New Blood Joins This Earth

This story is to explain why I redrew this Fallen’s face and to have him be closer to DtM fallen

Bobby was always a loser. He knew it, his teachers knew it, hell even his parents knew it. His grades at school were horrid, he hung out with the wrong crowd, he was headstrong but lacking in smarts or instincts. By the time he was 22 he was a two bit wannabe mafioso who was actually just a soldier boy for one of Chicago’s street gangs. He blows all his money on parties, drugs, and hookers.

One fine night in Chicago he and two of his buddies were walking the streets when they stumbled across a most peculiar sight. A middle-aged man in an expensive looking suit had just exited an alley. They approached the man smirking and pulling out their Glocks. “Hey, fuck face! You’re in the wrong neighborhood don’t you think?”

The man in the suit unbeknownst to them was the fallen angel Mastema. He turned to the group and spoke in an almost mechanical manner. “If you want to rob me don’t, I have nothing valuable on me.”

One of Bobby’s friends replies “Like hell you don’t! Now empty your pockets and you might leave here alive!”

However Mastema didn’t do as they said, he merely stood there looking at them with the most dispassionate look ever. The idiots got impatient and one of them punched him in the gut. Mastema kneeled over, he had become as fragile as a human after his capture and binding but he didn’t care. Bobby however was loosing his nerve, the encounter had barely begun but he didn’t want some rich prick to recognize him and get his ass sent to jail. So in a moment of cowardice and panic he aimed his pistol at Mastema’s head and fired.

In an instant Mastema’s body died and he was free once more. He had to work fast to find another body before he was dragged back into the abyss. He did see however that there was a body with a threadbare connection to it’s soul. Without hesitation he moved to it and severed the human soul’s connection to the body and entered it to make it his own. He awoke in a dingy apartment with a needle in his arm. He removed it and got up walking to the bathroom mirror. Once he reached it he gave a look of slight surprise. The body he had found belonged to the man that killed him, Robert Mason. Sure enough Robert’s memories where mixed in with his. Mastema sighed, and went to clean his new form up. After he did he put on Robert’s only decent outfit, something reminiscent of prohibition era mobsters and left to roam the streets of Chicago.

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Mastema walked the streets again after leaving Saevae, he thought on what the werewolf told him. He wasn’t one to fuss about how he gather faith from mortals but he always reasoned that having a steady source was better than hunting for it. He went to his old neighborhood and walked around he was sure to find someone he can use. The poor were almost always very religious.

He found a good target, a drug addict in the midst of a drug trip. He approached ready to reap some faith but a voice in the back of his head repeated a single phrase ‘help him’. He chocked and hid from view. Robert was proving to be a very strong source of morality for him. He usually scared them to reap.

Frustrated and not caring how he obtained his faith he decides to comply with this urge. He regains his composure and approaches the man again appearing as a flaming angel before him. The man panics and falls to his knees. Mastema speaks before the man “tell me child why do you poison yourself? Your body is your temple to God and yours has been neglected. Turn away from this sin and seek to better your life!”

Then man mumbles an affirmative, now trembling. Mastema tells him to leave, which the man does in a hurry. He doesn’t know if this will be a positive change for the junkie but mastema hopes it will. For now though he has more faith and feels a lot more secure. He continues his pattern of ‘divine revelation’ within his old town until he has had his fill. Leaving to his apartment once more.

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