Making a series on BU?

So, if you don’t know, I’m a crazy idiot obsessed with the animation program called “MMD” aka "MikuMikuDance’

Currently, i’ve made a lance thomas, drem confoscho and Emily model. I want to make chars like flask, but do take note that some models like lance’s suit form took maybe 30 mins while emily took 6 hours. If you want me to make your char for a small just little series of random things, i’m gonna be working on a ton through this week and next week.

I thing that sounds like it would be fun to post and get more players, potentially. What can we do to help?

If sometime Saturday or Friday, someone is willing to sit down and take maybe 1-2 hours and possibly get on VC with me and search through the MMD gallery with me for different clothing pieces and bases and hair’s, that would be great. I prefer that I work on the editing of the models alone due to having to spend like an hour purely on hair physics and dress bones xD

Well, I’m sure we can make that happen with at least some people, though availability may be an issue. Who do you want to try to do first?

Tonight, I’ll try to work on someone easy. I might even pay someone to make the BU suits.

Not sure yet. Want anyone made?

Well, could go for Sal D’Amico next.

I’ll start working on either casual him tonight or I could also put him in a similar suit

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