My Burden is Light

The year is 2383, sometime after the Janus Gate started working. The Federation starship USS Legacy (NCC-75001), a battleship en route to the Romulan Neutral Zone, enters the Schatten Star System. A rather risky move considering the hazards this system presents to any and all ships which dare to enter its space. Naturally having to drop out of warp, they go in and contact Nimbus Station, making clear that this stop is deliberate. After some time of talk between both parties, a Venture-class vessel launches from Legacy’s shuttlebay. After this, the Legacy proceeds in impulse speed to outside the system, where they can go to warp safely again. As for the Venture-class vessel, it opens a channel to Nimbus Station. A female voice sounds through the channel "This is the Parrot. I am now ready to proceed."

another female voice responsed back “Docks are ready for your arrival. Please proceed”

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“Command, there is a strong magnetic field which has limited my navigational systems. I need confirmation” It would be of best interest to guide her on the way to the planet. Seems like the Parrot is not prepared for this hazardous system.

Another voice comes over the COM, it’s a friendly male voice, “Confirmed Parrot, the systems anomalies make it difficult, lock your navigational systems to pull in information from channel Alpha-Zulu-Niner. That should correct your navigational systems, you are cleared for atmospheric approach.”

So it was done. “Navigational systems corrected. Course laid in, engaging propulsion now” The Parrot now proceeds in half impulse speed. When it approaches the planet’s atmosphere, the runabout reduces speed and proceeds with the regular procedure for entering an atmosphere.

Mean while the Green Cat women who had been speaking on the intercom before starts working het way down to meet her

After going through the upper atmosphere, the Parrot speeds up again, slowing back down when it approaches Nimbus Station aerial space. "Command, this is the Parrot, I am now approaching the docks"

“Affirmative, everything is in order please proceed” she then says over the comms

A runabout-sized venture-class starship approaches. It is the SS Parrot, naturally registered as a Federation vessel. Registry is NAR-2379. Only one lifesign aboard. Shields are down and weapons disengaged. It looks brand new.

After a careful maneuver with the ship, it finally lands and power down. When the door opens, it reveals a four horned woman of blue hair, cyan-coloured skin, purple eyes, a long tail and a not very fitness example of build, although she seem to have some toned muscles. She seem to have a taste for traditional eastern fashion choices. Red long-sleeved shirt, dark grey shorts and heeled boots, leaving only her knees exposed. A glowing blue gemstone is hanging on a pendant around her neck. She doesn’t say a thing yet, politely waiting for introductions.

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The Green cat lady walks up and extends a hand “Commander Kitara, Welcome” she says with smile

“Commander…” the creature nods, then shakes the cat’s hand “My name is Sarah. Thank you for your hospitality. I understand that this place is not meant for citizens for… reasons I hope to become more clear with proper time, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to come and see this place myself. I hope you understand my spirit of curiosity.” An adventurer, huh… Well, perhaps the protocol regarding a full check-up on sickbay and gadgets cataloguing is really necessary in her case. You may already see one that may be of interest. The pendant around her neck. Maybe ask if she brought anything else as well…

“Alright. We do require a full check up of everyone who enters. Even in your case if someone from somewhere else ends up getting sick from some native bacteria from here we’d need to know what was introduced. What all did you bring with you?” Kitara explains and then askes

Sarah holds her crystal pendant up a little "Only this. I also have a bag inside the Parrot with all my other stuff. A paper notebook–" Paper…? “–and a PADD. I don’t have any weapons. I believed this would be a safe place” A little naive, isn’t she?

“Well… Perhaps safe isn’t quite the right word, but hospitable for sure.” Kitata says “but I am sure we can help each other out. What is this crystal anyway?” Kitara then askes

“It’s an energy crystal. My people has mastered the manipulation of energy on most of its forms. I guess I could say this is a really powerful pocket battery” Scans would show that it is emitting a faint but harmless radiation. Its light does not harm the eyes, although one would think it would because of blue light. It is translucent, not an opaque crystal. Ambient light easily goes through it, giving it a blue-ish prism look. You can’t tell what exactly makes it glow, but it’s presumably the radiation it is emitting. The light would definitely act as a faint lantern at this intensity, though.

“That surely quite unique. Well definitely want to take a look at that while your here.” Kitara say taking a look at it.

"If you give it back, sure. I’d be staying only for a few days, that is, when the Legacy is back. I have no plans in staying any longer"

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