Midnight on Sol 3

Amber’s scan would reveal that the bees gave off a mild radio signal proportional to the distance between the individual bees. The bees could be observed moving in regular patterns on the surface of the hive as they prepare to enter it, possibly in some form of communicative dance.

“Well, there’s a mild signal between the bees, but I had forgotten … bees communicate through dance to share directions to sources of water, nectar, and things like that.” she thinks for a few minutes, “I just don’t see a lot of choices, it’s night, so if I recall bees are not nocturnal, I am not sure. That gives us some advantage, but it will likely get us all killed if we step wrong here. So, if we go in, we go in understanding that. We need water, and if we can fight off or drive off the bees their hive should have some form of glucose sustenance, hopefully similar to honey. I say we go in, we try to find something flammable nearby which can give us smoke for cover if nothing else. Then, well deal with the problem as if unfolds. Sound good?”

Dom nods. “Sounds like an adaquate plan” He gets ready to head out and enact their plan.

“yeah sound good! I’m pumped!” zol says getting excited at the prospect of more fighting

According to the scan conducted earlier, there is a Greek trireme some ways away from the missile ship, which could act as a source of wood.

Eliana looks at Amber, “For smoke, we could visit the old Greek trireme, the timber would have tar and other substances to keep it water tight, it would make an effective source of thick smoke.” Amber looks at everyone else, “Alright, let’s do it then. We hit the old Greek vessel first, gather timber, cloth if we can find it, something we can set on fire that will stay burning for a long time.” With that, they head off.

Dom nods and follows in the back, his system showing the added tasks to his list. He also thought about how if he had a flamethrower how it would effect the outcome of their survival, but he chose to work with what they currently have.

Zol nods and follows amber, he wonders exactly how bone dry thousand year old wood will burn but hopefully it will burn good.

As the group approaches the trireme, it’s decrepit state would become more apparent. The boat has been scattered across the ocean floor for some time, and the combination of salt and sun has severely worn the original structure of the trireme away. Surprisingly, some cargo can be seen in and around the boat, and there are a number of intact skeletons strewn about the place.

Amber just pulls out her tricorder and says, “Well this is nice.” with a slight frown. She begins to scan, “Alright, so cloth and wood that we can carry, if we can find an accelerant like alcohol or some such more the better although I doubt we will.” She begins to move through the wreck but she seems to be keeping a careful eye on the cargo that appears to be intact. Eliana flies at her shoulder.

Dom follows, keeping an eye out for accelerants of any kind, as well as finding an area where it would be safe to aquire wood and cloth for their attempt to smoke out the bees. “Didn’t these kinds of vessels use tar for waterproofing? Which causes a great amount of smoke when in flames?.. I appologize, I don’t have a lot of that kind of knowledge on file”

Zol smells around for anything out of the ordinary. He helps to pick up wood and cloth for the fire however.

Amber’s tricorder would pick up a feint energy signature emanating from the wreck and area directly around it. Along with discarded wooden chunks and planks, there are some intact boxes of fabrics among the wreckage, along with a couple intact-looking amphorae of wine. Zol would be able to smell something vaguely like seafoam and decaying meat, but more metallic.

Amber doesn’t want to expose some of the things she can do but she puts the tricorder away – she unfortunately didn’t have the special operations armor with her so she had to rely on her own fledgling abilities with the the unexplained. She takes a deep breath and reaches out with her mind, tapping into the patterns of energy she had learned in training with Vident Obscura who had been teaching her to use her abilities for some time now. Reaching out she tried to feel any auras of the unexplained, magic, psionics, and other things supernatural in the immediate area.

Dom wanders the wreck. picking up and breaking off pieces of wood, fabric and anything else he sees as useful for their objective. He kind of wished he was equipped with some kind of armament outside of his shield, but for the moment it would have to suffice. He does take the time to keep an eye on the others, their condition and position, to ensure their safety, occasionally he looks for something he can use as a better weapon, although he doubts he would find anything of use.

Zol was helping Dom collect firewood and cloth though he does end up eating parts of what he was helping to carry. Doesn’t seem to affect him despite the age and lack of water content. Indeed despite how much he has eaten his stomach seems the same.

Amber would be able to sense the presence of…something vaguely human. It’s almost like a human spirit of some sort, but somehow aberrant and wrong. Human voices would be audible, seemingly moaning and wailing in sorrow. Amber would feel the presence growing stronger, as some sort of ghostly clear liquid begins seeping up from the ground around her.

Among the things Dom was moving, there is a greek sword, or xiphos, in the hand of one of the former crewmen. It’s rusty, but well-made looking.

The Nanomaterial Armor interacted with her Aqua Opal Crystal ring and gave her some amount of resistance to the supernatural. Still, she saw what was happening and she stood still, “Everyone… We need to get out of here… This situation is about to get out of hand, grab what you can, and we need to leave, as quickly as possible.” She looks at Eliana, “Go, get out of here. Get out of range.” Eliana shoots up into the air while Amber draws her swords thinking, this armor is supposed to be adaptive, lets see how it does against specters.

Dom grabs the sword and tosses the materials he picked up for the fire away from the boat, leaving him with the sword in one hand and his shield extended from his forearm. “I’m not detecting anything, I trust that you are?” He continues scanning around for hostiles.

Zoltan sighs “aww man I wanna fight if we have to fight” but he obeys begrudgingly and drags off what he had gathered to a safe (ish) distance