Mysterious Door Antagonist Notes

These are the notes for the antagonist entity in the Mysterious Door plot.

Instead of making this a character itself I’m thinking it is a type of rare creature.

These creatures are often associated with some kind of phantom door which appears seemingly without reason. The door does not attract the attention of most people, rather it attracts the attention of troublemakers, those unhappy or restless with the status quo. Such individuals are drawn to the door, it calls to them to open it.


They are intensely obsessed with order, believing fully that every creature has a place and every creature should stay in that place. They abhor alternations in what they consider the order of the universe. In their belief the universe hinges on order and failure to enforce it will cause the universe to unravel and creation to be destroyed. Thus they seek to enforce this order.

Logical to a point though endlessly pragmatic toward the completion of its goals. It is a true believer in what it does, and does not consider what it does to be harmful or evil. It will attempt to avoid harming those who are not targets if it can but will harm others as a last resort. They are ruthless and will continue to pursue a target until they can eradicate that target, seeking to inspire true feer at stepping out of the mundane and into the unknown, exploration of the unknown violates their sense of order.

Their ultimate goal is to punish the troublemakers who disrupt the natural order of the universe. They are not picky, attracted to manifest in places of unrest, confusion, and enforce their ideas of order through fear. Their victim will be pursued and savagely killed or the creature may choose to take the person back into their own realm to be converted. When it kills it takes a souvenir to mark the death before it travels back to the door. Once through the door after its task is complete, the door vanishes.

Origins / History

The creatures were originally created as golems to serve as guardians to an order of wizards who studied and traveled the planes. Their original purpose was to protect the order itself through protection of their members. They would act as bodyguards and record keepers some thousands of years ago. The name and origin of the wizards who created them has been lost to time but it is known that they were some of the first to pioneer the magic associated with planar travel and in the creation of pocket dimensions.

Enamored with their masterpieces of creation the wizards began to experiment with making their creations stronger. Tapping into the Dark Aether the wizards hubris was their downfall. They violated the natural order once in creating living beings out of nothing and again when they tried to tap the darkest and most powerful plane they could, and lost control. Killed by their own creations for the very act of creating them. The energy from the Dark Aether gave the golems an understanding of death and killing.

The creatures exist in pocket dimensions, though not all the same one they have a similar look and feel. An enclosed system of caves with no way to the surface except the door, which the creature itself will bind to a particulate place. Within the caves are those the creature has captured and intends to convert as well as souvenirs of those it has killed.


  • Any Spell – Ability to cast nearly any spell they are exposed to from just seeing it. Though they do not think in terms of spells, they will only use magic sparingly.
  • Brute Force – They understand the physical limits of the world and are skilled in the use of brute force to break through barriers, hurt / kill people, and other such tasks. This is their primary way of overcoming obstacles.


They possess an intimate understanding of the Aether and how it flows / behaves.

  • Tireless – They never tire in their pursuit of a goal or target.
  • Conversion – Can convert a person to one of their kind given time and the person is in their pocket dimension.
  • Amplified Strength, Durability, & Dexterity – They can draw from local Aether nearly unlimited amounts of energy to strengthen themselves in various ways. They can become stronger, faster, and more durable by drawing in Aether even if they must tap into alternate planes.
  • Innate Tracking – They possess the innate ability to track and find their given target at any distance.
  • Aether Absorption – They can absorb the energy of incoming Aether (spells, both magical and psionic in origin) to enhance themselves with.


There are two ways to destroy the creature.

  • Destroy the keystone / source of power that maintains its pocket dimension.
  • Complete and total physical destruction of the creature itself.

Destroying the Keystone

Each pocket dimension has a keystone in place at its center. This is protected by the creature at all times and it will know if someone has invaded its realm. The keystone is an artifact, usually a stone or crystal which is covered in powerful runes. These runes establish the heart of the pocket dimension and maintain it. To destroy the keystone it must be obtained and taken from the pocket dimension to the material plane.

Once in the material plane it can be destroyed by mentling the object, which requires it be heated to an excess of 1300 degrees celsius. Even melted the keystone will retain its power and as it cools resume its original shape. To destroy it, it must be allowed to mix with molten rock and elemental Earth magic can then be used to diffuse the object into the rock and break the magic.

After the keystone is destroyed the pocket dimension will collapse and everything in it will be destroyed. The creature itself will also die within a matter of minutes.

Complete Physical Destruction

Since the creature cannot be rendered unconscious and is able to draw energy from other planes and the local Aether to sustain itself and make itself stronger, faster, and more durable destroying the creature is exceedingly difficult. If even a grain of sand of the creature remain intact it can regenerate, drawing from the power of its pocket dimension and other sources to do so.

The only way to destroy the creature is to cut it off from flows of Aether and from accessing other planes for energy. Once this is done the creature can be whittled down and damaged like any other. It is ability to absorb and use Aether means that most spells do not have the ability to harm it for long.

If the creature is physically destroyed to such an extent that nothing remains the door itself will fuse shut and the pocket dimension will collapse, destroying everything inside.