Midnight on Sol 3

Zoltan sighs “aww man I wanna fight if we have to fight” but he obeys begrudgingly and drags off what he had gathered to a safe (ish) distance

Watery, humanoid forms begin rising out of the ground around Amber, attempting to clamber over her and drag her to the ground. They’re having a little trouble clambering onto the Nanomaterial armour, but they leave a watery membrane wherever their bodies touch. Dom’s sensors would be able to detect that the creatures were comprised mainly of water and some sort of anomalous organic material, and the fact that they gave off a feint energy signature. The decayed, seafoam-like smell that Zoltan smelled earlier would be more intense now.

Amber tries to push away and get through the creatures to some clear space, positive it won’t work, she does attack with her sword in a fine sweeping slash through the watery mass having some idea of how bad things can get. Amber recalls something that every agent of Vident Obscura knows of the J29 Incident, she had always imagined it was something like this… Disembodied figures … it was the stuff of ghost stories and old legends, but then her work had taught her that such stories had chilling basis in facts. “We need to go,” she says clearly and one could hear the intensity of the words something on the path to panic, she was afraid.

Dom retracts his shield into his arm and reaches out to grab Amber, ready to run towards Zol and out of the wreckage. “Grab on, I’ll get you out of here”

Zol was being a ball of pent up anxiety seeing a potential fight before his eyes and not being able to actually participate but then he gets a brilliant idea. What if he tosses some of the magic fire he can make at the water ghosts to see what would happen. He channels his glamour into his hands and creates a small tennis ball sized flame that he lobs at the water ghosts.

Zol’s flame hits into the liquid mass, causing it to explode outward. As it reforms it starts to change composition. The mass becomes less opaque and more substantial-looking. As Amber’s sword slices through the watery mass, it fails to sever part of the mass. In retaliation, the humanoid figures start to take on the form of actual humans. Amber might notice the faces of her siblings start to emerge amongst the mass.

The watery mass seems to cover a larger area than can be seen above ground, as the strange substance would begin to well up under Zol and Dom.

Amber’s face is horror struck, “Emily… It can’t be…” With that simple phrase, she realized… “This is a losing battle she says turning to Dom. Dom, grab Zol if you can get some wood or something, great, if not… Leave it.” She’s shaking as she gives out orders for herself, she tries to wrestle the trembles into rages and visible gets angry. Sheathing the swords on her back she draws her phaser and punches it up as high as it’ll go, changing it to a wide beam… “Alright whatever you are, you get what you deserve!” and with that she points to one of the shapes and fires at watery blob, if it’s physical, it’s physical form would hopefully be turned to so much vapor.

Dom sighs, and does as directed, attaching the sword somewhere where it won’t get lost, but in addition to grabbing Zol, he wraps an arm around Amber’s waist after she brings the phaser up and fires and begins sprinting, having his systems move as fast as they would go, to get out of the situation, he uses the time to grab other supplies in his hands while running. If anything he gave it his all and put his new chassis through a high strain situation.

Zol pouts that they are running from the action but climbs up onto Dom and keeps hurling his little magic fireballs at the water ghosts.

As the wide beam blasts through the watery blob, the entire upper half of the “creature” is turned into a fine mist. As Zol grabs the gang and begins to dash away, the mist would form into floating humanoid torsos of mist, which would begin chasing the group.

The mist forms spectral doppelgangers of Amber’s friends, family members and even a couple Solas Tempus operatives. As they approach, they would begin grasping for her and chanting:

“Why did you abandon us, Amber?”
“It’s your fault that we were arrested…”
“You don’t deserve the rank of Lieutenant…”

A couple of Zoltan’s fireballs burst the mist specters, seemingly permanently dispersing them.

Amber starts to fight, backing away switching to a finer beam so she can start blasting every single form that came at her, she’s in a panic. “No! No, you’re not real. You can’t be real.” Eliana high up above and out of the fray signals down, everyone can hear her on the COMs, “Amber, glass the sand. The heat, it turns them to steam.” Amber is in a panic and doesn’t recognize the strategy really, it’s more noise in the background. It is obvious that she’s losing it. There was a lot that her training had prepared her for, even ghosts, but there were few ways to prepare for something like this. Fewer still ways to really be ready for it.

“And here I am without a Flamethrower!” Dom says to himself recognizing Amber’s panic and continues running… then he says, “I don’t know how long I can keep up this pace, we may need to take a stand soon… Amber! Snap out of it!” He shouts, shaking her in his arm a bit in an attempt to get her to respond.

Zol sighs at Amber’s waning morale. He jumps off Dom and tried to eat the water ghosts. Using his ability to eat nearly anything to his advantage.

The specters have weakened significantly with distance from the wreck. A few of the blasts from Amber’s phaser bursts some of the apparitions into inert steam, and Zol is able to finish off the last of them by leaping off of Dom and swallowing the specter in one bite.

The still-panicked Amber was breathing hard and looking around like a squirrel about to bolt when she started to get ahold of herself. Pausing for a moment, she finally says, “Alright, let’s take a beat. Dom, Zol, I owe you both. Thank you.” she says and it is clear that she is trying to get mastery over herself again, “I should not have reacted that way, I just did not expect to see that, at all.” Eliana made a scan of everyone, it didn’t appear anyone as injured.

Amber took a survey of what they’d managed to get, if anything. She knew she was empty handed. “It’s like this place is designed to kill us or drive us all mad.” The words were bad enough but the way she put it, there was a finality to it as if she actually meant them in a literal sense. Stuck in a world that wasn’t nothing more than to kill them all or force them to become a denizen here, wrong and angry at everything that lived.

Dom stops and puts her down, as well as the other stuff he was carrying, except the sword he found. He gently pats her head, trying to comfort her as much as metal suit can. “It’s hard to say if things were designed to serve that purpose… things adapt to its situation… considering our location, it kind of makes sense… although… I’ve been mad before… it is not pleasant… reguardless, if we keep our heads and stick together, there is a significant chance of us surviving this experience… just please no more running at sixty miles per hour… I have no idea if this chassis can handle that kind of strain… yet” After saying that he runs a self diagnostic to make sure he’s still fully functional.

Zol goes up and hugs amber then pats her head. He sits down and looks up at the sky not sure what to do to make her feel better but at least now he wasn’t thirsty.

At this point, the sun has begun to vanish beneath the horizon. It’s well on it’s way to becoming night now, and the temperature is noticeably colder.

Dom would detect traces of the mysterious creatures’ residue on his legs, but is otherwise fine.

Zol might see a couple of anemic desert clouds in the sky.

Amber sits on the sand cross-legged… “It is clear that we are not fully prepared for this, it is one thing to come up against mutated insects or wolves or… whatever those things were, but if I don’t miss my guess what we saw was something along the lines of a aberrant ghost, they didn’t seem intelligent enough to be despoilers.” She sighs and then sighs again, “There is very little I’m technically permitted to explain to you about such things, but when it comes to survival I do not believe the secrecy of what I do will hold up terribly well. So I suppose, if you ask I will say, this situation is unique.”

Dom had finished his diagnostics, he left the strange substance on his legs, not really knowing much about it, and it seemed to be harmless now. He stood overlooking everything for a moment, then approached Amber. “There will be time for explanations later, we have some materials, I suggest we either return to the ship and remove it’s current residences so that we can have the necessitates for survival, and where you two can rest… I estimate we will have a greater chance of survival against all odds if we prioritize food, shelter and water first, before explanations”

He was getting more used to being an AI, although the concept was strange to him still, but despite his personal feelings about himself, and his situation, was not important for him to be thinking about them. He turns the light on his helmet on, providing a bright spotlight, wherever he looked, which right now was looking at Amber. “As far as I am concerned you are acting as the leader of our little group, I am here to support you and your decisions, so long as they fall inline with the survival of the two of you… so… what will it be ma’m?”