Murders in Angelic Sins

Alright, so I mentioned this last night about wanting people to be able to split off and do some witness RP’s for the murders going on in the city. Now, there are a few places we could go, for one I know that @t0l had a vigilante thing going on, so I don’t know if he wants to mix that up in this (so we have people perhaps chasing the wrong leads and the like) or not.

Please feel free to play this out, add to it, subtract from it, I’m not going to be angry at someone for contributing ideas, changing things up, noticing their own spin on how things go here. Please, also pay attention to the section on the Holy Runes, as there are side effects of seeing them.

General Ideas

  • There is a demonic entity that is possessing people, it is non-corporeal and thus requires a host of some kind of inhabit in order to kill.
    • Players should be able to witness someone acting strange, like a paranoid schizophrenic just before they move in to make a kill.
    • These symptoms get worse as time goes on, so another kind of witness may be able to come forward and note that their neighbor, child, spouse, or anyone really started to behave strangely.
  • The entity is only able to inhabit a person for a few days at most, but tries to stay in the body as long as possible.
    • One of the major symptoms of this possession is the entity is going to use some kind of Holy Runes to try to stay in the body and build up power.
    • Further they exhibit other symptoms common to myth, speaking in tongues, sadistic antisocial behavior, deterioration of the body itself.

The end goal of the entity in the body is to build up enough power prior to killing, the spell it is trying to cast is very complicated and at each death the entity must use the power it builds up to cast blood magic, blood being the embodiment of life force (Aether).

The Killing Itself

The demon will kill with the human body it is inhabiting in an incredibly savage and brutal, animalistic way. It will bite, claw, rip apart, and the demonic force within the body morphs the body temporarily so that fingers become talons and claws, teeth become elongated and sharp, and strength increases.

Once the demon kills, it spills as much blood as possible and draws complicated patterns of runes on the ground in the blood (Holy Runes) where it expends the energy is has built up, the runs glow brightly, catch fire, and then turn to ash leaving no evidence they were there. Following the killing, the demon still in habits the body but the body is about spent, it returns to its normal shape and the demon skulks off in a random direction, where it promptly falls to the ground and the demonic force leaves the body.

The 2nd Body

As has been noted, a 2nd body is found, most of the time still alive with specific damage to the brain that cuts it off from the rest of the body. The body is, at this point, without a soul as the demon possessing the body has corrupted and consumed the soul. The burning out of parts of the brain is a result of such a powerful entity inhabiting it. The body itself returns to some semblance of normal after the demon leaves, it is able to heal, autonomics still function, but it has no mind. Brain scans confirm that there is little or no brain activity and it is believed that the brain damage cuts the brain off from the body so that even if there is a mind in there, it would be trapped.


So far there is no pattern to the killings, however, investigation into the 2nd body has not been done yet.

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