Nearby Troubles (Open Ended)

Anyone is welcome to join this RP thread.

Throughout the town of Whiterage, talk has been about news from a caravan that passed through recently. The caravan passing through itself wasn’t unusual, they passed through the time once every few months, going from the Dandlestone Fortress up to the Stowerling Citadel. Most of it was what was traded was news, by word of mouth. The caravan, in this case, was on its way back from the citadel heading toward the fortress to the south. Whiterage was at a good spot, for the caravan would travel by boat from the fortress, then switch to going over land to follow the Savage River north. The townsfolk would buy various and assorted goods, mostly things they could not find locally like spices and exotic herbs. Occasionally bits of jewely and other trinkets were bought, sold, or traded for different things of the same.

News was what everyone waited for though. Every single person in town was eager to hear what was going on in the outside world. Further, the news was grim, which made it on everyone’s mind and thus everyone’s tongue as well. Most of the news, in this case, was related to Realm of Froqua to the south of the fortress. Technically the Dandlestone Fortress was the northern-most output of Froqua.

Apparently, Umbral Passages were becoming more and more common, though most were not so nice as the ones that had appeared here. Many groups of nasty monsters and creatures that had not been seen since before the Peace of Ages were popping up through many forests and marshes / swamps of the peninsula. Not much was known about the deep south-west jungles, but contact had been largely lost. Even the caravan itself, which usually travelled through there regularly, had not been able to pass through the jungles for fear of being attacked.

Smal pygmy-like creatures had been sighted there, traveling in massive groups would attack any traveller they saw, and while one was easy enough to kill, by the time you’d done so 50 would be on you. Further, tales of lost loved ones coming back to life were becoming more common, these tales never ended well. Even a benevolent loved one could seem to turn on their former family within a short period of time and begin to seek to spill the blood of the living. Further, it was even told that the rulers of Froqua had declared that once a body was passed it was to be burned and the ashes scattered over wide areas or dumped into the sea. It was known that one of the major lords had been lured out of his keep into the swamp by the ghost of his long dead wife, she beckoned him and when he reached her, a demon was said to have risen out of the mists of the swamp and yanked on some kind of etherial leash and pulled the woman - and the man himself - down into the swamp never to be seen again.

The town was worried, and they were beginning to segregate, are the newcomers here to help or are they a curse? There was very little in between any longer.

When this RP starts out for anyone, we will start it with the townsfolk asking the character for help, insight, protection, expecting that character to have answers. Of course the character has done, and thus drama and RP ensues.

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