Madison's Madness

Madison was a typical teenager growing up in Việt Nam, with a poor family. She is only 16, but yet she has already completed as much school as she can. You see, if she was at school she could not help with the farm. If she could not help with the farm, her parents would not finish in time before typhoon season rolled around and could kill the crops.

Day after day, she would go out to the field very early in the morning just before the sun came up to pick the rice. She was a beautiful lady, standing at only 5’2" with olive colored skin and black hair that will fit in a nicely made bun. Madison would be in the rice field straight through until lunchtime. Her father was out in the field turning over the soil after the rice was picked to make sure the soil would be ready for next year. Her mother was in the field for a while, then go inside to get some lunch ready for all 3 of them to eat. After lunch, they were right back out picking more rice and turning over the soil.

Madison heard something that was rare in her part of town. A car. The car pulled up in their driveway. She looked up then looked at her father. Her mother and father didn’t seem to notice since they were way out in the field and she was the closest to the house. Madison started to walk over toward the vehicle.

The car was an expensive car, that looked even more out of place in such a rural area. Getting out of the car he was in a cotton light colored suit, the kind of thing you’d see in Cuba or a similar area. It was made to breath but the heat was still oppressive here, looking around. He wasn’t sure who to approach first, the girl, or her parents.

Madison walked up to him, but still leaving a bit of distance between both individuals. She eyed him, taking in his whole figure, fancy suit and glanced quickly at the car. In her broken English “Hello Sir,” as she dropped her head in respect for a moment “what are you here for?”

Meanwhile, her parents were still out in the fields and had no idea the exchange was even being made between Madison and this stranger that was on their property.

He was indeed a tall man, about 6’1", lanky but not in a skinny way just tall, thin with sharp angular features. He was perhaps to the older end of being considered middle-aged. Looking around, his clean-shaven face seemed to already have a light damp sheen over it from the humidity, “You must be?” and he left it was an oddly worded question.

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