Lost in space (Open Ended)

Seating on the command seat, casually drumming her gloved fingers on the metal handrest of the command seat with a seemingly bored look, lazily monitoring the bridge crew of The De Grace minding about with their duties. Looking back at the calm blue expanse of Hyperspace, Sora resisted the urge to yawn and instead focus back onto the monitors connected to the chair.

Despite the sheer boredroom she and a couple of others were facing, the Imperial Captain decided to distract herself with the same mission brief sent to her days ago on her command monitors.

The mission; Escort three Class Four Container Transports to the outlying colonies in the Outerrim to provide Humanitarian aid to the colonist and if possible eliminate the local gangs and pirates there while their forces consist of a single Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer, Two remodeled Munificent-Class Star Frigates and Four Arequitens-Class Cruisers. A sizeable Escort fleet if she asked herself that.

And to be honest, Sora didn’t mind taking the Escort mission. She could use a break from the excitement she had to deal with when it came to finding rebels or dealing with large pirate fleets. Her thoughts soon ended having noticed one of her crew members approach with a report.

“What is it?”

“Ma’am, we’re coming out of hyperspace with the rest of the fleet just outside of the Abrion sector.”

“This early? Why are we stopping just outside of the sector we’re supposed to arrive at?” She asks, her eyebrows were raised in confusion yet curious as to the reason behind it.

“I received a transmission from Admiral Khan from the ISD Magnificent detailing that he was informed by the crew of one of the Container Transport that they notice something was off with their Hyperdrive and requested permission to exit with the fleet to check their Hyperdrive for any issues to avoid any unfortunate accidents and was approved.”

Stroking her chin, Sora inquired further. “Have the others been informed?”

“Yes, ma’am. ISD Magnificent contacted and informed the rest of the fleet of this development and are now exiting hyperspace as we speak.”

Nodding once more, Sora would give her arms a quick stretch, flexing her finger a bit before sitting up straight in a dignified manner. “Alright people, you know the dance, once we exit out of hyperspace, I want our shields raised, point defense hot, TIEs ready for immediate deployment and perimeter patrol and our Stormtrooper contingent prep for any boarding parties. Get to it, people!”

The crew would simply shout out confirmation of their orders, proceeding to perform their duties with high degrees of professionalism. Having worked under Sora for a good three and a half years, they all come to known Sora being a rather cautious woman, usually taking precautions in every mission they participated in.

Soon enough, their view of the blue expanse starts to stretch out with white lines, signaling them of the ship’s exit from light speed to real space.

The moment they exited hyperspace, the crew was greeted with the usual black inkiness of realspace that was always complimented with the dazzling stars painting the black canvas around them. Soon enough, they would start seeing their comrade ships appearing and exiting from hyperspace with soft thumps that could be felt inside of the bridge. In an instant, the fleet was in formation, the cargo transports in the middle, two Arequitins Class at the front with the rest spaced to cover parts of the fleet, each Munificent Class Star Frigates stationed on each side to cover the transports and lastly at the rear end of the Fleet was the one and only Imperial-II Star Destroyer.

“All ships reporting in ma’am”

Smiling to herself, she had a feeling two of her good friends and fiancees; Akari and Yu who were in the same fleet did the same thing as her.

Though she had a gut feeling that something was going to happen.

Seating in her own Commander seat, Akari was looking at her troops. her face devoid of emotions before looking at the Monitors. she had been in action along with Sora for quite some time. the Escort mission was a rather well deserved break if she was being honest. but noticing one of her crew members she looked at them


“Captain, we’re almost out of the hyperspace with the rest of the fleet just outside the Abrion sector.”

“This quick? well…i didn’t expect that but why are we stopping just outside?” she asked wanting to know the reason behind it. hearing the debrief about Commander Khan’s transmission she nodded at that. “I see…were the others informed?” hearing his words once more she nodded

“Alright then. prepare the shields. straight to protocol i don’t want anything going out of line. i don’t want us getting screwed over with a surprise attack when we could had prevented it. the rebels will always have a chance to have a jump on us.” her scarred eye was also the reason of a rebel attack afterall when she was a child. “Deploy the peremiter patrol as well as contingency in case something bad happens.” her command was smooth and precise. they already know the drill and she was just giving them a quick reminder. while she was strict with them they knew she was caring.

Hearing their shout of confirmation and proceeded to work like a well oiled machine she smiled at the satisfaction they are giving her. Three years working under Akari. they could see what was hidden beneath the shell. while she is just as cautious and skilled in combat she was rather responsible in helping the crew. making sure that everyone was treated equally without discrimination. her heart filled with kindness as she tries to help anyone she can under the hidden guise of a cold heart. the mission they take in, they would fight for Akari while Akari would fight for them. any casualties they gain the woman would stop and give them a proper burial or mourn at the lost.

Soon enough, their view of the blue expanse starts to stretch out with white lines, signaling them of the ship’s exit from light speed to real space.

Seeing that she wasn’t the first and saw Sora’s ship she smiled a much more genuine one before seeing another more presumably Yu’s. with Sora being the first she couldn’t help but grin now

“All ships reporting in Captain.”

While hearing that she nodded before her eyes hardened. as much as she wanted to talk to them they can’t just yet. something tells her that something bad is gonna happen and she always listens to her gut

“Men call me paranoid but i need you all to be on your feet. Make sure that you all are prepared at all times. we’re a family and we make sure that we’re all prepared to protect each other.”

A group of Y-wings exited hyperspace and directed toward imperial fleet.

They turned toward imperial formation and started heading toward ships, some headed toward transports, some toward line ships, they would keep as tight formation as safely possible to defend each other from TIEs

Zune and her wingman homed in onto one of transports and speed towards it

Flicking switch in cockpit gave confirming beep as Proton bombs were armed, now just waiting game untill Y-wings reach imperial fleet and people start dying, regrettable but needed, after all it’s war.

“One for you, one for you, bombs for every of you” - she muttered turning on targeting computer

If ties would approach formation of bombers they would be greeted by ion cannons located behind cockpit controled by ships astromechs

“Ma’am, we’re detecting numerous hyperspace activity coming from our starboard.” One of her bridge bunnies reported, drawing the young captain’s attention.

“What do you mean?” Sora asks, her eyes narrowing at the report given to her. It had been a few minutes in real space for the fleet as reports, it felt rather coincidental that the ship powerful sensors picked it up on their radar.

“Hyper whales?” The good captain asked again. Wondering if was those gasbags being one of the few creatures in space capable of FTL travel.

“Negative ma’am, bio-scans show noth-wait! Several contacts just appeared and closing in fast with energy levels rising!”

Sora’s eyes widen, realizing the sudden danger and realization those were Rebel ships. “Sound the fleet!”

“Too late ma’am!”

“Firing point defense!”

“Their coming too fast!”


She also received the news. she made sure that everything was already prepared as Akari sounded her own fleet. “MEN PREPARE FOR COMBAT. NO ONE IS GONNA DIE HERE WHILE WE CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. THOSE WHO ARE UNPREPARED FOR THE ASSAULT MAKE SURE TO ASSIST THEM WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT.” she screamed out. standing as she commanded her men. her soldiers. her family. “Make sure that everyone and the Cargo are safe and sound.”

Y-wings would disperse to attack few targets, one group would focus on bombing freighters other went for capital ships using ISDs lack of AA cover to deal as much damage as possible, last group went for munificent frigates, trying to destroy their engines to stop them from leaving system, pilots were avoiding areas with high AA concetration to avoid being shot down.

Zune started lock-in on at one of freighters and as soon as she was in range she pressed button to drop proton charges. She and other groups were supposed to do as much damage as possible and grapevine told that they might even get some more friendly ships at some point

After she dropped first bombs zune broke off and dived lower to prepare for another attack run, R5 gave few Ios salvos from rear turret into freighter

With the Y-Wings splitting off into several smaller wings, each with a task of their own, the Ion torpedo volley they sent out would make their marks on the Freighters, disabling their engines, shields generators, weapon systems and other essential systems of the ship leaving them adrift. Though the other ships had their shields already up but were trying their best to avoid the oncoming Ion torpedoes.

The Zephyer, an Arequitens-class was too slow to avoid the oncoming onslaught as four of the fifty Ion torpedoes detonates across the bow of the ship, the first two Ion bombs drained her shields completely leaving her to expose to the last two which completely crippled her, leaving the ship completely adrift in the void of space.

Her sister ship, the Seeker would suffer the same fate but to a lesser degree as her point-defense system took care of half of the incoming torpedoes lessening the damage where she was running with half of her engines working. The rest of the Arequitens would come out unscathed and immediately perform AA screening, their quad-link laser cannons firing upon the nearby Y-Wings trying to get close to the Cargo ships. Trying their best to defend them.

Meanwhile ISD Magnificent had already deployed a good portion of its fighter complement ranging from TIEs and Interceptors while Bombers remain in her hangars due to them being unsuitable for the task. Though due to its large size and lack of point-defense, the ship would take the brunt of Ion torpedoes, tanking them though at the cost of some of the armaments being disabled hence losing a portion of her firepower.

The bridge of the De Grace shook from the impact as the torpedoes slam into the ship’s deflector shield, Sora greeted her teeth, glaring at the Y-Wings zooming past her bridge as if mocking her and her crew. Tempering her anger, she quickly shouts out to her crew.


“Shields are still holding! 65% left!”

“We can’t deploy our fighters ma’am! The Ion torpedoes disabled several subsystems.”

“Weapons systems still at 100% and hot!”

“Engines are still in the green zone!”

Sora clicked her tongue at the news of being unable to deploy her fighter complement as the Ion torpedoes disabled the De Grace hangar doors from opening, thankfully her ship weapons were still 100% functional.

“Perform intense AA sweep! Switch to flak to throw them off!”

“Yes, ma’am! Switching to flak!”

“Communications status of the fleet!” She barked out.

“Zephyer is currently crippled, all systems disabled, the cargo ships as we-scratch that one of the Freighters lost her rear flank engine! Seeker is running on half power trying but is still providing AA cover along with the Autumn and Wulf! Still trying to get reports from the Fury and Magnificent!”

Hearing the news, Sora internally sighed in relief as the Autumn, Yui’s ship remained untouched and was trying her best to defend the Freighters containing humanitarian supplies. Though the thought of the Rebel Alliance attacking Humanitarian Cargo ships filled her with anger.

“Make sure to give them some support, though focus on those Y-Wings trying hit our blindspot!”

“Aye captain! Focusing fire on oncoming bombers!”

Just they said, the Munificent 40 point-defense laser cannons and 8 flak cannons immediately target the nearby Y-Wings, filling the space around the ship with deadly anti-starfighter lasers and explosive flak clouds to deter them from coming.

as luck would had turn out for Akari. it seems she was still fully functioning but her shield took quite a hit lowering it to 50% from the sudden attack. she had sent out her forces quite earlier and luck gave way to it as they started protecting the cargos as well as targeting the Y-Wings. she would back up Sora with her unable to send troops she thought she needed assistance. it was times like these that their bonds would really transcend. the fact that they know the situation and what the others think it was something Akari and Sora could do and to some smaller extent Yui as well. “boys if you die on us. you die knowing that you have protected us. and for that i am thankful. try not to die though.” she said softly at the end. she truly cared about all her crew afterall

“Lookout, those frigates are firing flak and point defence”
“Copy, focus on freighters, dont group up and for force sake dont get yourself killed, put power to shields. I’ll try to organise some support for those frigates”

Y-wings would turn about, dispersing to give more targets to fire at, focusing on freighters, giving more power to shields to make flights safer, they continued to use Ion cannons againts any incoming fighters and freighters

Y-wing flight began another attack run onto freighters dropping another set of proton charges.

Zune flicked switch, moving power partially from weapeons to engines and shields, to get some more speed to escape fighters and rain of death comming from munificents, she began her approach and when in possition pressed button dropping charges onto freighter close to one of munificents

The flak fire coming from the De Grace and around the Y-Wings only further intensified as they fly closer to the freighters in hopes of deterring the bombers to change their flight path away from the supply ships and to focus on the Munificent Star Frigates. Some detonating close to the bombers as high-velocity shrapnel embedding themselves into the armor plating with pings echoing through the interior of the Y-Wing bombers.

As the Y-Wings flew around the dark void avoiding AA fire and would try to launch a torpedo or two at the freighters and their remaining Arequitens escorts, a swarm of TIE Interceptors deployed from Akari’s ship would ambush the Y-Wings blind-spot below after having deployed a portion of their payload upon the freighters.

“Engaging ECMs captain!” One of the Electronics warfare specialists shouted out inside the small bridge of the Autumn. An Arequitens class.

“Good.” The young female captain stated with a grim smile, having coordinated with the active freighters and remaining sister ships to activate their ECM suites in the nick of time, disrupting the targeting system of the incoming proton torpedoes causing the bombs to suddenly spin out of control swirling around and detonating harmlessly in space.

“Focus fire on the closest Y-Wings, give our fly-boys some support.” She ordered.

“Aye captain!”

Immediately the top pair of laser cannons twirls, facing the ship’s starboard, trailing a small wing of Y-Wings and open fire, spewing green beams at the speeding bombers while some were trailed by Akari’s TIE Interceptors and for Zume’s case, a group of 4 TIE Fighters chasing her tail, taking pot-shots at her rear engine units as well as closing in on her tail. The TIE pilots weren’t slouches either, communicating with one another.

Though unknown to them, Zume’s comms would beep, informing one thing that would make a girl happy.

Rebel reinforcements have arrived.

“Lancer leader to squadron tracking Friendly signatures exiting hyperspace”

Small fleet left hyperspace composed of few older ships
Venator ‘RAS Majestic’, two providence class ships one on each side of venator the “Freedom” and “Invincible” few CR-90 scatered around acting as AA cover and Quassar fire carrier.

Additional bombers and Fighters left Rebel ships, amongst them A-wings, X-wings, Y-wings and squadron of more experimental B-wings, joining fight they keyed into coms

“Sword leader, coming in to assist”
“Green squadron, coming about”
“B-wings here, ready to crash the party” and more

Bombers turned and scattered, B-wings focusing on Victory class to disable it for marines aboard Majestic to take over, Y-wings joined Zune and other Lancer squadron pilots in bombing freighters. Meanwhile Venator and both Providences started firing toward munifficent frigates.

Rebels lacked crew however so many systems were automated, including main gunnery, fire wasnt terribly accurate but would hurt if it actually lands a hit.

At same time A-wings and X-wings started fending off TIE fightersto cover bombers taking some potshots on larger vessel if occasion arised. few A-wings stayed with main fleetsto help fend off any Imperial bombers

Zune keyd in into Lancer squadron coms “Allright guys, lets wrap this up before imperial reinforcements arrive.”

her ship shook as TIEs landed hit on engine
“Lancer Leader, just lost stabilisator in right engine”
“Copy that Lancer Leader, Saw 1 and 2 inbound to assist”

two X-wings turned and falled behind TIEs trailing Zunes bomber to assist

One of X-wings got hit by flak round directly and practically exploded to bits, remnants flying off without control

Another TIE hit Zune ship and she sighed as panel shown one of engines turning off
“Lancer leader, breaking off from attack, lost one engine and stabilisator”
she pulled stick and turned about when suddenly second engine died

pushed by momentum ship had she headed stright to one of Munificent class frigates hangar bays
“oh fuck me”

crossing though shield that prevented venting of hangar she stomped on pedal tu turn ship sideways before it slamed into deck groaning she reached to panel and fliped switch then fired off canopy before unbuckling her harness and jumping to side of bomber closer to hangar entrance, since if anything, stormies would come from other side, she pulled her DL-44 and looked around for ship she could steal to get out of crappy situation she’s in curently