Midnight on Sol 3

A message is broadcast across Nimbus station: an unknown, extremely unstable temporal anomaly has appeared in the cargo bay, and is causing aberrations in the functionality of machines stationwide. Minutes after the emergency broadcast is sent out, an electromagnetic pulse washes over the station, causing unshielded electronics to deactivate for a few seconds.

In the cargo by Amber Cross and her companion, Eliana Ilos, were gathering supplies for the Ghost Reaver when the anomaly appeared and the pulse hit. Lucky enough for Eliana, her systems were shielded, when the anomaly hit right on top of them, Amber had but a few fractions of a second to respond but lucky enough Eliana was quickly and she tripped the emergency beacon as the pair was sucked into the anomaly. The beacon would summon the Ghost Reaver … Of course, the ship would have to jump there, to wherever they went and who knew if it would even make it through? The pair were there one moment, talking, deciding what they’d need on the ship and then they were just gone – but not before the alarm sounded, a Condition 2, Blue Alert. Surly that would gather someone’s attention. Perhaps they’d get lucky and wouldn’t be sucked into the vortex themselves – or perhaps not.

I’m going to assume this is ok? If this doesn’t make sense for you then let me know and I’ll adjust, I’m assuming you’re going to take the players from Nimbus somewhere else. Let me know.

Zoltan the little redcap was looking for a way to bite a chunk off Nimbus station but so far he had failed every attempt. Steel strength teeth would be a force to be reckoned with in atomic age earth but not in nimbus station. Regardless he ignored the warning since he wasn’t super bright and because he was too busy with his current task. He was truly taken aghast when the anomaly sucked him in. He tries to reach out to anchor himself but it was too late.

Dominous was in the cargo bay getting familiar with a replica of his old T-60 chassis which was built using newer materials that was made, he wanted to test it out for a while, during that time he was taking time to help other people around him, and massage some of the mechanical issues out of it when the alarms sounded, when the electromagnetic pulse hit where he was, his systems locked up and he shut down, feeling much like being knocked out. during that time he was sucked into the anomaly. Only to wake later on the other side.

OOC: Yes, this is fine. Using any nearby transporters would also work, but getting sucked into the anomaly would have the same effect

Those caught in the temporal anomaly would experience a sensation comparable to full-body pins-and-needles as they were pulled through. Those that maintained consciousness the whole five-minute journey would be able to feel their bodies being buffeted and torn into by time debris. It wouldn’t be enough to cut deep into their skin, but their clothing and equipment would certainly be worse for wear.

Amber and her companion stayed close together, Eliana grabbing onto Amber tight, first with a tractor beam but then with her small hands, she folded herself into as small a bit as possible and Amber wrapped herself around the XIA. It took long enough that Amber could act, as she noticed all the debris coming at her, she touched her communicator, deploying her armor. She crouched into a tight ball at first, as the communicator obtained a close-range lock on her body, then made its calculations, the armor materialized over her entire body within a matter of less than a second, locking into place with her XIA now locked onto the shoulder of the armor. This was like some kind of fucked up version of space invaders, drawing her phaser would take the risk of losing it, so she diverted the suits power to the shields and rode it out.

The suit itself wasn’t horribly damaged, but was not almost entirely depleted on power once she landed, the shields took the brunt of the impacts. She checked Eliana who was a small enough target that she wasn’t injured more than the abject terror of the experience. Amber landed on the ground in a heap, the armor dematerialized shortly after, leaving her in her uniform and laying backward on the ground panting hard.

“Eliana, try to contact Numbus, no try to contact any Solas Tempus contact.”

Zoltan growls and tries punching whoever pulled him into the anomaly. Unfortunately for him the pull was a force and not a person so he swung at nothing. His clothes were pretty durable, specially made for him to be the troublesome kid he was. They got scuffed up but nothing too bad. He himself falls on his face then gets up with a growl to look at where he was.

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While Dominous was ‘asleep’ his chassis banged against debris, but everything else was pretty much fine. When he made it through he smashed into the ground, leaving an imprint and a cloud of dust. His systems are still rebooting after the whole experience so he is still and pretty immovable.

The arrivals would first notice the blistering, oppressive heat that filled the small room they had fallen in. Said room appeared to be constructed out of brick, and judging by the light pouring out of holes in the roof and walls, it was above ground. The air was noticeably dry, and the arrival of the four sent sand spiraling around the interior of the room.

Zoltan looks at the people surrounding him. “okay which one of you did that? I was not gonna break anything I just wanted to know what the walls tasted like.”

Amber stood up then after a few moments, Eliana noted, “I have activated our trans-dimensional beacon, however, I am unable to raise any Solas Tempus ships, stations, or personnel on any frequency. Nor is there any subspace traffic that I’m detecting.” Amber looks at Zoltan, “I don’t believe any of us did, there was an anomaly that formed in the cargo bay.” She frowns at his statement, “Well, lets not taste any walls here, who knows what they might have on them, could be toxic.” She never thought she’d ever have to say that. She tells Eliana, “Keep trying to signal the Ghost Reaver.” The XIA nods and Amber pulls out her tricorder and begins to scan the area. “It’s too hot to stay here for long.”

Dominous’s systems finish their reboot and he stands, looking around the area getting a scan of their surroundings, and making slight adjustments to his servos as needed, he began getting a map of their area, when he hears the conversation between Amber and Zoltan upon hearing Amber’s comment on the heat he begins scanning for openings or weaknesses in the wall where an opening could be made. making notes of what would be needed to help keep them alive, such as water, food, and shelter.

Dominous and Amber’s scans would confirm that the group was in some sort of decayed brick building slightly above sea level. The scan would indicate that there was no natural water source in the surrounding area, and there was a noticeable abundance of salt on the walls and floor of the building. All signs point to the group being within a desert of some sort. Eliana would be able to make an unstable connection with the Ghost Reaver.

“fine fine.” he says and pouts a bit. “anyway where are we it’s damn hot.” Zoltan moves to one of the walls and tries to look out through one of the holes to see where they were and any other places to go. Then he scratches at the brick with his nails trying to gauge how durable the bricks were.

The bricks are fragile from a lack of maintenance and the climate, and flake easily when put up against Zoltan’s nails. The view from the hole shows what looks like a court yard surrounded by similar brick structures. One side of the courtyard has collapsed in on itself, letting Zoltan see the extremely flat landscape beyond.

Eliana looks at Amber, “The Ghost Reaver is responding, but the connection isn’t stable. Trying to get the ships status and location.” Amber looks at her quickly, “Try to get a message for it to home in on our location, I want the ship here. Tricorder isn’t picking up any water, just barren wastelands.” Eliana nods and continues to try to get a clear message through to the Ghost Reaver to autopilot to them, resending the message repeatedly looking for a confirmation message to come back. She had a feeling it wouldn’t be for a while. Meanwhile Amber scans the bricks and the structure to see if blasting a hole in the bricks would compromise the structure and bring it down on their heads. Sweat was beginning to really soak into her hair, she reached up and tied it all into a rough bun on top of her head, securing it with a hair tie from her pocket.

Upon seeing how brittle the bricks are Dominous scans the structure’s integrity and starts simulating a series of options for getting outside of the structure, from smashing the ceiling and then a wall, to having one of the others pilot the suit and grab everyone else and burst out of the wall. He’s silent for the most part, occasionally walking around to asses different parts of the structure, making slight whiring sounds as his servos engage and disengage. He puts the need for fresh water high on his list of resources to locate to help the others survive.

“so let’s say I can cut it, would this come crashing down in us?” he says getting impatient with the waiting and wanting to do something anything

A confirmation message would be sent back to Eliana, indicating that the Ghost Reaver had began to path towards her approximate location in time and space, before it’s signal is cut off by heavy interference.

Amber and Dominous’s scans would indicate that smashing through the wall would bring the whole building down, but there is a section of crumbling wall that shouldn’t collapse in on itself if forced open.

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