My God Damn Procrastination

I’m just going to keep this beginning to the point then go into detail. Shortly: My procrastination has gotten way too far out of hand

I’ve been dealing with procrastination for a while. But never have I experienced it his badly. The moment this goes up I have a months worth of missing work for school, and I’m slowly failing all of my classes because of how much I spend doing everything BUT doing my work, abd RPing has taken up most of that said time. I’m sure you can see where this is going… I’m not going to be able to RP for a looooong while.

The thing about my procrastination is, I have struggled for a good 2 years to make it stop and discipline myself to do my work. But it mever fucking worked. I’ve told myself over and over to do my damn work, but at this point my mind has nulled it all out and considered it nothing more than annoying ring to me. It’s gotten WAY too out of hand recently and I need to fix it all

I’m sorry @JumpingScript but I won’t be able to attend the Borg Invasion Plot
I’m sorry @thatotakugalaxy but I won’t be able to attend the Dren abandoing BU plot
I’m sorry @darktrooper501 @Navaruk and Chanree but I won’t be able to continue with you guys on the murder plot
I’m sorry @cyclops but the EoS story plot will have to be put on hold for a long time, or someone will have to take Sunn’s place
And I deeply apologize to everyone on the server for any plots I’m in that I didn’t mention here, but from when this post goes up, most likely 1-2 months, I won’t be able to RP

I will be leaving the BU Discord and if I ever ask anyone to give me the invite link, don’t. Just don’t. And I will be deleting my Discord app on my phone. On my computer I’ll be watched so I’ll be restricted of that

So this will be my final message to all of you for a while. And while I would normally cry over everything, my procrastination just feels like a staple in my life, so it all feels blank to me. That’s how bad it’s gotten

I’m sorry, and please forgive me for my now to be absence

-Marshal Dworniczak
Medivh in MS Paint / The Chubby Gamer

Farewell good warrior. May you seek victory in your quest. We hope you return. And most of all, I salute you

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