Magic Goes Wrong (Kryter and Artis)

“I’d say pack some warm clothes.” he nods a bit, “We leave tomorrow just after breakfast. Ok?” he asks her.

“oh alright… I’ll have to find some warm cloths first…” Kryter then says

Artis smiles at her, “I’ll see in you in the morning then.” and with that he gets up.

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Act II

The morning came and was a clear crisp day in the mountain forrest town of Whiterage… The sun was rising over the tree tops and an early morning fog permeated the area. Inside the Hearts Refuge Inn the smell and sounds of breakfast filled the air. The smell of bacon, eggs, buttermilk pancakes, and the like fill the air wafting up into the rooms. Artis himself was already up and had packed the few belongings he had left into his chest before having one of the stable boys move it to the horses for a few bits of copper. He also made sure that the barmaid gave the boy and the other stable boys a sweet pastry to eat, but didn’t tell them who it was from.

Kryter had perchued a few supplies with money she had earned working at the inn as well as selling various hides making sure to included a back some warm cloths and a bit of food, she was never really sure if she had everything she needed as she was use to being sure she could hunt for what ever she didn’t have. At this point she heads out into the main room of the inn

Artis is already downstairs and if needed he also tosses a few copper at one of the stable boys to have Kryter’s belongings moved to the stable as well, “Good morning.” he says with a smile to Kryter and asks, “Oh, I never asked, do you travel by horse?”

“mmm… A horse would be much smaller than what I use to ride” Kryter says

He looks at her asking, “What is it you used to ride?” seriously curious now. He could summon his own mount of course but an undead steed would tend to make people upset.

"Back home they are called “EarthWalker"s but I think they would be know around here as Triceratops” Kyter anwsers

He looks at her, “I… Do not believe I have ever heard of those, what do they look like?”

“Uh well giant reptiles with horns for the most part” Kryter anwsers

His eyes go a bit wide, “Seriously?” he says, “That sounds terrifying to ride.”

“I guess thats because you don’t have amy of those here.” Kryter says

“Perhaps I will show you my summoned mount,” he smiles, “It tends to freak most people out though, it can be disturbing to see for the first time.”

“Oh? What is it?” Kryter askes

He chuckles, “Spectral steed, it allows me to summon the essence of a steed to ride, it becomes manifest, but is very much a … kind of ghost.”

“Intresting.” Kryter says

Fast forwarding somewhat… Supplies are gathered, the horses are ready, though the one who has been prepared for Artis does not… Like him very much, but he seems used to it, Kryter’s horse would probably like her just fine, however. He frowns, “Perhaps I may have to summon a steed of my own, it is a long journey to do on foot, though I have done such things in the past.”

“Yeah I have had to foot it through all sorts of environments.” Kryter says reaching tp her horse looking for a place they like to be scratched