Lilith Plot - Lets Start Act II

So, I’d like to start the next part of the Lilith’s plot line? Anyone else want to?

Yes, definitely! Let’s do it!

So where do we want to do it?

Maybe around here? We could either create a new thread or reuse the old one, dunno what’s better here.

Alright, I’ll fire the thread up and I’ll post to the Discord a notice asking for participants.

Eh, isn’t the mission like, a temporal objective?

No, the mission is going to that planet to investigate, the planet they found the name of on the ship.

Ah. Alright. That’s good then.

Well, we still need to know whose willing to participate and how we want to run it? Any ideas?

We could doodle a time?

I started a signup sheet, which I think I’m going to use for a variety of instances.

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