Magic Goes Wrong (Kryter and Artis)

Alright, her goes nothing, @Left4Cake

After spending a considerable amount of time in town showing Kryter the basics of magic usage, stressing much like martial arts focus, breathing, meditation and the like Artis finally graduates her to actually starting to use some basic spell work only to find that he doesn’t have the tools he needs in the town. As he explained to Kryter the night before, it was imperative that she make her own spell book, it required ones own magic and was often a first lesson, well preparing to make it. So thus, Artis had gone around town looking for some of the supplies only to be told that the Stowerling Citadel was the nearest place of any size that they would have a chance of getting what they needed.

The Citadel was largely a town built around a garrison used for trade between the neighboring kingdoms, it was operated by the Kingdom of Thaentis as one of the most eastern outposts of the kingdom. Beyond the Erast Forest to the east began the planes that divided Thaentis from the Realm of Dusnain. Though there was nothing directly wrong with going to the other kingdom, Artis had been through it and it was rife with mistrust of outsiders, due to a good number of local troubles of their own.

Upon finding this information out, he stopped by Kryter’s room at the inn that evening and knocked on the door to discuss what they were to do.

Kryter opena the door to greet Artis “Hey, what’s up?” Kryter says sensiong from Aris expression that he has alot to talk about

Artis smiles at her when she opens the door and gives a slight bow, being more formal than usual for some reason, but she would have noticed in their previous dealings that he tended to get more formal at night when propriety had to be maintained. He had in fact mentioned once in passing that in the evening it was best to not appear, too close, in such a small town. He seemed concerned mostly with her reputation, being an old sort that he was. Though he never made any mention of times when she might have a guest in her room even when it might (or might not) be obvious what was really going on. “I believe that for the next step in teaching you, we will need to travel to a larger city, one with better supplies for our work. May I come in?”

“Sure come on in” Kryter says steping out of the way, her room look’s pretty much as it did when she moved into it a side from her staff leaning agesnt a wall, seems she really does tent to limit the amount of things she personaly owns.

He had noticed that she wasn’t the type to be sentimental about most objects. He bows just a bit and enters the room. Once inside her finds a place to sit that isn’t too obtrusive on the space, again being just a bit formal though not overly so. “I think, that it is time to begin building your spell book, which will begin to teach you about material components and how to use them.”

Kryter nods and then askes “Alright. How do spell books work excatly? Am I just discovering how to cast the spells for my self and leaving instruction or is the book it self a key magical compenet in some way”

“A spell book is,” he smiles warmly, “It is like your friend, keeping track of everything you know, but not only that, it is a part of your casting. You record in it how you form your patterns in your mind, the words and material components you use. It is one part journal of your experience and one part living expression of your magic.” he pulls out a book of his own, it is a small book clearly specifically designed to be small, bound in leather. “This is my traveling spell book.” he hands it to her, “Look inside.”

When she looks inside she will see his hand writing in a very lovely but also quick script, rather than the formal script of a proper book it is more personal, she can see he’s written lists of ingredients, crossed things out, made notations about things, given the different shades of ink, it appears as if he’s constantly made refinements to what he knows. “You will eventually have many spell books, and all of them tell a story of how you learn more.” he waits for her to look things over. If she reads it - which he would have taught her how to interpret much of what is in the book. It is clear that he has odd notations on many lines about effectiveness, footnotes on certain lines about subtle movements of hands or exactly where to find certain ingredients. There are notes on his failures as well, extensive notes, some are very personal about helping people or failing to do so. Reading even a few pages of these notes she can get a picture of him going through the countryside on the way here, helping people or at times running from people and having to defend himself.

“A wizard of any kind, is only ever as good as what he or she can learn from when a spell is cast, as there is always something to learn, anyone who cannot see that should be avoided.” he smiles warmly at her, “I don’t think you have that problem.” the way his face looks at that moment is that of an old grandfather, softer and more caring than his usual stoic visage.

OOC1: I’m assuming that they’ve done a lot of mundane stuff prior to this RP beginning, teaching her how to read and write in ancient script and how to do a lot like that, kind of the training-wheels stuff. If you want to go back further, let me know and we can.

OOC2: If you want to have her ask questions about things since we don’t know the contents of the spell book, and I’m not interesting in making them up in detail, you can have her just vaguely point to a page and ask what he means, then I’ll just riff on what he means for the fun of it. It’s up to you, just noting that I don’t expect you to be able to just compose spell shit in lore that isn’t really finished yet.

"So what story does this spell tell then?“ Kryter says pointing to the page that’s open

The spell in question was one of his more basic ones, it would summon a skeleton warrior from the ground, it worked anywhere, even though most places didn’t have buried bones directly below it. No, this one manifested life-energy of the fallen into a warrior that was a complete construct. Oh he could do it with actual bones and it was even simpler, but it took a lot more preparation. He looks over the page and traces his fingers over the notes and annotations, “This, tell the story of hearing of troubles in the West, and traveling there only to find that a great evil had sprung up.” he smiled a bit, “I had to refine my casting time.” he points to places where he made notes about where to move his hands and the like, “I also had to make it more powerful.” and he pointed to this as well.

“Many times I was almost lost in battle when I was too tired to cast it again.” he also made gestures and with each annotation he told an anecdote about it, mostly about being pinned down or running form various creatures that had not been seen here for generations. “I suppose, the land I am from has gotten quiet… Difficult for those who live there.”

“You’ve defetnly learned a lot since then as far I can tell” Kryter then comments looking at the notes

It was true, he had. “I remember, once,” he begins with something specific, “I was pinned inside an old house with these little bastards of tribal creatures around me. They would mob me if I go too close to the door.” he points to one annotation, “That is where I learned to not have to see where I’m casting the spell in order to create a skeleton.”

“I image that comes in quite handy.” Kryter says

He smiles, “It does.” and then looks at her a moment, “You’ve done well so far, I believe that our finding each other must have been some form of fate, as few have the ability to learn this kind of magic.”

“Oh is that so?” Kryter askes “I suppose it makes a bit of sense given how taboo many people make it out to be”

“Well, Necromancy is a dangerous magic, it is dark by its nature and involves a close relationship with death, it is not difficult to turn sides and use it for your own gains. It is very easy, and takes a strong will to not.” He explains to her, “And that is if someone has the aptitude in the first place, among people where I am from for a long time it was not practiced and those with the ability would leave, or face consequences.”

"Yeah I could see it being something society would want ‘under controll’ " Kryter responeds

“So, are you ok with us leaving and heading to the Stowerling Citadel area, to gather what we need for you to start your own book?” Artis asks with a smile.

“Yes. It’s been starring to get a bit boring around here anyway.” Kryter answers

“Alright, so I will see you at the town gate, firs thing. Do you require any supplies before we depart?” he asked starting to get up.

Well, I normall travel light butI am also new to this land so perhaps you’d know better then I, since back home I could get away just brining my staff and hunting as i traveled." Kryter anwsers.