Long-term post-apocalyptic RP 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

I’m interested in the idea of running a post-apocalyptic survival-ish jaunt in the same world as Midnight in Sol 3. It’ll be concurrent with the events of Sol 3 and the events of both will influence the other.

Who would be interested in joining this plot-thingie if I did run it? I’m leaning towards having it based in Blazing Umbra, but I’m open to the idea of Angelic Sins too.

I’ll join, I’ve got more than enough characters.

Got a horned rat one for your plot if you wish

Awesome! Any preferences for one setting over the other?

I have the absolute most characters for BU, I can make a new AS character though if people want. I do not think y’all want AS Lance involved in ANYTHING unless you want this to take an amazingly violent and OP turn. Which, I mean, I can do, but it would make things complicated.

I have no preference as the horned rat is in both settings

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