Lia Hudson, navigation officer of the Veil Breaker

{{Character Box
|player= Aurai, the fallen goddess#6669
|name= Lia
|fullname= Lia Hudson
|race= Hyuman
|alignment= Neutral Neutral/Evil
|gender= Female
|height= 5'6"
|weight= N/A
|haircolor= Black
|eyecolor= Gray
|age= 27
|dob= N/A
|creationdate= N/A
|birthplace= Midwest US
|creationplace= N/A
|universe= Original
|occ= navigation officer
|org= Adventus Dawn
|figure= Average
|setting= Blazing Umbra

As the navigation officer of the Veil Breaker, Lia Hudson is a highly analytical and detail-oriented individual. She takes great pride in her work, and is known for her exceptional attention to detail and ability to navigate through even the most treacherous terrain. Despite her serious demeanor, Hudson has a playful side and enjoys cracking jokes and making puns, particularly about her fox-like appearance and abilities.

Hudson is fiercely loyal to Adventus Dawn and its goals, and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure their success. She is highly intelligent and resourceful, with a talent for finding creative solutions to complex problems. She is also highly adaptable, able to think on her feet and adjust her plans quickly in response to changing circumstances.

While Hudson is confident and competent in her work, she can also be somewhat reserved and introverted. She values her privacy and independence, and can become uncomfortable in large social gatherings or situations that require her to be overly outgoing or expressive. Despite this, she has a deep sense of empathy and compassion for others, particularly those who have been marginalized or mistreated.

== Special Abilities ==

  • Enhanced Navigation Skills: As the navigation officer of the Veil Breaker, Lia has been altered by Adventus Dawn to possess exceptional navigation skills. Her fox-like instincts and heightened senses allow her to read maps, charts, and other navigational tools with incredible accuracy, even in the most challenging environments.
  • Increased Agility: Lia’s Hyuman traits also provide her with enhanced agility and reflexes, allowing her to move quickly and gracefully in even the most challenging environments. This makes her an excellent climber, jumper, and acrobat.
  • Heightened Perception: Lia’s senses are more acute than those of an ordinary human, with a keen sense of hearing, sight, and smell. This allows her to detect things that others might miss, and pick up on subtle cues and changes in her environment.
  • Charm and Wit: Lia has a charming and witty personality, with a penchant for making kitsune jokes. Her personality allows her to put others at ease, and she is often able to diffuse tense situations with humor and clever banter.

== Special Skills ==

  • Expert navigator: As the navigation officer of the Veil Breaker, Lia is highly skilled in navigating through space, using advanced sensors and mapping technology to chart the course of the ship and avoid hazards.
  • Tactical analysis: Lia has a keen mind for analyzing data and identifying patterns, making her a valuable asset in developing and implementing effective strategies in combat situations.
  • Linguistics: Lia has a talent for languages, allowing her to communicate effectively with a wide range of species and cultures encountered on the Veil Breaker’s missions.
  • Survival skills: Lia has been trained to survive in a variety of environments, including extreme temperatures, low-oxygen environments, and zero gravity.
  • Physical training: As a Hyuman, Lia has enhanced physical abilities and has received specialized training to make the most of them, allowing her to perform feats of strength, speed, and agility beyond those of a normal human.
  • Piloting: While not her primary role on the ship, Lia has received training in piloting small craft and could take over in emergency situations.

== Special Equipment ==
As the Navigation Officer of the Veil Breaker, Lia Hudson has a variety of equipment and tools that she uses to carry out her duties effectively. Some examples of her special equipment are:

  • Navigation console: Lia is responsible for the ship’s navigation and has a specialized console that allows her to input coordinates, calculate distances, and plot courses. The console also provides her with real-time information about the ship’s position, velocity, and other relevant data.
  • Astrogation charts: Lia has access to detailed astrogation charts that she uses to navigate the ship through space. These charts contain information about known star systems, planets, and other celestial objects, as well as data about their characteristics, such as gravity, radiation levels, and atmosphere.
  • Communications equipment: Lia has a set of specialized communications equipment that allows her to communicate with other ships and ground stations. She can also receive and decode messages, including encrypted ones, and transmit them to other crew members or superiors.
  • Sensors: Lia has access to a variety of sensors that allow her to detect and analyze various phenomena in space, such as radiation, magnetic fields, and gravitational anomalies. She can also use the sensors to scan other ships and objects, gather data about their composition, and identify potential threats or targets.
  • Holo-display: Lia has a holographic display that she uses to project visual representations of the ship’s surroundings, such as star charts, sensor data, and other relevant information. The display can also be used for video conferences and other communication purposes.

== Background ==
Lia Hudson was born and raised in a small town in the Midwest, but her life took a drastic turn when she was recruited by Adventus Dawn as part of their Hyuman enhancement program. Lia was selected for her exceptional aptitude for spatial reasoning and navigation, and she underwent a series of genetic and cybernetic enhancements to improve her abilities even further.

Lia is a highly motivated and dedicated individual, with a deep sense of loyalty to Adventus Dawn and its goals. She takes her job as the navigation officer of the Veil Breaker very seriously, and is always looking for ways to improve her performance and contribute to the success of the mission.

Despite her intense focus on her work, Lia is known for her friendly and outgoing personality. She loves to joke and make light of situations, often using her kitsune nature to come up with clever and playful quips. This has earned her the admiration and respect of her fellow crew members, who appreciate her ability to lift their spirits and keep morale high.

In addition to her natural talents, Lia has also trained extensively in a variety of skills that are useful in her role as a navigation officer. She is highly proficient in reading maps and charts, as well as in using various navigation tools and technologies. She also has a talent for piloting small spacecraft, and is often called upon to assist with the ship’s landing and takeoff procedures.

Lia takes her responsibilities very seriously, and is always looking for ways to improve her skills and knowledge. She is a quick learner, and is always eager to take on new challenges and expand her expertise. With her intelligence, dedication, and sense of humor, Lia is a valuable asset to the crew of the Veil Breaker and to Adventus Dawn as a whole.

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