Lost in space (Open Ended)

Commando droids aboard Magnificent tore their way across stormtroopers sent to stop them on their way to engineering. expecting Imperials to be prepeared few put on armors from dead troopers to get behind enemy lines, after adjusting their vacabulators they ran in front of main group.

Disguised droids attempted to get behind defence line to attack stormtroopers from behind when main force arrives

On bridge of venator fleet commander looked in fear as one of CR-90s rammed into Arquintenes. it was The Alderaan he sighed, just before one of officers reported

“Escape pods from corvette!”
Commander turned around
“Launch recovery shuttles, assign Yellow squadron to defend them. Recall green squadron, rearm them with Ion bombs from protons. i want that munificent off the battle. Turbolaser batteries 1 and 2 target Arquintenes. lets help those CR-90s, main ion batteries keep pounding munificent. Com, message to freedom break out few more Drochs, send them as distraction at Munificent when bombers approach, they can fill them with clankers if they want to score golden hit at that ship”

“aye aye sir”

Missilies would start hitting Venator as it shield flickered but kept on
“Shields at 10%!”

Freedom wasnt as lucky, missiles impacts broke through hull, making breach suck out part of crew before it lights flicckered off, it core overloaded and turned off

Meanwhile invincible lived up to it name as missiles impacted it shield
“Shields at 60% captain, we got burnout in one of Ion cannons and 3 turbolasers but engineers are working on it”
“Girl lives up to her name, give them hell lads”

Incincble’s cannons moved from Magnificent to De Grace joining bombardment from all other ships

Y-wings on approach to freighter suddenly broke off and started going back to Venator, at same time one of X-wing squadrons broke off from engaging Tie fighters and moved toward escape pods which started to get approached by few Nu-class assault shuttles which had red cross painted on wings, to mark them as recovery crafts, any scan would show those nu’s are unarmed. they would start picking up pods to return them to Venator bay

At same time majority of Rebel forces was keeping on fighting Imperial crafts and ships, bombers kept on pelleting freighters and corvettes while line ships switched their fire

few of majestic batteries switched fire to Arquintenes while rest continued to barrage De Grace.

Freedom paused fire for second as few more Droch ships left launchers, at same time as Y-wings that returned to venator took off again, heading stright toward De Grace. Droh assault pods would fly way they get more attention than Y-wings hopefully letting them bomb munificent with Ion charges

“Yellow squadron on approach, shields to full front, target hull”

“TAKE COVER” rebel marines scattered taking cover from barrage of fire that welcomed them as they crossed doorway

“grenades!” explosion would throw bunch of marines into walls, reliving them of burder of life.

“they are comming closer”

“they have perfect ambush here and we are sitting ducks, of course they are coming closer dumbass. Gunship Theta we need covering fire for extraction”

One of LAATs approached door hovering low over deck to cover marines falling back to second one more in back that was ready to take off.

“Gunship Theta on station”
gunship faced front to door enemy was approaching giving both side gunners ability to target enemy

Rebel marines would start falling back toward gunship that was prepearing to lift off as soon as they are aboard, they couldnt break throguh defence line with numbers and equipment they have,

The droids would slowly approach the rebel borders, killing any who were on the ground while the Stormtroopers slowly advance from the rear, giving the heavily armored droids support from the rear as they would near to the hangar but stop short away from the entrance as they receive a transmission from the bridge.

The bridge of the De Grace shook again, sparks flying from several unmanned consoles, signaling to Sora that wasn’t a good sign one bit. Gritting her teeth, she barks out another to her engineers in the engineering bay of the Munificent.

“Activate backup generator, full power to forward shields and focus forward firepower on that Venator!”

“Aye, ma’am!”

In a surprising turn of events, the moment the De Grace second or back up reactor of the same model as its primary reactor sprang to life, supplying the entire ship with fresh energy, most of it going to the De Grace shield’s, filling it back up as its levels from the measly 18% due to the constant barrage suddenly jump up to 68% and steadily rising back up.

Meanwhile, the remaining energy from the main generator when to the weapon systems at the front, fueling the ion cannons with energy once more as the anti-capital ship weapon roars out in defiance at the Rebels capital ships, immediately after firing two Ion shots at the Invincible, the Heavy twin-linked Turbolaser firing several consecutive shots.

As this happened, the Fury at the same time unleashes its volley of high powered Ion shots and plasma fire from its main twin-link Turbolaser cannon followed by the rain of smaller turbolaser fire from multiple forward-facing light twin-turbolaser cannons. Though the Fury wasn’t done showing her wrath and by living up to her namesake, the missile silos located all around her hull open up, launching another massive volley of a hundred ship-to-ship missiles at the Magnificent and the Invincible.

The Stormtroopers guarding the entrance to the Star Destroyer’s main reactor would soon see a group of stormtroopers approaching them, it was suspicious to the good captain as he subtly signaled one of his men to override the lock of the thick durasteel blast doors that separated them from the engine room. He didn’t remember asking for reinforcement and the appearance of this supposed group was fishy at best.

The captain would then shout out at the stormtroopers who were a couple of meters away down the hallway with keyword and countersign shared only amongst the crew of the Magnificent. “Star! Star or we will fire upon you!”

On bridge of Venator, Commander looked at incoming bolts of fire from De Grace.
“Brace for impact! Engineering when are we getting hyperdrive?”

Venator shook as first bolts reacher it shield
“Shields down to 10%! one more hit like that and they are done” - yelled one of officers
Engineering responded after few seconds
“10 more minutes sir”

“Chief, we might not have 10 minutes.” Commander responded watching incoming missiles

“Lancer 3 through 5, begining finnal attack run then rtb to rearm”
3 Y-wings approached freighter from below to evade AA fire and released their bombs at final moment then started flying towards fleet, one of them suddenly loosing engine and spiraling out of control hitting wreck of another fighter

meanwhile X-wings from Yellow squadron just left Venators hangars
“Yellow squadron free of hangar, conner nets ready. God spead and lets try to get those missiles, those are last nets guys so make them count”
Yellow painted x-wings moved to intercept missiles,trying to fry them with Conner net canisters, to lower threat to venator.

Rebels aboard De grace took defensive positions near gunships, hoping to get droids under fire from ball turrets, and to be able to continue mission, they were ready to evacuate. Using gunships for firesupport was their best shot after all

Zune remained aboard one of gunships but due to lack of proper equipment - namely any body armor or something more than handblaster - decided to not partake directly in battle, she would just get mowed down by droids or stormies if she poke out in bright orange flight suit

Commando droids reacted fast, not knowing password they decided tp act faster than stormtroopers and dashed forward trying to get past blast door before enemy is able to close it, while at same time blasting at troopers closest to controls, they were closely followed by undisguised droids.

One of droids threw thermal detonator at stormtroopers carefully to not hit engineering control panel with blast, it was clear droids want it alive for whatever reason

Two out of the four Arquetins tasked to defend the freighters were out of the action leaving the other two to face off the remaining Rebel blockade runners and waves of Rebel bombers and fighters, their laser cannons still firing in short intervals.

One of them would launch a series of concussion missiles from its port and starboard mounted torpedo launchers directly at the closest CR90 corvette. The other Arquitens would then focus its laser and turbolaser fire on the oncoming Y-Wings. Though two out of the three freighters would assist the Arquitens, using its top-mounted turbolaser cannons.

“Ma’am, security cameras in Hangar Bay 2 shows there’s a rebel occupied LAAT/i gunship. Our marines can’t advanced.”

Scowling at the intruders’ boarding craft, Sora was quick to issue a command as her mind swiftly came up with a solution to deal with the heavily armed gunship “Activate security turrets H3 to H15!”

“Aye ma’am. Hangar security turrets activating.”

Inside the hangar, a series of turrets whirred to life, lowering themselves from the ceilings above the rebel boarders. Each armed with medium laser cannons, upon activation their optical receptors listed the hangar occupants IFF tags, swiftly differentiating friend and foe alike within seconds.

Immediately the automated cannons targeted the biggest threats, focusing their fire on the hovering LAAT/is while those furthest from the gunship would instead focus fire on the rebel marines inside the hangar.

Back in the void of space, the wave of concussion missiles launched from the Fury race towards the Freedom and Invisible though most were intercepted by the conner nets deployed by the X-Wings, distant explosions of the warheads detonating could be seen stretching across the gap between both the imperial and rebel fleets.

This deterred the Imperial fleet little as the Fury unleashes another barrage of heavy turbolaser fire from its massive forward bow cannon, followed up with a volley of its forward twin-turbolaser cannons.

The De Grace would follow up with a similar volley of turbolaser fire like the Fury, still focusing its fire on the Venator class in front of her. Though the Magnificent moved forward, its engine at full burn seemingly setting the massive ship in a collision course towards the Freedom.

the stormtroopers guarding the reactor room reacted swiftly and with equal fervor, firing their blasters down the hallway where the Commando droids charge down, expertly dodging their shots. The E-Web cannon mounted would also do the same, downing some of the droids but its service time was short-lived as one of the Commando droids expertly tossed a Thermal detonator, landing right in between the E-Web cannon crew and the surrounding guards.

The Thermal Detonator ignited with a brilliant explosion of smoke and shrapnel, killing and maiming the surrounding stormtroopers, severely cutting down the guards’ manpower to properly defend the reactor room entrance as the rest were slowly slaughtered by the Commando droids

One of the injured stormtroopers would pull out his only Thermal Detonator, priming the explosive in his hand in hopes of destroying the door controls to further deny the commando droids their objective.

CR-90 captain looked at incoming bolts “Shields to port, Brace for impact!”
Turbolasers hit shields of blockade runner, dropping them to zero, next hit impacted at hull breaking off chunk of corridor, few vented bodies flew into space. Ship returned fire and turned around to try retreating, while trying to route power to shields to give them time to flee.

At same time Y-wing squadrons would continue harrasing Arquintins with Ion and proton bomb, while some X-wings moved to carry strikes on freighters that were engaging in combat to disable them

one of LAAT pilots noticed security turrets activating
“oh for emperors sake, INCOMING”

Blast hit gunship that lost control falling onto deck, hiting other one on way
crashing, first gunship turned to side, crushing one of side gunners under itself

other gunship exploded after another turret hit it into missle compartment

Two people crawled out of flipped craft, one stayed at wreck using it as cover, other one walked toward stormtroopers, no blaster in his hand, but a silver cilinder
When turrets fired at him he turned lightsaber on and leaped away from fire, deflecting any shot he could

Few remaining marines ducked down behind cover when turrets engaged, effectively stopping them from suppressing entrance, one of them pulled PLEX launcher from his back, trying to find opening in turret fire to shoot rockets at them

Jedi provided that, as some turrets focused on him, trooper would rise and aim at turret, before shooting missile at it, and ducking to reload, all while rest of marines fired blindly from behind cover, to give him any covering fire.

“Incoming fire sir, they continue barrage at us, pretty sure they figured out we are lead ship” said officer on Venator looking at his screen “Orders?”
Ship shook at hits, then suddenly shields went down, turbolasers hitting hull of glorified aircraft carrier used as battleship

“Engineering, hyperdrive?” asked Captain to his comlink
“5 minutes sir, thats least i can give you”
“Lets hope this old lady has enough strength to hold so long. What about Freedom?”
“they are trying to repair their reactor, but expect they will need to abbandon ship due to damage”
“keep shuttles on standby, i want to pick them up asap if they use lifepods”
“yes si- oh god, that star destroyer, its going- its going to ram Freedom”
“Focus fire on its drive, retask B-wings and Gold squadron of Y-wings, i want that ship stopped”

Ship shook again as next bolts hit its naked hull, alarms blazing
“and someone turn off that damn alarm”

At same time, Invincible kept using it arnament to harras Magnificent, trying to slow its down, joined shortly after by friendly neighbourhood venator, that gave DeGrace pause from main body of fire, but it was something that had to be done to protect other ships, venator still had fight in itself

One of commando droids noticed stormtrooper pulling out thermal detonator, and quickly calculated facts
there were many droids that could fullfill his duties during boarding, BX-191821-2 was expendable, but doors would take too long to cut for other units, attack must continue before enemy organize counterattack. Only logical outcome was self sacrifice

commando droid leaped forward forcefully removing grenade from stormtrooper possesion, then leaping away, curling up in air to contain explosion as much as possible

Other droids continued to storm reactor room, as well as prepearing for inevitable counterattack.

The Arquintin cruiser responsible for one of the CR90 continued to focus fire on the remaining CR-90, launching another salvo of concussion missiles from their starboard and port side, wanting to finish it off so it could focus on the next Blockade Runner.

Seeing the proton and ion bombs making their way towards the Freighters, the Wulf activated its ECMs in an attempt to throw off the Y-Wings payload as the cruisers receive report that needed three more minutes until they got their engines and hyperdrive back up and running while the last freighter of the bunch has fully rigged itself to explode and was in the process of evacuating themselves from the ship with several pods launching from the cargo ship and making their way towards the other freighters.

As the X-Wings close in on the convoy once more, laser fire zipped past the cockpit glass of one of the X-Wings, narrowly missing the fighters as surviving TIE Interceptors were trying to intercept the X-Wing fighters and hopefully buy the needed time for the Freighters to get out of dodge.

As the Jedi destroyed several of the hangar defense turrets, several more would activate to take their place, focusing the fire on the jedi in hopes of overwhelming the jedi with the rate of fire while the marines and droids along with other defense turrets nowhere near the jedi to be effective focus on the rebel boarders, some tossing grenades towards rebel cover

Given the thick turbo laser fire on the Magnificent hull, it did little to deter the ISD from straying its path towards the Rebel fleet as its thick forward armor combined with its dwindling shield absorbed the high powered shots of rebel turbolaser as it closes in.

Though as the Magnificent closes in, the Fury and De Grace moved up a bit, trailing slightly behind the ISD while still giving the charging Star Destroyer cover with their massive forward Heavy Turbolaser cannon and another missile barrage upon the opposing Providence Class ships.

The grenade detonated, completely destroying the Commando droid but sending hot shrapnel at all directions, hitting both droids and organics alike. Though a large piece of a metal belonging to the torso of the sacrificed commando droid went flying towards the door control panel, embedding itself into the panel disabling it permanently.

“missiles! brace for impa-”
CR-90 exploded in ball of fire before her CO could finish, as remaining ones started falling back to larger ship. this engagement turned out to be more deadly than initially expected by command and rebels started getting ready to bail out.

another CR-90 shuddered as it shields dropped
“This is Trojan, we are under heavy fire from arquintens, our shields are down”

“Trojan, Blue leader. we are coming in to assist, stand by”

Wing of B-wings left formation with other crafts to provide help to corvettes

“Red squadrons, look out for those interceptors, enagage at will. protect the bombers”

X-wings moved away from their attack run, trying to get Interceptors in their sights, while remaining Y-wings continued their attack runs at transport ships, to keep them disabled.

in hangar bay of munificent jedi comtinued to protect his fellow rebels

but given enough fire, even jedi is bound to fail
at first it was one blaster hitting him, then another caused him to drop saber
and when that happened he was hit again falling to groundz his lightsaber rolling away.
he was alive, but out of combat

seeing that boarding team decided to surrender, with that they may at least live to see next day.
marines rose their hands above cover hoping that vessel CO is not execution platoon happy

"Commander it's going to hit us!" screamed one of bridge officers "engineering, status?" captain asked over coms "no go sir, we need few minutes more"

Captain sighed then turned around
“All hands abandon ship. save yourselfs”

as everyone started going to escape pods he sat at helm. Venator still had munitions
and sublight engines
operating console he ordered droids to move bombs to forward fuel tank area and pumped all fuel there. ship didn’t stand a chance if it’s get rammed and sublight won’t move them fast enough.

when he recived confirmation escape pods are being launched and bombs are armed and in place…

… he set sublight engines to flank speed, counter ramming ISD.

Escape pods and shuttles started leaving venator, heading to last hyperspace capable vessel the Invincible, which kept living up to it's name.

ex-CIS Starship turned about to leave combat preparing to jump to hyperspace

inside ISD, commando droids continued their attack at imperial position, many damaged by explosion of their comrade but they pushed on they felt no pain they felt no remorse they felt no anger

they were a methodic killed with one mission, secure enginnering

Despite detecting the B-Wings en-route towards the two remaining active Arquintens cruisers, the Wulf ignored the approaching B-Wings instead focused on the approaching Y-Wings attempting another bombing run on the cargo freighters. As the Wulf focused all of top its cannons on the Y-Wings, its sister-ship, the Seeker would drop its assault on the retreating Blockade Runners and assist the Wulf in taking down the approaching Y-Wings.

The commanding officer of the Seeker swiftly ordered the bridge crew to activate the ship’s ECM Suites to throw off the enemy guided ordinance and armaments of their target.

As the two remaining Arquintens did their very best to hold off the Y-Wings, the TIE Interceptors switch their attention to the Y-Wings and move to pursue and intercept their new targets, ignoring the X-Wings completely though some of the flight wings broke off formation to occupy the X-Wings to give the other interceptors some breathing room.

Meanwhile, the Arquintens moved up, trying to position themselves in between the transport ships and the approaching rebel bomber,s pumping out as much turbolaser fire between them and the rebel bombers.

“This is C4CT-267822, our hyperdrive and sublight engines are up and running! I repeat, Our hyperdrive and sublight engines are up and running!”

“This is C4CT-267822, our hyperdrive and sublight engines are up and running! I repeat, Our hyperdrive and sublight engines are up and running!”

Hearing those words, Sora felt a wave of relief wash over her shoulders after hearing the good news, the Imperial Naval Officer was quick to issue the order as her main objective was the protection of the Freighters and their humanitarian cargo to the Imperial Colony.

“This is De Grace, move towards sector grid AB-23-51 for emergency hyperjump! The Arequintens will provide cover, we’ll deal with the Rebel scum ships.”

Upon receiving Sora’s orders, the freighters sunlight engines roared to life once more, pushing the three now mobile ships forward with its two Arequintens cruisers escorting them, using themselves as improvised shields against any sort of attacks.

Inside the ISD and to their luck, the doors never fully shut but partially leaving an opening large enough for the droids to crawl through it with ease and to achieve their objective.

Y-wings rear gunner turned to TIEs, firing their ion cannons to disable pursuers, while X-wings divided, some from squadron stayed behind to fight interceptors while others pushed more power to engines to assist bombers.

Y-wing piloting was known to be death sentence, but their pilots continued on, even in face of AA fire from Arquintenes.

At same time, B-wings started using their ion cannons on Arquinteneses, to limit ammount of fire sent at y-wings, hoping to limit casualties.

Rebel pilots started calculating jumps to hyperspace, waiting for Invincible to pickup escape pods

Commando droids, after taking over main engineering would attempt to vent whole ship, if that would fail they would begin self destruct sequence, firing off escape pods remotely and locking down hangars.

Ion rounds fired from the Y-Wing rear gunners would hit some of the trailing interceptors, putting them out of commission from the battle as well as making them easy targets for the approaching X-Wing fighters. The other TIE Interceptors would evade the shots, returning fire with their laser cannons, focusing their fire on the engines of the Y-Wing fighters.

As the Interceptors close into the bombers, the two remaining Arquintens cruisers would ignore the B-Wings completely in favor of shooting down the approaching Y-Wings, even though their shields were greatly weakened from the Ion rounds that landed on their shielded hulls.

The security detail assigned to the bridge, after attaching emergency rebreathers kept their blasters trained on the sealed bulkhead door that was the ISD bridge entrance, waiting for the boarders to break through the door.

Some of the Stormtroopers stationed there would hug the wall close to the bulkhead door, blaster pointed at the sealed entrance.

“Brace!” Scremaed one of y-wing pilots as his craft got hit, spiraling out of control out of formation and soon after exploding, shrapnel causing damage to two other crafts, but they pushed on

X-wings would destroy disabled TIEs before conitnuing their attack on interceptors chasing Y-wings, while B-wings continued plastering Arquinteness with Ion cannons

Squad of commando droids moved from engineering to bridge fighting any patrols on way, stealing few grenades and started forcing doors open. Securing Bridge would help a lot in fight

After door were slightly opened, they would toss one of grenades in, aiming it to not damage bridge computers

The Interceptors continued with their pursuit of the bombers, woefully ignoring the trailing X-Wings behind them as the TIE pilots continued to pour laser fire upon the Y-Wings.

The Arquintens continued did the same as the TIE Interceptors, focusing all of their AA fire on the Y-Wings, seeing them as the biggest threat towards the freighters out of the other approaching star-fighters approaching them.

“Grenade!” The stormtroopers evaded or rolled away to avoid the blast radius as the device exploded sending low-velocity shrapnel to all directions. Enough time for the droids to enter the bridge and begin their objectives in taking the ISD bridge.