Major Plot Arc - Operation Flintlock

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As has been discussed, we are gearing up for a major plot arc to bring Blazing Umbra more aligned with Star Trek canon. A brief recap of this effort is; the Romulan star goes super nova destroyed Romulus in 2387, there is no specific date for this. That is the current in-game year and thus, we are preparing for the Solas Tempus effort to rescue the Romulans. Thanks for Star Trek Picard we have more details on exactly what the Federation response was for this.

This is a call to any and all players who want to participate in this. There will be a number of opportunities for play. We’re going to break up the main event, which will have a Solas Tempus escort fleet as well as a transport fleet. This event has not yet been scheduled, but there are some spots open for this. We need characters to command ships of both the transporters and the escorts to pull off the main event.

The secondary events will be splinters of the main escort force which will proceed to potential threats and (hopefully) neutralize those threats before they get to the main fleet. As such, the plan right now is to get the secondary events rolling before we start the main event, this will allow us to be asynchronous and not have to have everyone online at the same time.

I need volunteers to participate in maybe 3-4 secondary events, which will involve scouting ahead and encountering hostile ships. I am not pre-planning how those events go, and how each of these secondary encounters goes will factor in to the main thread. What this means it that each secondary event will be designed to be a challenge that it is possible to be defeated! There can (if there is interest) be secondary events relating to other issues, such as engineering problems or covert action / recon.

Don’t be quiet about this! If you want to join but aren’t sure what you could do, let the staff know! We can find some way of including you / your characters in the event.

The avali are up to help. Can do recon and help evacuate.

Orn and the Severed Grace could help with escorting and evacuating, their ship is big and hefty. MRB could also easily try to faciliate some of the evacuation process.

I can use Vlad if he has a ship and the Ilundua and their ship.

Alright, I’m going to be working out what kind of missions to send who on, so anyone with an idea as to what kind of mission they want to do should please let me know. More discussions to come!

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