NaNoWriMo - 2018


So, it is National Novel Writing Month of 2018, the idea is to write as much as one can for the month of November and get a novel out of it. The writing doesn’t have to be the next great American work but considering 50 Shades of Grey was a best seller with a movie, neither does anything else. Here is the thread for the Molten Aether NaNoWriMo.


This is a collective writing from everyone here. Characters need not be approved, this isn’t role play. This is an effort to combine our creative talents and make something new. Anyone on the server may post the next part of the story. To participate, simply hit the reply button to the last post and write picking up where the last author left off.

Respect & Thoughtfulness

Since many of our players have not done a collaborative writing project before, some guidelines. Do not undo someone else’s writing in your post without saying something first to the person who wrote it. Feel free, however, to mess with your own contributions to the writing. Do not write maliciously; that is don’t write to try to back another author into a corner or write them or their contributions out of the story. Basically, treat the other authors how you’d like to be treated.

Finally, Awards

This writing project comes with an award! The person who contributes the most to this project will get a $25 gift card from me, personally, paid for our of the server’s Patreon fund. The 2nd highest contributor will get a $10 gift card from me, also paid for our of the server’s Patreon fund.

More Information

Please refer to this announcement for more information and feel free to contact me personally for any additional information.

NaNoWriMo 2018
Awards & Prizes

It was a dark and stormy night, the rain beat down on the blacktop running in rivulets and rainbow-colored water as it washed away the remnants of summer’s oil spills and other pollution that had built up when the sun would bombard the city with more heat than it knew what to do with. The smell of the wet pavement mixed with the smell of the wet canopy, the sound of the water running over the side of the gutters nearby and hitting the concrete sounded like eggs frying and if he closed his eyes Edger could almost smell breakfast. Of course, there was no breakfast and Edger was huddled under the canopy hoping the police wouldn’t walk by and roust him from his spot for the night.

The church had given him a clean coat and boots the previous night when he stopped into the soup kitchen. He had smiled at the robust blond woman who had given him an extra roll with his soup too, she said he didn’t have to hide it but he put it in his coat anyway. He’d gotten to the shelter too late that night to get a bed, but that was ok, people stole his stuff when he went there he knew they did even though they tried to tell him he had everything that he came in with. The pastor that ran the shelter was a nice man though, not like the one on the other side of town where the old man who ran it was nasty and hit him if he was too loud.

Edger fell asleep slowly under the canopy, clutching his pocket with the roll in it. As he drifted off to sleep, he sighed softly, at least he was dry and he had something for breakfast. In his sleep, he remembered things that he could never quite remember during the day, bright lights… A city that flew, a place where people didn’t go hungry, and a job to do, a purpose, that he never quite could remember but he knew it was there, somewhere. He knew he was supposed to be doing something important.


As edger dreamt, a lovely dream would come to him… Something many year’s of hiding away would never let him have.

A long field, stretching for miles, where he couldn’t see the end, only mountain’s… Tall grass, and the beautiful moon. The twelve zodiac sign’ed rested in the sky, glowing very lightly… Four bright with unimaginable color’s, and his… Aquarius… Beginning to glow a beautiful lilac.
Soon, a figure cloaked in a long white dress, with a blue cloak, lined with gold, and beautiful detail began to walk to him, hood up. The moon’s ray’s overlayed their body, as they walked to him…“Edgar… Your time will soon come. Rise up, and take control of your life… If you are ever to make it free from your incoming doom…”

He honestly did not know how to feel, as the figure’s hand rested out to him, something told him to take it… As soon as his fingers touched her’s, the sky erupted a bright white light, that transcended to grey, then black… He found himself laying in a bed, a figure similar to the women he saw before lay in the chair nearby. Long black hair. She wore a short white dress, with a black jacket on. His thing’s rested on the bedside drawer, and there seemed to be food for whenever he would awaken.


The police car was making it’s second trip around the block now. As long as it was raining they wouldn’t get out of the car. They never got out of the car when it was raining just to pull the homeless guy off the street, but the rain had let up a bit. The patrol car was usually one of the cars assigned a rookie, it was a boring route for most but it provided a good overview on things that a patrol cop might have to deal with. So the car stops with a soft squeak of the breaks, the doors open and then shortly after close.

The sounds penetrated the dream, like an unwelcome invader, slicing into the placid and comfortable reality. Sitting up in the bed, and the woman’s voice was all wrong as she approached and tapped his head, “Hey, wake up buddy,” said a man’s deep voice coming out of the woman’s mouth. He looked confused for a moment and then his eyes saw the world around him and the fleeting dream was gone. Looking at the cop who was using his night stick to tap his head lightly. Edgar nodded at the cop and began to get up, slipping on the wet cement of the sidewalk, then getting up again and starting to walk in the cold night.

He didn’t say a word to the cops, it wasn’t his first rodeo, and the older cop, the one who was training the rookie, he got mean real fast if one of the street people (as he called the homeless) got uppity and didn’t respect their place on the food chain. Somewhere in the back of his mind Edgar knew this was wrong, this shouldn’t be. In his mind he had the fleeting notion that something had to be done, but he just shuffled on down the street.


The police had noticed something odd as they made the round’s again after getting the man off the streets.
A woman, wearing white with a cloak and hood on began to roam the streets. They tried to stop and ask her where she was from, where she needed to go, and if they could help… The girl seemed to be just barely a young adult, the appearance of someone maybe 18. She did not speak to them and instead began to walk away.

They followed her for a while until she stumbled upon Edgar. “Edgar. Come with me.” She spoke. As he turned around, he saw the woman. From his dream’s. He was in shock, but she took him by the arm and entered a nearby hotel. She set him in a chair, “Please wait here…” And she went to the front desk. She talked to a man named David, running the hotel. After a little while, she’d managed to pay for a room in the hotel despite being fully booked. don’t question her logic

Edgar was in awe as she led him to the room. “Who… Who are you.” He asked, in his rough voice.
“My name. Is Irelia. But it is not important now.” Irelia spoke. She opened the door, and it was the same as the dream. For a moment, he thought he might be going crazy. Everything was happening so fast, he didn’t know what exactly to think.


The man, David, thought how nicely he’d scored when she came and offered him the cash for the room. He had a few reservations that he could cancel, since they were unpaid and the card had declined. Besides, this wasn’t the nicest hotel in the world. So while she handed over the envelope of cash for him, he just slipped it into his back pocket and got her set up with keys after a short stint typing at the computer. He didn’t ask why she wanted to get a room so badly but; it wasn’t his business anyway and if she was doing something strange then he’d have to do something about it. So he just took the money and got her a room. His lucky day.

They went off to the room and Edgar followed speechless, well… No, that wasn’t accurate, he was talking, mumbling. It was hard to hear what he was actually trying to say but he seemed to be talking to himself about how confusing this all was, having a slight argument with himself about it. Irelia brought him to the room, the beautiful woman guided him into the room and then while he mumbled to himself, she continued to talk to him; “You aren’t alone Edgar.” she said and just as he was about to reach out for her – she was gone, and he was alone in the room. Waking up as if time had skipped; he didn’t feel as groggy as he usually did, he was shaven, naked as the day is long, but shaved and clean in a bed.

That was the first thing that set off his memory, Irelia, he remembered her bringing him to the hotel; but that was a dream wasn’t it? He looked around the room and folded nearly on the other bed were clothes that were not his. Walking over to them, he saw that they were new, still having tags on them. This was all so strange, he stood there, not sure what to do. Then it was different again – the room was a mess, alcohol bottles everywhere, the smell of booze and sex in the air, a young girl was naked half on and half off the bed, hair tangled and in a mess with a white dress on the floor near her.

Edgar freaked out and started to head for the door when, the door wasn’t where he remembered it… The door was different, he turned and the room was empty. Then as his world began to fall apart, he realized the carpets were green, they were brown before. Then it was changing too fast, he was in bed… No, he was by the window… Then he was in an apartment on the couch… Then he was in the street… Then he was… And it was going by too fast, he didn’t know what was real, and that was the last thing before it all went black.

When he woke up; his head hurt… Reaching up, he couldn’t bare to open his eyes, and he felt a bandage on the back of his head, touching it produced vomit inducing pain and so, he did vomit; his guts spewing out of him but someone had a trash can nearby. Then he heard footsteps approaching, still he didn’t dare open his eyes.