Moving Materials (Desert Phone Booth)

The first Onyx job is the best place to organize meeting of other characters. The actual RP is going to be pretty short depending on how it gets handled.


A truck is coming through town with forged papers, needs to lay low and be provided with a 2nd set of forged papers, law enforcement is actively looking for the truck. Players will need to find a way to hide the shipment from the police and will be instructed to not look into the shipment.

Specific Plot Points

  • Sam is going to be basically asked to trade on his good name, which he can try to get around but he’ll be given only limited resources from Onyx, if any. More than likely none of direct use.
  • Sam is given no explanation for what the truck is carrying or where, the deal is going to be initially that if he looks at the cargo or the cargo doesn’t get to its destination, Sam will be blamed and he will not get paid.
  • The payment is going to be $1500 in cash, that much money would solve a lot of problems in the community and for Sam personally.

The truck was captured by police.