Mushroom Merchant

{{Character Box
|player= darktrooper501
|name= Iv
|fullname= Iv'Jinis Kyrat
|race= Sphykos
|alignment= Lawful Neutral
|gender= N/A
|height= 13'
|weight= 312lbs
|haircolor= N/A
|eyecolor= Blue
|age= 256
|birthplace= Koros
|universe= OC
|occ= Merchant
|figure= large and lumbering biped, semi-fungal in appearance with six dexterous tentacles used for tool manipulation.
|setting= Blazing Umbra

Patient and pacifistic normally, Iv’ is aggressive and direct when bargaining or negotiating.

== Special Abilities ==
Iv has a slow metabolism that makes healing take longer but also makes aging take much much longer compared to humans.
Iv has several augments that increase cognition speed to that within normal human baseline.

== Special Skills ==
Specialization in negotiation and barganing

== Background ==
Iv’Jinis was spawned on the planet of Koros within the core worlds, a collection of planets and systems locked in orbit of the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. Like other members of the Sphykos species Iv’Jinis is born genderless. Iv grew up among a merchant fleet, learning their ways and earning a living. Once of age Iv’Jinis was implanted with augments that boosted cognitive speed to match those of the other sapient species of the galaxy. The augment had a few adverse affects (not an uncommon thing). The cognition augments caused an extreme form of personality masking where in all the traits needed to be an effective merchant are exaggerated behind the active use of the augments and toned down with passive use of the augments. This proved to be extremely beneficial, Iv’Jinis quickly gathered wealth and eventually purchased a small freighter vessel. The plan was to continue the upward trajectory to the point where Iv had control of their own merchant fleet.