Mankind's Water Throne

During a routine scan of other universes a curious universe was found. It was earth but nearly 95% of the planet was covered in water rather than 75%. This prompted curiosity from a small team of cultural anthropologists that wanted to study the primitive culture of this water logged earth. They logged a request and given the very primitive state of their technology their request was granted on the condition they would be escorted during the mission by armed guards. As such a call was put out for volunteers to guard, aid the researchers, and if they wanted to study a different aspect of that version of earth.

The meeting was taking place at the conference room as the expected team to go in was not projected to exceed twenty personnel. Currently in the conference room would be the small three person team of cultural anthropologists and two personnel from SPECCOM that were the primary guards. They wait for any volunteers with a presentation ready to go on the large main screen.

//OOC: they will go to kokabiel’s world of origin but this is technically an alternate universe where kokabiel never spliced into the station.

Upon hearing of the opportunity to visit an earthlike planet, 0X-07 floats into the room and finds himself a perch on the ceiling of the room, looking down at everyone, the opportunity to explore and learn more about the world around him, his tentacles are grouped together to prevent him from making a mess, or attracting too much attention to himself, he quietly hopes that it’s okay for him to tag along, he has no idea if Tulip was coming as well or not.

Linda easily came to the conference without hesitation. She had been starved of anything related to her home world, from natural medieval fighting to landscapes pertaining to the landscape and civilization.

Yes, the mission was mainly for nostalgic purposes, but on the station she had nothing to do, as not much trouble broke out. She didn’t want to get rusty

The three scientists one male and two female look at the two volunteers so far and smile. One of the female scientists speaks. “welcome both of you, I assume you are here to volunteer. If you may could you please state what you will be volunteering for?” she had a gentle but straightforward tone and looked like she had more experience than either of her colleagues.

0X looks at the woman speaking. “I can aid in research and data collecting, as well as aid in providing protection and can blend into my surroundings to get closer to populated areas of interest… whatever may be needed at the time.” He states, rather proud of his capabities.

“This team seems very small, and if I’m not mistaken we’re going into an unknown area, documented planetary body or no. It couldn’t hurt to have an extra guard in case things weren’t to go our way” She says, glancing at 0X after she finishes. She was a bit creeped out that he was just chilling on the ceiling, but didn’t think much of it and didn’t show anything

“Frankly yes extra protection would do us wonders even if we are only dealing with a primitive civilization” She says first to Linda then she turns to 0X “We petitioned to have an XIA unit assist us so i think you can take over the functions originally for the XIA.”

“an assistant… alright then” He moves around on the ceiling some more before allowing himself to land on the table, allowing everyone to get an excellent view of what he looks like.

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Linda looks down at 0X for a moment before looking back up at the scientists, “Then I am happy to serve” she says with a small bow and a smile

“Well not exactly an assistant.” She says to 0X
“A little formal but that’s fine.” She says to Linda
“Anyway I’ll give you two a quick rundown of the mission and afterwards wait for anymore volunteers.”

“okay, I look forward to it” 0X says as he turns his attention to the scientists.

“It’s just like to be polite” she says with a casual smile, then going silent to hear the briefing of the mission

"Well from what the drone could capture this world is an early offshoot from our version of earth. Due to some cataclysm most of world is covered by oceans. Despite that human civilization seems to have survived and adapted to it.

Our mission is mostly to go over and observe culture, politics, religion, anthropology stuff. We will also gather geological and biological data as well. But for the most part the focus is on anthropology." She shows a slideshow of picture ms taken by the drone. Vast expanse of ocean, human settlements and human vessels.

“Okay, so what will our specific responsibilities be, I know I’ll be able to adapt, although it may take time to make sure I’m able to do so once we get there” 0X says, he was particularly curious, about what tasks he would perform, as well as he wanted to test and improve his abilities.

“Sounds simple, though knowing how chaotic this side of the universe can be I’m expecting this to be anything but. What seems to be the biggest trouble we’ll have… beyond the ocean-only travel of course”

“Well 0X, you will be kn charge of analyzing samples whether they be physical samples or voice and text samples. Linda, the biggest difficulty we might find would be blending in. It will get easier as we analyze more of the local culture but just remaining incognito will be a large hurdle.”

“Very well” 0X responds simply, as he gets down from the table and onto the floor, where there’s a change in his appearance, untill he’s no longer looking like a large insect but a humanoid machine. Although the appearance seems slightly feminine in apperance. “I will be ready”