Lillian Quaren The newborn Werewolf

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Lillian Quaren
|fullname= Lillian Quaren
|altname= Lilly
|race= Werewolf
|alignment= Neutral good
|gender= Female
|height= human: 5’8”, werewolf: 6'
|weight= 120lbs
|haircolor= dark Brown / black
|eyecolor= Sapphire blue
|age= 21
|dob= November 3rd 2000
|birthplace= Chicago
|universe= Angelic Sins
|occ= pack Alpha's mate to be, mixed martial arts / personal fitness trainer
|figure=  human form: Tanned skin, shoulder length dark brown hair, natural toning, though still distinctly feminine in shape and appearance

Hybrid / werewolf form: maintains feminine shape, though more clear muscular definition, grey fur and tail, hair often grows to mid back length and turns almost black.

|setting= Angelic Sins

A go-getter, Lilly loves personal fitness and mixed martial arts. She’s not used to a werewolf’s senses and strength, and upon becoming a werewolf, she’s taking her time to acclimate to her new self and surroundings, she enjoys the benefits, though she struggles with controlling her instincts.

When she feels like she’s about to lose control she runs off into the woods and covers her ears, when in this state she’s a bit more wild than normal. If people tell her she can’t do something or won’t let her do something, she’s more driven to prove them wrong, and will go out of her way to prove them wrong.

== Special Abilities ==
Enhanced senses

Enhanced strength

Werewolf form

Human form

Wolf form

== Special Skills ==
Cleaning, cooking

== Special Equipment ==
List any special equipment that your character has, especially if it requires some explanation.

== Background ==

Born a regular human in Chicago. She grew up in a very physically fit family, she took Tae quan do as a child and that lead into swimming, and she eventually developed an interest in mixed martial arts. She began participating in and learning mixed martial arts. She has participated in a few amature leagues in her teens, placing as one of the top competitors in women’s martial arts.

After highschool she went to college and got a degree in fitness education, nutrition and personal fitness training. From there she wanted to start her own gym, maybe inspire people to try martial arts, and of course have a place to train, where people can experience better overall health and lifestyle

Unfortunately she didn’t have the money to start up her own gym, so she started working as a gym trainer.

Now at 21 she’s still a gym trainer at a local gym, she was out for an early morning Jog, when something attacked her and bit her arm. She was found and rushed to the hospital with a fever.

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Lillian in human form


Lillian in Hybrid / werewolf form

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