New Beginnings (Amber / Dalton)

There is another RP currently involving Amber, that takes place after this RP.

With everything that was going on, she had honestly forgotten about that conversation with Dalton ages ago. Still, she had been meaning to go see him on the surface. The people under his command were happy enough with their work, so he seemed to be able to run the place well. She knew almost nothing about him though, and had decided - on a whim - to go and fix that. Heading down to Nysa, she went around to his office and straightening out her uniform she put on a nice smile and knocked on the door.

A muffled voice from inside of the office called out. “Come in.” Several moments later, the door would open up and she would be greeted by the sight of Dalton working on some datawork, looking slightly annoyed. Looking up, his expression would shift to a much happier one upon noticing her. “Hey Amber. Certainly haven’t seen you in a while.”

She looked down just a hair, “I know, I’ve been busy.” she looked back up again and enters his office, closing the door behind her, “Are you busy?”

“Quite alright.” He chuckled in the slightest, putting down his datapad and leaning back on his chair as he looked up at her, “At the moment? Not really. Just some tedious datawork, that’s all. How’ve you been?”

She sits on the edge of his desk, light and casual in the motion, “Busy, for the most part. They’ve got me doing a lot of research.” she shrugs, “I don’t mind it so much, but I do wish I could get off the station or out of the system more.”

He doesn’t seem to mind, still sitting down as he observed her. “Mmm. I feel ya. If I’m not in the field doing stuff, it’s either taking a small break at Finnegans or doing datawork.” Dalton slightly raised an eyebrow at the mention of research, “You allowed to say what that research might be, perhaps? Or is it classified?” A slight joking tone is present.

She thinks about this for a few minutes, “Well, the most I should say is that we’re trying to figure out where some artifacts may have ended up.” she shrugs a bit, “It’s pretty dry stuff right now, but if we find them I hope they send me out for retrieval, that is where things can get interesting.”

He nods in agreement with her statement. “Fieldwork is usually fun and exciting. Usually.” He pondered for a bit, before speaking up again. “Any artifacts sound particularly noteworthy?”

She shakes her head, “It is impossible to say until we find one. Most artifacts are just, trinkets, old pieces of history.” she shrugged a bit, “But some rare ones aren’t, some come with unusual properties. If they are left for the unawares, they cause problems.”

“I see then. Shit could cause a problem if left in the hands of those unaware…” He grabbed his PADD for a moment, thinking, before speaking up. “So uh… anything else going on recently that’s caught your attention?”

She grins, “Well,” and she leans in, “You have.” she winks at him and just sits back in the chair to let him respond to that. She liked to see if she could fluster a man doing things like that. Hell, she liked to fluster just about anyone, especially someone in power.

She did get her fluster from him, if only for a few seconds, before Dalton returned to his regular demeanor, now sporting a small smirk. “Well then, certainly quite forward of you. Mind telling me why you’re interested?” A hint of playfulness was undoubtedly laced in the statement as he shifted in his chair.

She smiled at having gotten him off kilter a bit for a moment, “Does a girl have to have a reason?” she answered, just as playfully as he’d asked. There was just enough of a hint of seriousness in the delivery, a bit on the dead-pan side of comedy.

“Depends on the situation really. But not in this case, I think.” He smiled in the slightest, his words still having that edge of humor.

She took this in, and just smiled, “Good, then I win. When are you going to pick me up for dinner?”

Dalton looked at the current time on his PADD. “2000 today (Soterian time) sound good for you? Any other time works though.”

She winks at him, “That works fine for me.” and she leans in and tells him where her quarters are, “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Dalton listened to her, “Well, certainly something to look forward to tonight.” He grinned, quite happy, “So anything else you might possibly need at the moment?”

She smiles and turns, “Not yet anyway.” before she heads out of his office. Looking at the time, she had plenty of time to get ready.

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A few hours later, Nysa was quite quiet, and Dalton was nowhere to be found in his office. Having beamed up to the station after preparing for dinner, he strolled around before coming upon Amber’s quarters. Clearing his throat, he knocked twice.