Master Systems AI for Nimbus Station

So, as specifically requested by @cyclops, I am officially submitting my character Neo Akazuli as the MSAI for Nimbus Station.
Since the approval of this some-what revival was already discussed and approved in the past, this post merely serves as a means to follow protocol.

That is approved. Making adjustments to the wiki now.

I’ll reopen this - this character might be moved to Starbase Pandora in the same position.

@Buckethead wanted to maybe take over this position.

I’m happy to check out @Buckethead’s application for this position.

@JumpingScript & @Buckethead
What is the status of this? I’m happy to have Buck play the MSAI of Nimbus or any other facility.

Dunno! @Buckethead still has to submit their character.

Between the two of us, let’s try and talk to Buck next time he’s on.

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I got back with @Buckethead, so now Neo is the MSAI of Serenity Station and Leo is MSAI of Nimbus Station unless you want another location @JumpingScript?

I prefer Pandora over Serenity.

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It’s all updated now,