Lilith's Mission Act II Signup

Originally published at: Lilith’s Mission Act II Signup – Molten Aether News

Since we’re moving the mission of the Lilith into Act II, we need participants for the mission.

Brief Summary of the Story Thus far

In a brief summary the Lilith was sent to stop the Infinity Wave which trapped everyone in 1520 for several months. During this time they discovered that the wave was caused by an ALR-X Missile hitting Earth’s moon and causing severe damage to it in the mid 22nd century. This caused such a massive alteration to the timeline that an Infinity Wave was produced.

The Lilith subsequently corrects the problem bit finds clues as to where Onyx obtained the missile designs or where they were constructed. After the vessel was repaired from its battle damage following their safe return home, the information they gathered was analyzed and the ship is about to depart again on a mission to investigate where the missile came from and how Onyx obtained it.

Previously Team Sigma was sent on this mission. However, since this is not a Temporal Operation anyone is free to join. Those players who want their characters to join but are not sure of how to get the characters in, leave a comment or see me on Discord and we’ll find a way to get you into the play.

Mode of Play

Due to scheduling concerns most of the play is going to take place on the forum. However, since the majority of people enjoy play on Discord more I am open to seeing where we can schedule different parts of the play on Discord. I’m not sure what form this might take yet, however, I am confident we can find a solution to make everyone happy.

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