Necromancer BBEG Notes

She is attempting to design the perfect resurrection of life. She believes that if she can cure death that there will be no need for violence of any kind. That humankind will see that violence is truly pointless when no one can ever die. In her mind she will succeed and whens he does, she will finally be vindicated and finally be able to reclaim her whole family. There is no price too high in this pursuit as the entire world will kill itself if she fails.


She’s angry and delusional. While she has an impressive capacity for empathy her delusions of saving the world completely block her from seeing any of the pain and harm she causes. She’s a charismatic and passionate speaker. Her anger and passion are a dangerous thing in a world of hard truths. She is entirely single minded and obsessed with her end goal. She feels utterly and wrongly persecuted for her beliefs and is entirely and completely secure in those beliefs though she desperately wants to be understood for the hero she is trying to be.

An incredibly intelligent woman she has incredible potential for good and evil. Unfortunately her delusions about the world have made her obsessed and utterly blind to suffering she causes or that gets in her way.


She truly enjoys the written word, reading and writing her own short stories. As a child she would sing to her mother, to this day she sings to the memory of her mother to hold herself together and push forward.

Professionally she was found to have a strong affinity for healing, alchemy, herbalism, and conjuration. Her specialty at the Academy was in healing specifically but she was also granted permission by the elders to study blood magic for the purposes of expanding her understanding of the essence of life.


She was born in Caer Diase, a city at the southern peninsula of the Kingdom of Neskar. She was a rising star at the Academy of Mystic Arts where, graduating at the top of her class with a speciality in healing. Though the War of the False Prophets raged on she was branded a traitor for refusing to fight and help kill people. A strong believer in peace, she and her entire family were forced into hiding, something she now regrets as being weak and short-sighted.

Her father was a soldier himself and died in the war when she was still at the Academy. While in hiding from the Royal Guard her mother and siblings were killed by soldiers who found their small hut in the marshlands while she herself was away gathering wood and what small amounts of food she could find. When she returned she found her family had been brutally killed, the children were tied up and their bellies sliced open, it was clear it took them hours to die. Her mother was still breathing though had been so badly beaten she could not speak. The image of her mother’s eyes haunts her and always will.

Though an accomplished healer, one of the best in fact, she had to rely on sheer power and strength to try and heal her mother. It failed as she didn’t have the proper materials or equipment to make much of a difference. This broke her entirely and she turned to even more ancient and arcane arts, Blood Magic. Opening her own veins she used every ounce of her own strength to try to bring her mother and brother / sister back from the dead. In her mind she could see them, getting up, healed, and being a family again. Only that would make up for her failure, her utter and complete failure.

She succeeded, for a few moments. Having enough time to restore life to her mother and siblings she thought for just that one fleeting moment that she was vindicated. The magic quickly ran out and left them as undead. Now attacked by her undead family she defended herself and destroyed them. In the bloody corpses she laid and it was there that she realized the truth.

The Great Renewal had been right in what had to be done but wrong in how they did it. The new life they sought was not the death of the old it was rebirth. Rebirth and resurrection. She had seen it, done it, for a few brief moments she had seen the truth. She wasn’t a healer, no she was a savior. She was chosen, chosen to save the world from itself. No one would stop her. She had to save everyone, all she needed was to understand death so she could formulate the perfect resurrection. She could end all war, all poverty, all hate, and all anger by ending death itself.

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