Midnight on Sol 3

Amber nods to the question, “Yes, if we bash or cut through this wall it would likely bring the whole structure down on us.” She checks her communicator and puts it into a low power mode, the beacon is active but the Spacial Variance Reactor should be able to build up its power reserve and transfer it to the armor in the pattern buffer, and keep the buffer active. It would take a while though. Meanwhile she gestures, not knowing anyone else’s capabilities, to the crumbling wall and notes, “Could force that, if we are careful. I’m Commander Amber Cross, Solas Tempus? I’m afraid I don’t know any of you, except my assistant Eliana. I have a ship we made contact but…”

Eliana then speaks up, “I can confirm the autopilot is attempting to reach us in time and space but we’ve lost contact. There is no telling how long it could take or if the ship is capable of doing so.”

Then Amber continues, “I have activated my emergency beacon, but given the unknowns it is hard to tell when or if it’ll make contact.”

Dominous looks at the Commander, then at the wall. “I’m Dominous Frazure” He takes a few paces away from the section of wall that shouldn’t cause the building to collapse, mapping out a path to break the wall before speaking again. “I can force it open, we would just need to make sure that everyone else gets out quickly… our next objectives should be to find sources of fresh water, and food, then a decent shelter”

“My name is Zoltan Angelos and if you break open the wall I will be ready to jump out.” he says getting a little pumped form hearing that Dom was going to break down the wall. He smiles at the thought with his big mouth and sharp looking teeth.

The sounds of the desert begin to filter into the building. The people gathered in the room would be able to hear a distant pack of wild dogs, and something that sounds like the creaking wood of a sailing ship.

// Are there life signs on the tricorder?

The tricorder would be able to pick up several small life signs some distance away. and one large life sign.

Amber looks around at the others, “We’ve got incoming, we need to decide if we want to meet it in this structure, or be out in the open. In here we have cover, but it could collapse, out there we’re kind of sitting ducks.” She checks the range and speed trying to figure out how long before they get there and checks her phaser.

Dom assesses the situation briefly for a moment before turning to Amber, “either way we are sitting ducks, I doubt the structure is durable enough to withstand an attack, and those hostiles could smash the walls themselves and bring it all on top of us… I could step outside and distract their attention. My armor is made from tempered materials, so damage would be minimal, and then we would have a better advantage, of cover and suprise… at least for the moment” After saying his peace, he looks around for something he can use as a weapon.

Zoltan looks at the two of them as they talked he walks over to one of the holes trying to see if he can spot the welcoming party. “I say we break the wall and take them by surprise, no use in waiting lets take the fight to them.”

Amber’s phaser would detect that the lifesigns were approaching the building at 35 mp/h, and would arrive at the building in about 20 seconds.

Dom would most probably spot a four-foot-long chunk of old pipe laying off to the side of the room. The pipe’s remarkably well-preserved, and only the ends of the pipe seem excessively rusted.

Zoltan would be able to see several quadrupedal shapes approaching the building at speed, roughly four feet tall each, and one shape roughly eight feet tall a the back of the pack. They look like some sort of wild dog or wolf, but the air around them is slightly distorted making it hard to identify specifics.

She looks around and says, “Alright, let’s push the weak well down, and…” she thinks and then says, “No sense in running, push the wall down and attack.” she puts the tricorder away and puts on her ocular heads up display. One of the bits of gear that her at Eliana had been taking back to the Ghost Reaver, since her old pair had gotten damaged on her last mission. Once it boots up she looks at Eliana, “Alright, once we’re through, you head up to a safe altitude and relay sensor data back to us. Call out anything we need to know about.” Eliana nods, “Let’s do this.” and sets her phaser to level 16.

Dom grabs the pipe with one hand to use as a rudementary club, while his left forarm extends a sort of collapseable riot shield as he prepares to break down the wall and then attack any hostiles they see.

Zoltan sees everyone starting to gear up and gets ready as well. He goes up to the giant that is Dom. “Can climb on your back before you break through the wall so I can jump off you and attack.”

The probably-wolves are moving towards the house, and are roughly ten seconds away now, having had a burst of speed.

Amber readies herself, as does Eliana. When Dom breaks down the wall, Amber finds some partial-cover while Eliana flies up at high speed taking a survey of how bad the situation actually is. As soon as Amber can get a target, she opens fire with her phaser hoping to see how effective a direct hit is on these things.

Dom kneels down for Zoltan to climb onto his back more easily. “once you jump off, stay close little one” He says as he prepares to activate his combat protocols. After Zoltan gets on his back, he charges forward towards the weak part of the wall and breaks through, he readies his shield and pipe and targets the first of the creatures to get in range.

For his part Zoltan manages to grab some pieces of debris from the collapsing wall to use as thrown weapons to assault the wolf like creatures.

The canids come onto view: About thirty wild dogs and a supernaturally large wild dog. Amber’s phaser blast would take out one of the dogs, and the rest would begin circling around her and preparing to strike. Dom’s pipe-truncheon would collide with the side of one of the dogs, sending it flying.

Eliana would see little else besides the pack of dogs. The desert that the group found themselves in appears to be a gigantic salt flat, and the building that the group found themselves in appears to have once been an island. There are some more islands further south, and what’s either a particularly large island or the “mainland” up north from their position.

Amber flips the phaser to wide beam, it won’t be quite as powerful in this mode, but it’ll still pack quite the punch. The beam has a 45 degree arc, she fires it, it isn’t a pulse but a cone-shaped “beam” of sorts, she watches her phaser power hoping to take out a swath of the things.

Meanwhile, Eliana feeds the data to Amber’s HUD, not that it’s particularly useful to her at this moment. Eliana tries to take an extended scan of the area and of the orbital area above them – satellites, even dead ones, and trying to get a fix on their planets location.

Dom continues his assault swinging at the next one and the next one, as well as using his shield to bash them away, in an attempt to make himself seem the bigger threat to pull attention away from Amber and the others, while moving forward.