New Gods & Goddesses

I would like to add some new deities to the Elder Soteria pantheon. The pantheon is one of contradictions, or rather both sides of a given coin.

Right now I’m considering:

  • Laughter and Irony
  • Oration and Silence
  • Music and Cacophony

I’d love thoughts on these or other suggestions.

those are interesting. Maybe add some physical things that are explained? Like light and dark? Mountains and Valleys, Sun and Moon, Sky and Sea? things like that even though only some are contradictions, they are opposites.

You could also have them be multiples, such as there are two deities that are connected to each other in what they control and what they are over (kind of like the muses from greek mythology)

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Just revisiting this, I really like the Light / Dark, Sky / Sea, and Sun / Moon ideas there. Not exactly opposites of course but really good pairings.

Mmh maybe like obsession and apathy? Love and strife? Harmony and dissonance? Mindfulness and dissassociation?

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Local gods of an area are also a good idea
As are regional gods and gods of things like childbirth and the home

That isn’t something I had considered, local gods. I will have to look into that.

Oh those are some interesting ideas, especially like Obsession and Apathy. Excellent!

I’ve got 3 distinct deities added to develop:

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