Mewen Le Braz - Elder Wizard Character

Mewen loves to teach and pass on his wisdom, having spent most of his life trying to understand the world. He loves to tell stories and hates to be dismissed or not listened to. He’s curious, cautious, and cool under pressure, though he can often seem aloof. He has a childish / silly streak about him and this can come out at inappropriate times. Often in the pursuit of knowledge he can lose sight of the wants / needs of others, which isn’t helped by his tendency to be a loner. Most of the time those around him feel as if he’s in his “own world” separate from the real world around him.

In his spare time he enjoys making things with his hands, particularly origami, knitting, and crocheting. He also has the distinctive habit of almost continuously chewing on or smoking the leaves of the Tabosu plant.


He has always been seen as one of the great scholars and wizards of Elder Soteria though has always been aloof and difficult to work with, though brilliant. As a young man in Elford Keep of the Republic of Atresh he spearheaded some of the most fundamental breakthroughs in understanding magic and Aether. He graduated with honors from the magic academy at Elford Keep and later married the love of his life, Anna, a fellow scholar at the keep. Anna and he were married for 31 years, ending with her death.

The death of Anna was a blow not only to him personally but to his reputation. She died in an accident involving attempting to travel to the astral plane, something for which their colleagues had said was unwise and should not be attempted. Mewen left Elford Keep in disgrace, though eventually made his way to the Souls Templar after a few years of soul searching and wandering. Once at the Souls Templar he was accepted as a Master Wizard among their ranks.


  • Crocheting
  • Knitting
  • Origami
  • Storytelling
  • Wizard / Scholar of Magic Arts
  • Study of Aether (Meta-Magic)
  • Planar Magic
  • Runic Magic (Seals, Sigils, and Runes)
  • Research
  • Teaching

Mewen is particularly gifted in the arts of planar travel and teleportation.


  • Strong Innate Sense of Flows of Aether
  • Magic User