Need Some Plot Help... (Sunn / Arianna RP)

I started this role play with @TheChubbyGamer in #embers-of-soteria, but I’m a little stuck on the plot, here is what I have so far, any comments would be appreciated. Ideally I’d like to have Sunn and perhaps some others go on a quest for information that helps lead into the main plot.

Help from the @CreativeTeam would be appreciated.


The Fates appear in the forest to discuss what is happening in the words. As is their way, they cannot agree on what to do in order to shape events of the world and thus are at a stalemate and thus come to the conclusion, the fate of the world must be decided by the hand of a mortal. Leaving this up to chance, they wait for someone to naturally come across them.

Sunn comes across the trio and thus he is chosen by the Fates to be the hand that can reshape the world.

Arianna appears out of nowhere at the Radiant Spring, somehow her pendant (the Musae Custodi) ends up off of her neck and hanging from the branch of a tree. Sunn is leaving the Fates and comes across the pendant hanging from the tree and hears Arianna at the spring, bathing.

Arianna cannot remember where she has come from or how she got there. In fact, it is total mystery on both of those. She remembers only her name and, of course, can perform any function that she already knew how to do but cannot remember anything else.

Plot Line

Arianna is a cursed spirit taken human form. She used the pendant to lock away her memories of her entire life after her family was killed in a fire that she inadvertently started. After doing so and being unable to remember who she was or where she would go, she ended up wandering the woods and died of exposure. She passed into the other world with pendant intact as it was part of her death and bound to her until released.

As the barrier between worlds thinned she was able to break through, but in the moral world she cannot retain her memories and is doomed to a similar fate, unless someone can break her free of it.

If the pendant is released and returns her memories, she will be able to tell everyone vital things about what is going on in the world and potential ways to protect the town.

Okay so what i understand is that in this plot Sunn is to reshape the world and that Arianna is a key in the puzzle. I have a few suggestions
!. her memories serve as the start of the quest, as in they inform Sunn of a horrid fate that might befall the town and the rest of reality and serve as the catalyst for the quest. this can be modified so that Arianna is the thing they must stop after she remembers what evil things she was going to do.
2.Her memories offer a key to completely stopping it, as you suggested that she has vital information to stop what is going on and ala star wars the message is incomplete and the main portion of the quest is to find a way to unlock the full message.
3. The memories are part of a larger mechanism, like a mixture of 1 and 2 but in this case her memories are part of a mysterious spell or ritual or mcguffin that the heroes must piece together. It could start with incomplete memories and by the end not only do they find a way to bring them back fully but the complete memories offer some final part to whatever thing is needed to stop the imminent doom.

I think though that whatever the case Sunn would have to be forced into a decision with Arianna, maybe the memories she bears are too great and she wants to forget even if it means forgetting Sunn. Maybe remembering leads her to a personality shift that Sunn doesn’t like. There is also the case of Med’s plot to have members of Sunn’s tribe form a nihilistic cult, it might be interesting if they are a part of this as well, one of the obstacles needing to be overcome. At the very least it might make for some good drama with Sunn.

Yeah, I was thinking something similar, but trying to decide on the kind of… Well, kind of what has to be done so that Sunn can understand what has happened to her and then take corrective action. I don’t know, so far I’m not feeling a real thread of inspiration - perhaps I’ve started too many outlines for things, I have several going.

Well then if the pendant has been found it can start there, have the pendant have either weird properties or have a old near forgotten language that can spark the beginning. Alternatively it could just start out with him trying to puzzle out her backstory and in the course someone with a more mystic persuasion could get in and bump Sunn in the right path. Also it could be that there are still legends about what happened with Arianna’s family and he starts there.

Well this is the pendant:

Musae Custodi - Solas Tempus DB

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