Missing Storylines

There are a huge number of unresolved storylines, so from everyone here I’d like to get an idea about storylines that have been forgotten or unfinished. This includes things you’ve played in, helped write, started, forgotten, anything. Doesn’t have to be something you made. I’m compiling a list of storylines that need to be finished so I can work on getting them moving again.

I suppose I will need to start this off. I know it is a strange time for everyone and that this place is not quite as nice as it once was. That being said, I would like it if people would help me figure things out. I think most of us could use some kind of ongoing distraction.

So here are some of the plots I know of which have been left hanging…

  • Akron Mystery
  • The Corruption on Soteria
  • The Zone
  • Onyx Spy Plot
  • Demon Invasion
  • Imperial / Onyx Team Up
  • Imperial Spy
  • Stellar Horizon

That’s just what I can think of right now. I would really appreciate additions to this list, or comments on if anyone thinks we can restart these. Lately it has seemed that people are perfectly happy to say they want to do things but don’t actually want to do them. I know that with RP servers / forums it is perfectly normal to have a number of dead plots, that is just how it goes.

I would like to get the ball moving again.

Consider the demon invasion cancelled, unless anyone wants a combat plotline. What was the Akron mystery again? I don’t know if KS still wants to play his spy character, but I’m still doing stuff with the Imperial fleet. I’ll DM you about it to avoid spoilers.

I’m all up for playing it still, it would be cool to continue that storyline

TL;DR starship appeared with weird fungus aboard that tried to take over Nimbus after Akron got initially boarded
full report from wiki

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