New Event, the Borg Invasion is coming!

There is a lot in the Schatten System that the Borg want! And they are not afraid to come and get it. The recent introduction of a highly advanced Drone to the system has attracted their attention, and unknown to anyone in the system right now - they are coming.

This is basically going to serve as a notice for those who want to participate to please sign up with a staff member as soon as possible, include what times and days would be good for you to be able to join. No time and day has yet been scheduled for this RP. As such, things are wide open. We are going to do our best to have parts of the event for all players, even those who are less inclined to combat. The Borg are a fearsome foe, and are going to have new adaptive abilities!

If anyone has any suggestions for play, please notify a staff member or start a new thread in #phoenix-nebula.