Named the Gunk / Gluck

I really didn’t want to create a wiki page named “Gunk” or “Gluck”, so I went ahead and named the crud. It is now called Malitae. I’ve got a few images up of how I see the substance right now. I will fully admit that may change. Right now I see it as some cross between a slime-mold and semi-liquid dirty tar. It’s grainy, oily, black shit that moves on its own either in small rivulets that form spider-like trails or en masse.

When it animates a dead body the substance fills the body and covers any damage to the body with itself, similarly for technology it covers ports or data cards and the like to interface with it.

I haven’t decided what to do with it some of the properties yet, at least not exactly. I know that to operate within a humanoid world it would prefer to take over and use a humanoid body or form. I’m thinking this is going to have something to do with needing to use the senses of a person or some such. I am toying with an idea that I read in Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour books, which told about an entity called Lasher that was essentially a ghost but it goes into detail that the ghost could only really properly interact with its surroundings if it possessed someone. This was mostly due to perception issues, without a human body it could not really hold onto a single place or moment.

I’m still thinking about the details.

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