staff member. To get such an approval will require that the player have an exceedingly good reason, which is left vague on purpose. Staff will make a determination on if a character under 16 helps or hinders the storyline and setting in general for them to be approved as such. A specific note on the wiki page for a player character who is approved for being under 16 years of age should also be made. This should specify who approved the exception as well as why.

Our main goal is to avoid having under-age children characters put into adult and suggestive situations which could either be triggers for some players or just downright offensive to others.

An additional entry is also made for characters who are come kind of clone or copy of a mythological figure. On its base level, this fits in with the rule of original characters, one cannot copy Hercules or Zeus to make a character. There is more gray area here than in judging characters known to be in TV shows or video games since characters of mythology have a lot of change between versions of stories and across their story arc. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re making a character who is based on a mythological figure, to take care to not have the character be that figure.