Midnight on Sol 3

Amber’s shoulders literally just drop somewhat seeing this… “Giant. Bees.” she sighs hard. “Eliana, do we have any data on anything like this?” She waits… Hoping…

“I’m afraid not, I have no data on Anthophila that is anywhere near this size. If it follows something similar to honey bees on Earth, then they might be able to be controlled somewhat with smoke, however I have limited information in this practice nor do I think it would be entirely effective on bees of this size.”

Amber thinks… She looks at everyone, “Any suggestions?”

“Well… I’ve got nothing but mechanical parts in here… an iron pipe, and a shield. I could go in and start punching every thing I see… but that’s about it, now if I had a flamethrower, that would be different” Dom says as he thinks, assessing the situation, he takes note of Amber’s reaction and as gently as he can, puts his hand on her shoulder, as if attempting to let her know that everything will be alright.

“uh why don’t we follow where they fly to? It might lead us to water or plants. If they don’t already have that in the hive.”

By now the sun was beginning it’s decent. It’s still fairly bright outside, but it’s just begun to darken.

Amber thought to herself for a moment then nodded, “That’s not a bad idea, though the sun is begging to descend, unless these are nocturnal, they’ll probably be returning to the hive. However, we can get a trajectory by watching them return.” She grinned and told Eliana, “Have the drone backtrack as they arrive at the hive, see if we can plot a course on where they came from?” She nods and instructs the drone to do exactly that.

The satellites were a lost cause for the moment, there was nothing they could do with them since it had been so long since they’d been used. Unless someone was listening to one of the broadcast channels with a radio that could decode the signals, no one would hear it. Besides, one couldn’t be sure anyone should hear it – who would they find in this place? She looks around, "We best keep moving, but let’s be cautious. She looks at Dom, “I appreciate your idea, but we have no idea how much force these things can put out if they sting or what their venom is so, best I think to see if we can avoid them entirely.”

Dom nods, “understood.” He returns to his spot in the back of the group, scanning for movement and anything of interest

Zol sniffs the air in case he can get the scent of wet earth and hopefully it will mean water.

The drone observes that the bees are beginning to retreat further into the ship as it gets closer to night. Their activity is decreasing, signalling that the majority of the hive is beginning to sleep.

Dom’s scan would pick up decreased movement around and just inside the hive. He is also able to detect a reasonably large opening in the south of the ship, close to ground level.

Zol would be able to smell wet earth nearby. The smell is seemingly coming from inside the ship.

Amber and crew continue forward, “Well, perhaps if they are sleeping we can take them by surprise, but in a swarm we could get overrun within seconds. We also can’t be sure how many of them there are or what their weaknesses are. Assuming they mirror normal-sized bee’s they will have high endurance and formidable exoskeletons with some kind of venom in their stings. I’d like to be able to get one by itself, so we can perhaps test.” Then Eliana considers, “What if we can decoy them out of the hive? I’ll scan for any audio or radio signals we might be able to use.” She does so, scanning the entire band to see if they are giving off or communicating with some form of sound or radio.

“there’s a large opening on the south side of the ship… pretty close to the ground, there may be an access point there… also… the majority of movement is more inside the hive, meaning the window for getting one alone is very limited… unless we were to drag one out from the nest… but considering the concerns, I would not recommend it” Dom says looking at the boat, and kind of wishing he had an armament of some kind installed into his chassis that he could use for a situation like this.

“I think I smelled water in the ship. But whatever we do I’m here to help too”

Amber’s scan would reveal that the bees gave off a mild radio signal proportional to the distance between the individual bees. The bees could be observed moving in regular patterns on the surface of the hive as they prepare to enter it, possibly in some form of communicative dance.

“Well, there’s a mild signal between the bees, but I had forgotten … bees communicate through dance to share directions to sources of water, nectar, and things like that.” she thinks for a few minutes, “I just don’t see a lot of choices, it’s night, so if I recall bees are not nocturnal, I am not sure. That gives us some advantage, but it will likely get us all killed if we step wrong here. So, if we go in, we go in understanding that. We need water, and if we can fight off or drive off the bees their hive should have some form of glucose sustenance, hopefully similar to honey. I say we go in, we try to find something flammable nearby which can give us smoke for cover if nothing else. Then, well deal with the problem as if unfolds. Sound good?”

Dom nods. “Sounds like an adaquate plan” He gets ready to head out and enact their plan.

“yeah sound good! I’m pumped!” zol says getting excited at the prospect of more fighting

According to the scan conducted earlier, there is a Greek trireme some ways away from the missile ship, which could act as a source of wood.

Eliana looks at Amber, “For smoke, we could visit the old Greek trireme, the timber would have tar and other substances to keep it water tight, it would make an effective source of thick smoke.” Amber looks at everyone else, “Alright, let’s do it then. We hit the old Greek vessel first, gather timber, cloth if we can find it, something we can set on fire that will stay burning for a long time.” With that, they head off.

Dom nods and follows in the back, his system showing the added tasks to his list. He also thought about how if he had a flamethrower how it would effect the outcome of their survival, but he chose to work with what they currently have.

Zol nods and follows amber, he wonders exactly how bone dry thousand year old wood will burn but hopefully it will burn good.

As the group approaches the trireme, it’s decrepit state would become more apparent. The boat has been scattered across the ocean floor for some time, and the combination of salt and sun has severely worn the original structure of the trireme away. Surprisingly, some cargo can be seen in and around the boat, and there are a number of intact skeletons strewn about the place.