Necromancer BBEG Brainstorm

So, to really get going on this Necromancer plot, need to write up the character of the big bad evil guy (BBEG) evil necromancer. I really have nothing in my mind about this as the plot was originally come up with for @Dasfier and now that @TheChubbyGamer has joined in with a character I would love to get some opinions.

The biggest two question is… What does he want and how does he plan to get it?

I have my necromancer currently raising the dead for some BBEG that could be your necromancer.

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Can you give the people here a summary of what’s been going on with the BBEG up until this point? Or are we starting from scratch on this?

Well, not entirely from scratch… He/she (I’m open to this being a woman) will be very old, since before the Peace of Ages. Probably stayed alive by stealing life from others but not sure what shape that would take yet. I think they would be cruel, but not sure about motivations. I’d love for them to be not just the bad-person but have more dimension than that.

The first thing I would like to try to answer is about who the Necromancer is serving and what do they ultimately want? I always think back to Sonic the Hedgehog and how no one has any idea what Dr. Robotnik actually wanted with capturing all those animals. My recent plot with evil returning to the forest is also a good example. To make a compelling antagonist, I want to know why.

I’d really appreciate any thoughts on that.

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