More Wounded (Open Ended)

Sickbay was a big place, Kushina and Eliana were headed with the runabout who met the trauma team in the main hanger bay. The two XIA’s were keeping quiet, but had been relaying information to the station while the trauma team worked to stabilize the injured and get them ready for whatever medical attention they needed. Having no idea if they were stable enough to transport, sending the medical runabout had the advantage of they could start getting care faster.

Ok @Spartan_889 what is actually wrong with them and how many are there, who is actually on this ship to get care? Also @Red_the_heretic, I stuck Kushina there so you could stay involved. Also, anyone else can join in.

(Here’s a list
3 Zaku Is
1 Zaku I with a detached left leg which is currently with the trauma team
2 Zaku Is are offline as of current due to Beam damage to the abdomen leaving a large cauterized hole with the armor melted.

And lastly
RCX: Under heavy ion restraints

  • three puncture wounds to her right abdomen side due to Vizsla spiked shoulder bash
    -slight nerve and serious internal cybernetic wire damage due to
    -slight concussion to the top right side to her skull thanks to a strong kick
    -one large nasty bruising to where her solar plexus should be located at.)

The Trauma team works on the one with the missing leg, but it becomes apparent than they cannot reattach it safely and make it functional, there is just too much tissue damage to the severed leg, it spent too long away from the body before medical attention was gotten. The beam damage is similar, right now they are stable but doctors are not sure if they can do much else, they were able to remove armor fragments and repair some of the damage to blood vessels, but none have woken up yet, both suffering from extreme system shock and brain swelling as a result of the system shock.

The final, RCX, was being kept unconscious the damage to the skull and bruising had been easily repaired, but there was some amount of discussion over the nerve and cybernetic damage, they’d sent out a request for more expert advise to the Vulcan Science Academy’s foremost experts on cybernetics to hopefully form a plan of action, but no one was sure yet what was going to happen to them.

As the trauma team tried to find a way to safely and somehow reattach her left leg back, the Zaku in question of the detached leg nervously keeps an close eye out on the unconscious form of RCX. She didn’t quite feel comfortable with the restraints holding the Feddy nor were they capable to hold her in place.

She lets her discomfort known to the medical theme. “Are you sure that the restraints are capable enough to hold her?” She asked. Still keeping her eyes on RCX.

The nurse tending to the Zaku answered calmly, “The restraints are a back up, we’ve got a level 10 restraining field in place, the restraints are just in case power fails, it can’t move, but we do have to treat it. And you, focus on your own healing, staying calm, so we can work through this.”

“A restraining field?” Was the Zaku reply, the mono-eye of her helmet flash softly to show her confusion to how it worked in restraining the Federation MS girl…

The nurse nods, “It is a force field focused close to the skin, so that the patient cannot move, usually we use it for precise work that requires no movement.”

“Though,” Staring at RCX’s form. “Does it work on machinery that is?” The Zaku asked, unsure.

She looks, “It’s a force field, though, I can’t say we’ve had much call to use it on a machine.” she looks things over, “How are you feeling?” she asks. What she didn’t want to say is that they had no real idea what to make of any of this in sickbay.

“Fine actually…” She muttered her answer but stares where her left leg supposed to be. “Can’t really feel my left leg though.”

The Zaku then turns to her two offline companions wondering will they wake up again. “At least their Minovosky Particle reactors aren’t breached.” She muttered softly.

“We’ve called out to the leading experts in cybernetics to find out about the best ways to treat your injuries. but I have to be honest, we’ve never seen anything like this.” the Doctor said as the nurse steps aside, “Even in a fully biological humanoid, limb replacements can be tough, but with this kind of melding of biology and technology, if we had design specifications and the like it would be a little easier, but we don’t.” She sighs and looks at her, “Try to stay positive, we will do our best for you.”

Following that the examines the others there.

OOC: I’m not going to lie, I’m not sure what you want to do. Please post in your reply or DM me on here or Discord with what you’d like to do. Do you want them to wake up? Do you want the leg replaced? Does everyone but the one Zaku die? Let me know.

“That’s good I guess.” The Zaku I muttered, leaning against the wall as the doctors and nurses made their way to figure out how to reactivate her comrades.

Though a small idea popped up in her head and asks. “Have you tried jump-starting their Minovosky Particle reactors?”

“What is a Minovosky Particle Reactor?” the doctors and nurses look, “We’re not familiar with that technology.”

“Ummm,” She squirmed, thinking of how to explain what is a Miniovosky Particle Reactor to them . It took her a couple of minutes to recall the basic properties of how one worked and explained it to them in detail of the Generator function process which was a super self-sufficient Fusion Reactor of sorts that’s recycles Helium-3 where the I-field compress he fuel and triggers a fusion reaction indefinitely in which creating a unlimited supply of electrical energy to power them.

Unknown to the Zaku, the occupant of the restraint field started to stir awake, Her armored fingers twitch followed by a pained groan as the Federation MS Girl starts to fully wake.

While those present are moderately technically savvy; you can be moderately savvy with cars and not know the ins-and-outs of how an engine works. Thus, they aren’t sure about most of that. As soon as the girl in the restraining field begins to wake, the nurse gets one of the doctors; “She’s waking up.” they said. The attention turns then, and the doctor comes over, “Don’t try to move.”

The moment she woke up, pain was the first thing to greet her, her whole entire body ached to the bone where one single movement of her body hurt, her head hurt immensely where there was a constant stinging pain on the side of her head. Not only that, she felt tired. A sense of lethargicness creeping behind her making her already sluggish where she had a hard time remembering what happened in the past hours. RCX had trouble staying awake properly to the point where she didn’t even register the doctor before her speaking.

“Uuuurrrrkkk…” She moaned out in pain and fatigue. Her body felt like drooping forward limp but the mysterious field around was the only thing keeping her in place and from falling face flat.

The doctors came over an examined her, trying to talk to her, “You’re safe, you’re in our medical facility, can you tell me how you feel?”

“M-Medical…?” She slightly slurred, the feeling of fatigue hitting her mind and body like a freight train where she couldn’t properly tell or make of where she truly is.

The main doctor nods while the others work on the readings, all of them were interesting cases to be sure, but they were right now trying to figure out what to do about the worst of of them… “Just relax, try to breath nice and slow.” Still scanning to see if they can determine better what’s wrong with her. Two of the doctors in the room were cybernetic specialists, hopefully that would help.

She did as the doctor told her, slowly taking deep breaths unknowingly allowing the scan go through her due to her tired mind.