Need a Supernatural AWOL Agent - DEAD

I’m developing a story for Angelic Sins where Lance Thomas is chasing a runner (see Chasing a Runner - Brainstorming to help brainstorm the plot).

I need someone to play a supernatural agent who is running from the US government. Specifically, they escaped from the Ad Undas in Los Angeles which the Angelic Sins version of Lance Thomas commands. The base is a “last chance” facility, that is they get the operatives, agents, and experiments which the US Government can no longer to control. It is Lance’s job to rehabilitate them into useful assets again or terminate them.

Conditions on the base are good, people are treated well, fed well, and go through training to overcome their difficulties – they are little more than prisoners there otherwise. The base itself is situated deep underground.

For additional notes see the Military and Supernaturals post to the Infinite Codex. The basic idea is that the US Government experiments on supernaturals and people trying to make the perfect soldier, spy, pilot, you name it. There is a concerted effort by the US (and other) military organizations to weaponize the supernatural creatures. They use supernatural DNA to splice human-supernatural hybrids often, which causes severe psychological trauma. For more information about the project which creates the assets that Lance is eventually supposed to deal with see The Contingency Plan page on the Wiki, which describes the history of the movement.

I know this is a lot, but this is also a great opportunity to flesh out more of the story and play a unique character that could very well become a regular character. Do not assume that just because I play Lance Thomas that the agent will be captured. There are a lot of people in Chicago and elsewhere who may want to see Lance Thomas taken down a notch. All things will be on the table!

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