My first wings lost ~Alema "Blue 5"

Interesting thing how fast things happen
I was just blasting few TIE/F of my sky
But then my ear heard something i didn’t liked
Loud whislte
Then i noticed Ground coming close fast
Alarms in cockpit blazing
In one second i went from killing into dying prey
I’m gonna miss life

Engineless x-wing, that turned dark from hits of quad laser canon of corvette, missing both S-foils from torpedo hittore through tree line impacting ground, R2 droid head landed nearbly. That was her first combat mission and ahe got ahoot down fast, in 2nd attack run

She felt bad, but was happy to survive.

Alema, an rebel pilot climbed out of cockpit after smashing broken glass into pieces with one hit, shards fallen stright on her face covered by hands.

Her blue skin wet of sweet wqsh brushed gently by humid air and branches as she took cover in small tree to avoid stormtrooper patrol that was searching crash site. Her arnament wasn’t great. Three thermal detonators, vibroknife and DL-44 blaster weren’t ideal for ground combat. Stormtroopers confirmed lack of body and finished R2 droid then all left, though they stayed on guard they miraculously missed young blue skinned female. She sigh thanking twi’lek gods for that then start following road, staying hidden. She isn’t one to.go head on into enemy, she know that she have no chances alone. She carefully passed through patrol of empire troopers managing to divert their attention with rock. It was old but effective tactic used even in era of energy weapeons.

TIE fighter patrol flew overhead, she gulp knowing how those dangerous those machines are to ground units. They might be paper in air but that’s other scale.

But those fighters meant two more things
One, better - there’s airfield nearbly
Second, much worse - the didn’t had better use for them, so that mean battle ended, and seeing lack of dropships she could only assume that Rebelion lost

She sighed and muttered to herself
"Great, that day couldn’t be better"

Alema check power pack of blaster and grenades, then moved small SERE kit on belt to put it in more comfortable place then moved out.

Suddenly she felt something on her back, seemingly cold metal part touching her uniform. She slowly turned around and noticed imperial officer aiming E-11 rifle at her back, her eyes widhten, she in impulse after training pull vibroknife and stab he in neck, as he started bleeding out she shiver… that wasn’t first person she killed but you don’t see body when fighter explode. She take vibroknife, not sure if she feel more bad or… glad she could attack first and stay hidden, her remorse was arguing with instincts comming from old race hunting impulses. Twi’leks were at beggining hunters after all. After her hearybeet calmed down she hidden body and moved out, her breath still rather fast though.

She was focused on ome thing, survival, evasion and escape. Even if she gonna need to go through killing someone from close range, with cold blood. She was scared of that, but needed…

After few hours of walk she finnaly noticed what she was looking for. She was still few kliks away, but elevation let her see landing Lambda shuttle.

She smiled a bit and drank some water. Air was humid, and it slowly started to rain. That gained her advantage over stormtroopers that would need to wipe Visors of water, but it was more dangerous for she. Her path needed some climbing made, bot on high places but still, falling wouldn’t be pleasant. She sighed and started climbing down cliff, making sure to do it slow and carefully. She was half way when her hand sliped off rock and she hanged on only second one, she yelped but after short struggle regained hold with second hand. E-11 almost fallen from her arm.
“Damnit” she thought and continued way. Her muscules tensed as TIE/F flew almost next to she
"Fucker!" She yelled in mind almost loosing hold on cliff. She finished going to ground at faster pace jumping down few last meters and landing in small pond of water. Nearbly standing stormtrooper look in her direction and shouldered rifle, she pulled vibroknife and throw it missing, stormtrooper chuckle, and aimed

-Any last words rebel scum? -he said just before rock hit his helmet- what the…

Stormtrooper opened fore at few farmers that diverted his attention. alema noded to than thanking and ran away, firefight was durating some more but farmers menaged to escape. They didn’t killed stormtrooper on purpose, if they would do so empure would strike back, three times harder.

She climbed wall of empire outpost. It was dark night here, deep in forest of Kashyyk trees. Then something hit her mind

She don’t have way to confirm her indentifity as rebel pilot if she manage to escape.

She decided to not worry about that now, first she need to manage to steal shuttle, and fly away having barelly any idea how to pilot it.

She took cover behind boxes and unholster E-11 blaster, then took aim at first stormtrooper of 4 guarding shuttles, she exhaled and prayed to godess Kiva and squeezed trigger. Bright laser beam left barrel flying stright at trooper hitting he in head, she moved aim at another trooper but guard she didn’t noticed before punched she, she falling squeezed trigger of blaster Unleashing rest of laser bolts in clip into soldier. As white armored body fallen she grabbed soldiers hand blaster and unholstered DL-44.

She rose from behind cover, giving up te her instincts. She vault over cover and kneeled one one knee firing stormtrooper blaster at one soldier while DL-44 hit opposite trooper, she roll to side as door opem amd team of blue armored mans enter. She started shooting at them, aiming both blasters at other troopers. She slowly approached Lambda shuttle amd climbed into, then close ramp. She quickly engaged thrusters, skipping proper procedure and pusged thortle to full. Light lasers like E-11 weren’t big danger now, she just need to escape close air area before empire triple A’s lock on her. She unfold wings and started flying upwards to leave atmosphere. She was glad that Lambdas were equiped with hyperdrive as she started inputting coordinates. As she left gravity well she non-elegantly smashed calculation button then whwn jump calculated she even less elegant hitted jump button causing ship to exit Kashyyk system. She hoped that staging point will have someone… she can’t jump to Yavin in Lambda shuttle, they might track she…

She exit Hyperspace in front of small flotilla of nebulon-B frigates, Venator and few CR-90 corvettes.

Com channel went online
"This is Rebelion Capital Ship jewel of Coruscant to unknown lambda shuttle, come in"

She answered with haste, not wanting to get blasted
"This is blue-5 of Rebelion x-wing squadron. Requesting landing permission"
She sent only code she had, hoping it will help to confirm her indentifity…

After lomg silence voice come online again

“Blue 5 you have docking clarence, hangar 6, welcome home pilot”