Lucky Number 18

The Antarctic winds batter on the sturdy walls of a facility far inland. Officially it doesn’t exist and neither do the people that live and work there. The truth is far from that however and this is Site 18, the largest and most secure facility that Heosphoros has. A place meant to sequester away the most dangerous items and experiments they had. The outside had armed guards patrolling despite the extreme cold present in the Antarctic. A testament to their technological prowess that their equipment allowed them to be able to conquer the elements so completely.

A lone figure stood at least a mile away from the facility, dressed in a white and gray camp as he approached. His cloak blowing in the wind as well as the red scarf he wore around his neck

Because of his large heat signature Kaito would be greeted by a barrage of missiles locked onto his body heat. They are anti-tank missiles.

He takes a breath and slices a few in half with his speed, he then phases through the rest which damages his armor and coat slightly

After a few minutes he would hear the whirling of helicopter blades as two RAH-66 Comanches come over the horizon to engage kaito. They start by firing their 20 mm auto-cannons at him.

Kaito tears off his cloak and tosses it as he rushes forward and jumps into the sky firing off a straight bolt of lightning at one of the helicopters

The chopper that gets hit by the lightning emits smoke from the engines and starts to plummet to the ground. The second chopper takes the opportunity to fire all six of its hellfire missiles at kaito.

Kaito dodges four, and takes the hit from a fifth lighting his armor on fire. He then blows the sixth up before firing a large fireball at the chopper

The chopper dodges and starts firing again with its 20mm auto-cannon.

He roars and flies at it with his sword drawn. He then switches to daemon form and attacks with all his might

Kaito is able to slice the chopper in half and it explodes behind him.

He smirks as he lands back down into the snow and sheathes his sword

After he lands back on the snow gunfire opens up against him, at first it is just sniper fire. Ad he would approach more types of firearms would be used including auto cannons.

“I would think they’d be smarter” he muttered to himself as he dashed forward towards the base at top speed, body flickering away from rounds and phasing through them as well

Once he is within several hundred meters of the base he activates a trap. Blue energy surrounds him like a force field to keep him there while a secondary device comes alive. It starts a chain reaction that eventually causes a small scale singularity.

Kaito roars as he pushes into controlled berserker form and attempts to take control of reality with his rinne Sharingan

The singularity fizzles out and the blue energy fades away. However it is not before a beam of protons going at .99c are fired at Kaito from an experimental particle cannon.

He roars louder and attempts to phase through the attack, steam and black blood pouring from his body as he struggled to feed himself

He is partially successful taking some damage in the process. The machine itself burns itself out as it fired and the soldiers had already evaced into the base sealing it off.

“ILL KILL YOU ALL!” He screams as he glows silver and burst into another form, the sins of the creator, his powers have increased by atleast 5